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Obama is wrong: Women are not better than men.

This is a good one.

The Feminist 500

A while ago, Redonkulous made a video that I will link at the bottom talking about the fact that the woman looking to settle down with you has been through 500 miles of Mr. Right Now before she got to you. With the added bonus that none of them had to work very hard for her to have sex with them while she is expecting you to take care of her every thought and concern, and then, maybe, she will have some boring sex with you where she lays there counting ceiling tiles.

Redonkulous was roundly attacked by feminists for that video. The feminists accused him of "slut shaming", which he wasn't. In fact, what he did was nothing more than pointing out that the used car salesman has a reason to be a good deal less than truthful about the car she is trying to sell you. Now, a short time later, here comes a feminist verifying everything Redonkulous said.

To be certain, this isn't #allwomen, though it is a numerically large subset in the west where women are encouraged to "explore" before "settling", which is another tell to be honest.

"Throughout history, it's been the bravest of souls who had to fight, die, and become immortalized for their beliefs. Joan of Arc, Gandhi, Jesus. And now me — martyrs for a cause. The fact that I'm about to suffer through dozens of comments calling me a slut should prove to you exactly how serious I am about the thesis of this article:"

So you just compared yourself to Jesus because you might get called a "slut" in the west in 2017? No, there is no Victim complex here at all.

"Anyone with any type of predilection for dick, be it a full-time interest or a part-time thing, should have a sample size of no less than 25 before putting a metaphorical ring around one like some sick, sexual carnival game and settling down for good."

First off, let's take a look at the ole dick stacking test. It's fairly simple, take the number of dicks she's had, multiply by 6, convert to inches, and stack. If you would get hurt if you jumped from that height to the ground, that's too many dicks and the relationship will fail, so why marry just to get dragged through divorce court. mathematically, 25*6=130, 130/12= 10'10", if you can jump from 11' to the ground and not get hurt, go for it.

Second, and where I get my title, that's 500 miles of Mr. Right Now. It isn't too hard figure out the math on that.

"Finally, we come to our most important point. Having indiscriminate sex is really, really fun. If you're on some kind of contraception and always use a condom, why shouldn't you Samantha Jones it and consensually bone everyone you've ever encountered? Every time I think I want my flavor of the month to cuff me, I lock eyes with some hot, filthy-looking bearded dude at a dive bar and I remember: there are far, far better dicks ahead than the ones we leave behind. "

There you have it. Any dude marrying this chick is out of his mind. She'll be fucking some new guy at the reception, guaranteed. Then she'll be off to the dive bar on the honeymoon.

Feminism has now become first world problems to infinite power

Wow, just wow. This article is something else. The whining is quite frankly amazing. She even manages to squeeze in a paen to communism as a cure for women doing chores. You should see it for yourself, but in case you don't want to, I'll try to bring over the most choice bits.

"Are you a female person who hates doing chores? Don't worry. As a multitude of women know, There's an app for that. From Seamless to Handy, TaskRabbit to Instacart, at any minute of the day, in almost any major city in America, a 25-year-old with a credit card can assemble a fleet of service industry workers that would make the servant structure at Downton Abbey look like a rinky-dink operation. And these apps are only getting more popular. A 2016 Pew Research study found that 72 percent of Americans surveyed have used some type of shared or on-demand services and high-earning college graduates under 45 are particularly likely to opt-in to apps that supposedly make their lives more convenient."

So, you now have access to people who can and will do everything for you short of wiping your rear end for you and you still aren't happy. Who is at fault for that?

"Two 2016 studies from Australia’s University of New South Wales back up this experience. The studies looked at the way outsourcing affected division of housework — and found that women still feel pressure around domestic chores, and men do not. And even when women outsource some of the household chores traditionally done by women, they still continue to do the majority of it themselves. This merry-go-round of emotions is perhaps the most complicated to address. “Part feels resentful that it falls on me because I've worked hard to get where I am in my career," Stebner says. "But if I don't order laundry pickup or groceries on the app or get the house cleaned, it just doesn't get done.”"

Look, if you are the one that thinks it's a problem, then guess who gets to work on the problem. It isn't a problem to him, so....let's hear you roar, go and solve the problem.

"The idea that delivery or service apps are "feminism at the push of the button," that they could free us from the domestic hang-ups of previous generations of women, isn't working out in practice. There will always be bathrooms to clean, mouths to feed, and laundry in the hamper. A solution to "the problem that has no name" isn't walking away from these responsibilities, but rather, addressing how they became our responsibilities in the first place and figuring out how we can realistically get others to share them."

Good grief. Did she have to do the meals from scratch? Did the laundry cleaning involve a trip to the creek? Did the food have to be harvested from her garden? Did the meal have to be cooked from scratch? It seems like she has it pretty good. Go ahead, go to my wife's country and explain to the women there how hard women here have it when they are expected to "arrange laundry pick up or grocery drop off". They would look at you as if you were growing a horn out of your head. So would most of the men, but for different reasons.

New Chinese insults "White Left" and "Holy Mother" - Black Pigeon Speaks

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