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Lessons Liberals Taught Me About Being A Gun Owner

She has a lot of good points.

We must demand #bombcontrol NOW!

1. Raise the bomb purchasing age to 21.
2. Eliminate high capacity envelopes
3. Ban overnight shipping. Private citizens don’t need mail delivered that fast.
4. Establish package free zones.
5. I don’t want all packages banned, but I want sensible package control
6. We should all go to our nearest post office and turn our mailboxes in.

UK demands the US surrender it's weapons.

Hey, UK! Shut up or we'll have to pimp slap you again.

Democrats Release tax hike plan.

This week, Congressional Democrats released a detailed tax hike plan that they promised to implement if given majority control of the House and Senate after the 2018 midterm elections. So much for the crocodile tears about the deficit--Democrats want to raise taxes not to reduce the debt, but rather to spend that tax hike money on boondoggle projects.

Increase the top marginal income tax rate from 37 percent to 39.6 percent. This nearly 3 percentage point increase in the top personal rate is not only a hike in the top bracket levy, but it's also a direct tax increase on small and mid-sized businesses. The 30 million companies which are organized as sole proprietorships, partnerships, Subchapter-S corporations, and LLCs pay their business taxes on their owners' 1040 personal tax returns. Hiking the top tax rate is a small business tax increase.

Increase the corporate income tax rate from 21 percent to 25 percent. Up until this year, the United States labored under the highest corporate income tax rate in the developed world. As a result, jobs and capital were fleeing America for more normal tax rates that could be found in tax havens like France and China (saracasm font very much activated). Finally, after many years of bipartisan consensus that the U.S. corporate rate had become an impediment to attracting new jobs and investment, Congress cut the rate all the way from 35 to 21 percent. Even doing that only puts us in the middle of the pack of developed nations, but that's a heck of a lot better than dead last.

As well as bringing back the AMT tax and lowering the "Death Tax" standard deduction back to $5.5 million from $11 million.

Yeah, this is a winning plan. That's what Americans really want, more taxes. The Democrats have truly become deranged.

Ejected from Ontario parliament for telling the truth.

In a time of lies, the truth is dangeorus.

A Key Commonality In School Shooters The Left Refuses To Address

In the wake of the tragic South Florida high school shooting which ended with 17 deaths, Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media have launched a full-scale attack on the National Rife Association (NRA), Republican politicians, American gun owners, and the Second Amendment. And while there is chatter about so-called "toxic masculinity" bubbling up on left-wing blogs, there is deafening silence regarding a glaring commonality among a majority of school shooters: fatherless homes.

Writing at The Federalist in 2015, Peter Hasson highlighted the fact that of all the shootings on CNN's 27 Deadliest Mass Shootings In U.S. History" list committed by young males since 2005, only one was raised by his biological father.

Hasson also distilled the jarring corelation between fatherless homes and general male violence:
Violence? Theres a direct correlation between fatherless children and teen violence. Suicide? Fatherless children are more than twice as likely to commit suicide. Dropping out of school? Seventy-one percent of high school dropouts came from a fatherless background. Drug use? According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Fatherless children are at a dramatically greater risk of drug and alcohol abuse. How about guns? Two of the strongest correlations with gun homicides are growing up in a fatherless household and dropping out of school, which itself is directly related to lack of an active or present father.

This clear connection is being lazily and intentionally addressed by the Left if at all as more evidence to further squash masculinity, which they've deemed "toxic." (Admitting the importance of the nuclear family and depriving feminists of their "go, girl!" salutes is apparently a bridge too far.)

School shootings are likely just another consequence of the left's war on nuclear families and men.

So we shouldn't allow people under 21 to own, possess, or use rifles?

In that case, shouldn't we make the voting age 21?
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