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President Trump Speaks About 9/11

Yes. Never forget.

Trump should invite Kim to his little fearless leader tribute parade. They could make

Trump his own generalissimo costume, just like Kim likes to wear to his parades. They just have to make sure Trump gets a few extra fake medals so that President Yellow Snow Flake doesn't get his fee fee's hurt.

Ahhh! Slept like a baby last night. Went to sleep with Conor's speech going

and the off timer on my TV set. Better than even the most soothing music to drift off to! I highly recommend it.

Trump almost pulled it out for Saccone though. He now sees that his only chance it to keep his shit show on the road. Be everywhere for every republican he can!

What happened with that terrorist cell the shooter supposedly trained with?

Republic of Florida or something like that. It sounds like leader claimed he belonged to them. That was kind of weird.

It's probably not much different than other similar groups. One asshole fleecing whatever few nutjobs he can, maybe a couple unemployed drunks using it as a support group. Those guys would be surprised if they were rounded up, arrested, cuffed and stuffed and hauled in for questioning, just because their fearless leader shot his mouth off!

Trump says shooter was "mentally disturbed". Pic on his Instagram with MAGA

hat appears to confirm that.

On this Memorial Day, a message from our President, Donald Trump.

Hey Trump. How about bringing back all the tobacco jobs? Just like coal.

Haven't the tobacco states suffered enough? Damn liberal nanny state anyway! Roll back the taxes on cigarettes, allow them to be promoted like in the old days.

Look at Ivanka, you're own daughter. She smokes and looks damn fine doing it if I dare say! Just between us, I bet you'd love to see her laying back in bed and enjoying an after sex cigarette, wouldn'tcha big guy!

Don't stop with Make America Great Again, Make America Cool Again! Bring back smoking!

It's being reported that Scalia accidentally swallowed a gagball and choked to death.

"Natural causes" I suppose considering? Couldn't say his safe word I guess.

Darlene McBride endorses Trump and launches tour!

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?

So it was left up to me to come up with what to put on our blood center readerboard. One of the old style where you manually stick the plastic letters up there.

My first thought was Happy Holidays, rather than Merry Christmas. Then I thought, I'm actually more likely to piss off some crank over that. I can just see some Billdo O'Reilly fan saying, "screw these guys, I'm not donating if they can't say Merry Christmas this time of year!"

But if I put up Merry Christmas, our site coordinator (office manager) that I'm filling in for while she's on vacation, is likely to see that and call our HQ to get someone to make an "executive descision" when she gets back. And we know how that can go!

I seriously doubt I'd have anyone calling the 800 number and complaining about Merry Christmas. Hell, Mr. Crank might see that and love it! Maybe even snag a couple buddies to come in and donate with him to stick it to the "war on Christmas" crowd! I'm in Idaho in a town where there are not many minorities.

But I'm also kind of a rabble rouser and not exactly in favor of some supervisors or management. I do have some heavy duty protection backing me up there at HQ though. They know what I'm worth.

If I put Merry Christmas up, and I might, I'm sure some shitweasle will take exception to that and try and make trouble for me! But I do have precedent. Right on our schedule, December 25th has "Merry Christmas!" in bold type. No worries of offending anyone in a 200 person or so workforce with that!

I'm leaning toward saying fuck it, and putting Merry Christmas up without asking anyone! All of our other December promotional stuff says Happy Holidays though. I know I'm right though. Pretty much zero problem with putting up Merry Christmas with the locals that will see it. Sure to piss off someone with what they see as political correctness with the Happy Holidays.
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