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Forced reeducation and public denunciations: Everything old is new again

mahina (8,139 posts)

What the hell are we going to do to un-brainwash the 32% of this country still likes this douche b?
17 votes, 1 pass | Time left: Unlimited

Community reconciliation meetings guided by Ury and Fisher, authors of Getting to yes
0 (0%)

Community reconciliation meetings guided by the Albert Einstein i stitution
0 (0%)

Other, please list below
15 (88%)

Oh yeah wed better demand publicly financed elections first, with Common Cause!
2 (12%)

LiberalFighter (35,472 posts)
4. Hound them to HELL
Make their life miserable.
Drive them underground so they never see the light of day.
By the way. They can't be un-brainwashed.

still_one (55,190 posts)
7. Until the media stops legitimate zing racism, sexism, and bigotry, it wont change

***remind us again which side is squealing about the President moving our embassy to Jerusalem

maxrandb (7,220 posts)
11. They didn't need to be brainwashed
They actually believe and support the shit Donnie Short Fingers and the Retrumplican party is feeding them.
I have a solution for them. It's called prison!

Different Drummer (1,597 posts)
15. Find a way to get Fox News off the air.
That's the only solution I see.

roamer65 (13,097 posts)
23. Reinstate the fairness doctrine.

Takket (4,427 posts)
19. we drag them, kicking and screaming, to freedom and prosperity...........
we out number them 2 to 1............... GOTV

*** Freedom? 1) you're the assholes demanding forced servitude, confiscatory taxes and criminalizing dissent and 2) the thread you're posting in

Abouttime (599 posts)
33. You're right
Every society reaches the point where some sort of 'purge' is necessary otherwise a war breaks out. War has been an all to frequent theme in human history.
I think unfortunately we will come to a point, maybe trump has already forced us there, where we will have to peacefully, re-educate, reform, or restrain a significant portion of that third of society who sees and deals with the world the wrong way.
Luckily the two thirds of us who see things the right way are compassionate and instead of a bloody war we can engineer a peaceful solution.

NightWatcher (33,790 posts)
21. Put birth control in their Mountain Dew?
Then our kid's generation won't have to deal with these schmucks' kids.

*** Gays and abortion ritualists don't reportoduce

sharedvalues (2,979 posts)
29. We can do it. We need to engage on Fox, Limbaugh, right-wing radio. Tell your friends.
The best way to un-brainwash the country is for each one of us to go out and tell everyone we know to stop watching Fox and listening to Limbaugh and right-wing radio.
When you go somewhere and Fox is on - walk up to the owner and say something like "I don't want lies like this on while my kids are around, will you please turn off the TV?"
Instead of talking to your family members about politics - tell them how Limbaugh lies. "Remember when Limbaugh said Hurricane Irma was a liberal hoax and then three days later he evacuated without ever correcting himself? He tells lies about politics like that every day."
I know it's uncomfortable. But if you want to un-brainwash people you MUST engage them on propaganda. Friends don't let friends watch Fox or listen to Limbaugh or read Breitbart or other right wing sources.

area51 (6,215 posts)
41. From what I've read in the past,
at least 30% of the US population would be happy to have fascism in this country.

*** That would be the people posting in your thread.

Books_Tea_Alone (49 posts)
42. It's all about racism
Every deplorable I know here in northern New Jersey, including my family and neighbors, have expressed extreme racist views towards African-Americans & Hispanics. These people are wealthy and educated but as stated above watch faux news and hated the fact that we had an African- American President for eight yrs.
A woman didn't stand much of a chance in their eyes either.
They will never change their racist views & pass it down to their children. They are unreachable and are not able to be reasoned with or changed.

*** Lemme guess: Your family and acquaintances believe blacks can make it on their own.

Remember when Lefty tried strenuoulsy to convince us Bannon and Gorka were antisemites?

Has anyone heard of either of them criticizing the President moving our embassy to the Israeli capital?

Meanwhile, Lefty is howling like scalded cats.

Lefty lies. All the time, lefty lies.

And projects, too.

Ordinarly lying to call someone a child molester would earn the liar a fist to the mouth.

The wonder of it all.

Lint Head (14,181 posts)
Wonder if James Okeefe has a DU name and posts here to disrupt?
Not sure why this popped into my head. But I wouldn't put it passed him. There seems to be Tea Bagger shenanigans going on all over everywhere. Maybe I'm getting paranoid.

Lint Head (14,181 posts)
3. DU is mentioned often in media political discussions.
Divide and conquer is Putin's plan and Steve Bannon's plan. The political divides in this country were exploited with Russian propaganda. That's exactly what happened during the election with propaganda. So pooh-poohing something here being done I think is a stretch. Otherwise why would anyone bother to hack and shut down the Democratic Underground which has already happened in the past?

barbtries (19,318 posts)
16. 08Nov2016 for instance
i was alone in a hotel in Philly and losing DU at that point made life much harder

nocalflea (968 posts)
14. You misunderstand the purpose of trolling.
Sowing discord , hyper-partisanship, chicken little type hysteria, doom and gloom, sowing distrust in institutions and leaders .
The manufacturing of problems that don't exist is only one of many techniques I've seen employed on DU.
They want you to question your beliefs, to confuse you, to make you lose hope, to drain you emotionally .
They want you apathetic. They want you to give up on the political process. They want you disengaged.
They don't want you to vote.

So, this is just how awesome socialist healthcare has become

This is the sort of racist trash that makes DU the site it is


What the world wants to know - who authorized the United States to decide the capitol of Israel?

I am so sick of this shit.


1. We didn't-- Israel did. We're just one of the very few agreeing with them.

That's not entirely true. Most countries recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital, it's just that everyone kept their embassies in Tel Aviv.


2. Nothing has changed since the white man decided he was superior to all others and gave himself the right to kill, enslave, loot and plunder others in the name of 'civilization' - talk about an inversion of reality. Ask the indigenous people's of our planet any and everywhere.

There are days I want to jump off this planet.

US policies have encouraged Israel for way too long.

With the Saudi prince running around clipping extremists

Trump moving our embassy to Jerusalem enrages all the right people.

That distracts the extremists, giving the prince the head space and timing to continue The Lord's work.

Just a thought.

The poster whose sig reads "The conservative snowflakes on discussionist can't handle the truth."

has me on ignore.

BREAKING: Trump declares disaster area in California

but delays action on wild fires.

Mewler investigator who praised Yates' insubordination also attended Hillary election night event

"I am so proud," Mr. Weissmann wrote in the subject line of an email, which was released by the conservative group Judicial Watch. Mr. Weissmann also attended Hillary Clinton’s election-night party at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York, according to people familiar with his attendance.
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