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It just keeps getting better: Strzok was also having an affair with a government lawyer

Back in 2013 lefty said forcing government shutdowns were treason

Would lefty, by his own rules, commit treason to shutdown the government to try and get amnesty for criminal immigrants?

Local shoe-in for Boob of the Year sees Russians everywhere

How are things in your country?

Cold i bet.

Can we just admit that "patriarchy" is simply code-speak for "lazy feminists"?

Feminists love to insist they are equal to men in every way. They will even tell you women are the equal of men in combat.

Assuming they aren't bullshitting us in this regard we're forced to consider the fact the entire purpose of feminism is to work against what they claim is a state of inequality forced upon women across the world over all time.

When asked how this state of affairs arose they will rush to tell us, "PATRIARCHY!"

But, if they're as equal in every capability as they profess how could they be kept in a state of inequality except by their own failing to act?

Not so swift local thinks cities will retaliate rurals over GOP tax plan

"The suburbs might cut services to rural counties.

" Part of the SALT will probably make it back into the bill in conference committee. Otherwise, a lot of House Republicans representing itemizers in purple and blue states are going to be out of a job."

It's a conspiracy, man!

Chasstev365 (4,722 posts)
Did Brian Ross get it wrong or did someone get to ABC and tell them to back off?
Something seems off here.

FarPoint (6,617 posts)
6. Yes...I feels " off" a bit...
Upper Republican management..... can't handle the truth.

L. Coyote (44,596 posts)
16. He may have been played by Trump operatives, or he just can't prove he's right.
I'll bet on the latter because Trump is too incapacitated to even play checkers right now. Ross probably has a source but can't back up the story, no confirmation, and can't reveal his source. And he probably is silenced if he wants his job back.

spiderpig (9,980 posts)
17. Paging Dan Rather...

Which will get built first?

What aspect of single payer could NOT be replicated through a private enterprise?

Lefty says he wants a system that all participants pay into, that would provide full services with cost controls.

Near as I can see a private enterprise could do all those things: Lefty can set the pricing for participants, provide whatever services they deem fitting, and reimburse providers what they feel is fair.

If their product is superior people will flock to their service providing further benefit of economy of scale.

Even better, lefty won't be beholden the tides of politics and evil Republicans.

It's time for lefty to step out and prove to the world what he can do!

Will voters pressure high tax states to lower their tax rates now that the fed deduction is gone?

I foresee a cascade effect.

Lefty so pissed abt tax savings they'll donate their tax savings to take away their tax savings

Joe941 (588 posts)
Donate your tax savings from this bill to the DNC!
Let's turn this bill against the repukes. Any additional savings you get from this monstrosity let's donate to help take back congress and the presidency. There will be so much money to help our guys win all thanks to the repukes. Who is with me?!?

Sedona (2,490 posts)
1. My tax savings (if I have any, which I doubt )
will be more than eaten up by increased health insurance premiums. I'm fucked.

sagesnow (812 posts)
2. They'll go in the hole with my tax savings. n/t

*** You owe money? Pay your fair share, leech

bedazzled (706 posts)
3. no tax savings. my son and i are forced into "bronze plans"
less coverage, higher deductible and cost more. that was the object i guess

*** "forced"

lapfog_1 (17,489 posts)
4. I am single and live in California
I expect my taxes to immediately go up because I deduct SALT from my federal return.
Can I bill the DNC to get the difference back?

*** Suffer!

sinkingfeeling (34,546 posts)
7. What savings? My taxes will shoot up and I'm retired.

Thor_MN (11,437 posts)
8. What, they need a pencil sharpener?
That about what my "massive savings" would buy.

kydo (2,333 posts)
9. What tax savings? The peeps that are getting tax money are in the 1% and vote rethug
The DNC will go broke. That will only help the racist russian voters.

So, to recap: #TheResistance is made up of a bunch of people who either owe money each year or live in state's where they decided to tax themselves into near ruin and/or they are dependent upon taxpayers whom they call deplorable.
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