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The Left risks a grave miscalculation over Islamic terrorism

With each new terror attack the usual voices race out with the usual alibis, excuses and hand-waving:

* Blowback for US/western policy

* the Crusades

* Yes, but domestic terrorists


I'll set aside my cynicism for a moment and not press the idea that the Left simply hates America unless and until they hold unchallenged power and thus leverages these attacks to condemn those who stand in their way -- which is really just another way of saying they're traitors exploiting attacks they don't have the balls to perpetrate themselves though they seek to reap the exact same benefit as the terrorists.

I won't say that.

Instead, I will take many of the Leftists at their word when they say they fear for innocent Muslims who would be caught in a backlash were the citizenry to rise up and indiscriminately seek vengeance for the violence brought to our streets.

Yes. That is a very real danger.

And the quickest way to make that a reality is to hamstring the authorities with ridiculous notions of PC-ism.

Stop making excuses for Islamic terror.

Stop telling us we aren't seeing what we are seeing day after day.

Because when you do that and it seeps into the political class it tells us -- the ones who cannot be governed except by our consent -- that the government favors murderers and savages over the citizenry.

Where then will the citizenry turn to rid itself of the killers?

Then you will see mob violence that indiscriminately sweeps away those you claim to speak for.

Stop lying to us or you will bring about they very thing you claim you wish to avoid.
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