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I'm trying to imagine how this works: The anti-RKBA crowd is also the anti-police crowd

All these new laws to ban so-called "assault weapons" and "high capacity" magazines are going to be enforced by who, exactly?

And who will these laws be enforced against? The one faction of the population that is pro-police?

"Ready. Fire. AIM!"

Donald Trump got rich while being a loud mouthed ass with no identifiable skills.

So why do so many Democrat voters live in poverty?

Is it time to just annex Mexico?

Let's face facts -

Mexico is an unlivable shit hole and that's not me saying it, it's the millions of Mexicans fleeing Mexico for the US who are saying it with their feet. They're a borderline failed state on our border rife with crime and corruption. The main sources of currency for Mexico are drugs, prostitution, tourism, drugs and prostitutes for American tourists and dollars from expats living in America.

Basically, it'd just be cheaper for America to own Mexico outright. It's not like the Mexicans can bitch about it since A) they're running to America or B) they're encouraging other Mexicans to run to America. Instead of them coming to America, America will come to them.

If nothing else, Flint, MI can finally take pride in not having the worst water in the union, Chicago can feel better about its murder rate and Washington D.C. need no longer feel like the most worthless urban sprawl.

If Obama wants guns off the street because of the Dallas shooting why not

just go on TV and tell those who are thinking of killing cops to voluntarily surrender their weapons?

He doesn't need a law to do that.

DU: You know what the problem is here? WHITE PEOPLE

Especially those who want to "heal the racial divide" -

When other white people talk about "healing the racial divide" ...

I usually hear this: "Why can't those black people just get over it and shut up already?"

Is that true for anybody else?

I doubt that

Any white person using those words would be a liberal.

Conservatives don't want to heal the racial divide. They want it to continue because they think they can feel superior. Anyone with the shut up and get over it attitude would be a conservative. They are the ones that posture that everything is already equal now, there is a black President, therefore no more complaints are to be entertained.

Dude, GFY. You are one of the biggest race-baiting POS

Its basically a platitude, we know the issue is the near impunity cops get related to killing humans

... and a small enough number of them take advantage of this.

^ also likes to incessantly harangue the gungeon with swoop-and-poop posts


It puts the responsibility for stopping the behavior of perpetrators on the shoulders of the victims, and I think it is a way for white people to absolve themselves of the racism that is built into our system.

NBC: Feds indict House Dem in relation to alleged charity scam

An NBC reporter caught up with Brown at the airport, who told him that the indictment was both politically and racially motivated.

This is part of the problem. She can't take responsibility for her own actions so she hides behind her skin color - and implicitly calling whites racists - hoping public outrage on her behalf will shield her.

Just an observation: but there seems to be considerable overlap between

Those who claim that if they see someone carrying a gun they will flee the store/restaurant while yelling, "Gun! Gun!"...

...and those who are bemoaning cops shooting people who were carrying guns.

It's almost as if their desire to sow fear is the thing that offends them.

Or is it they just wish only for white people to be killed?

EVERYBODY JUST CHILL THE FUCK OUT! ...DU will get to the bottom of this

'Kill Zone'? Were these killers military trained?

The more I hear, the more I think the bastards were well trained in this kind of mayhem.

Yeah, I felt early on that whoever is involved has military training.

It was obviously coordinated, planned, and clearly targeted.

I just posted something like this in another site, the vid of the cop being shot in the back close

... range the shooter was NOT someone who just grabbed a gun and went nuts.

He moved viewing through gun site like he KNEW what he was doing... military like, shooting around the corner like a pro and getting out of the area.

They KNEW what they were doing and timed it perfect, it HAD to be someone who KNEW the path of the protest and where the DFW LEOS were going to be.

This was NO small event

Trained, organized, disciplined. Revved up the op in hours

Would certainly bet former military, probably with urban combat experience.

Either military or a whole lot of paintball n/t

They probably had AR-15's

Why are weapons of war even legal?

We are a dumb fucking country.

I have been saying this since it started. No civilians hit that I

know of other than one minor injury. All in a hyper stressful crowed action theatre. It reeks of paramilitary. The videos I have seen of one of the perps drawing out and executing a cop is done with such precision he has to be military or ex mil.

Look at how the discussion has changed. Now cops want their military

equipment reinstated, and for President Obama and everyone protesting to sit down and STFU. This was clearly a well coordinated, pre-planned attack. That's why the "suspects" are still in the run. Since when do protesters have bombs, BTW?

You mean...

...besides Obama's mentor and ghost writer Bill Ayers?

No panic from the shooter. Not the first time he's been under fire.

Has anybody seen Nadin? She has often regaled us with tales of her having been under fire.

This kind of training is popular among gun fanciers. Here's tactical training place right in Dallas.

Yes. And they're all run by retired police and military who are proud of their service, bean can.

A lot of this stuff can be learned from first-person shooter games

and I am not joking.

And that's unfortunate.

If no crime was committed

can Hillary use the exact same email system and practices if she becomes president?

Illegal immigrants vs so-called "assault rifles"

1. Which one kills more Americans every year?

2. Which one would be logistically easier to remove from society?

3. Which one can act independently on its own free will?

4. Which one is illegal?
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