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VA Chief Brings Reform

Change is coming to the most maligned of cabinet agencies, even if big fights still lie ahead.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin, probably the most unlikely member of Trump’s cabinet, is off to a quick start. Shulkin served as undersecretary of health at the VA during the last two years of the Obama administration, and didn’t have a military background — in fact, he’s the first non-veteran to head the department.

Shulkin himself told the New York Times that he had packed up his office, expecting to be dismissed by the new secretary. During the transition, quite a bit of speculation about the next secretary focused on former Concerned Veterans for America CEO Pete Hegseth, who had defended Trump on Fox News during the campaign.

The list of reforms is astounding. The only bad part about his service under Obama is the fact he was not promoted. It could have been a win for Obama and vets.

Time to start jailing those who created this lie to overthrow the election.

Everything they claimed was either an outright lie or the product of their own doing.

If they are allowed to escape without consequence they will continue to undermine the republic.

They must pay.

Co-founder of firm behind Trump-Russia dossier will not testify before Senate next week

The co-founder of a political and corporate intelligence firm behind an explosive dossier alleging Russian intelligence influence over President Donald Trump will not testify next week before the Senate Judiciary Committee, according to two sources familiar with his plans.

The committee on Wednesday announced a July 19 hearing that listed Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson, a former Wall Street Journal investigative reporter, as a witness. His inclusion raised the specter of public testimony about the dossier's seamy and contested claims of sexual misconduct and a years-long Kremlin conspiracy to get Trump elected.

The guilty flee.

Remember when the Left was upset about French PM Macron saying Africans have too many kids?


That rule doesn't apply to white people:

Am I to understand MattyDale's family is fair game for ridicule?

After all, we wouldn't want any snowflakes to alert about that.

George Soros reaches out to the black community

US Troops to Lead Paris Bastille Day Parade for First Time

President Donald Trump was boarding Air Force One for Paris on Wednesday night to attend Bastille Day ceremonies and a military parade down the Champs-Elysees that will be led for the first time by U.S. troops.

About 200 troops from U.S. European Command will have the honor of leading the parade to mark the centennial of the U.S. entry into World War I in 1917. The U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds and an F-22 Raptor will also conduct a flyover of the parade.

Pretty cool but I'd be careful about praising Trump for this.

Knowing the speed at which government works this has probably been planned for years.

Left, Right: if you're attacking wives, children of pol's present or past I'll vote to HIDE

No apologies.

To hell with you dumb asses.

BREAKING: Trump admits he sought help from foreign oppo researchers

Did I say "Trump"?

Sorry. My bad.

I meant to say "John McCain."


The Guardian charted the path the dirty dossier made from a British intelligence professional to Sen. John McCain and then the FBI.

McCain, 80, put out a statement Wednesday saying that he was the bureau's source of the controversial dossier

The Arizona Republican found out about the dossier's existence while at a meeting in Canada and dispatched an emissary to hunt it down

He met an ex-British diplomat in Canada - now identified as Sir Andrew Wood -who in one version of events told him about the file

Wood is a former associate of Tony Blair the ex-British prime minister, and admitted talking to McCain

He issued a nuanced statement saying he did not give McCain the dossier and had 'done nothing wrong' - but he did not deny telling McCain the file existed

After being paid $500k for speech Hillary became opponent of Magnitsky Act


In December 2015, The Wall Street Journal reported that Hillary Clinton opposed the Magnitsky Act while serving as secretary of state. Her opposition coincided with Bill Clinton giving a speech in Moscow for Renaissance Capital, a Russian investment bank—for which he was paid $500,000. “Mr. Clinton also received a substantial payout in 2010 from Renaissance Capital, a Russian investment bank whose executives were at risk of being hurt by possible U.S. sanctions tied to a complex and controversial case of alleged corruption in Russia. Members of Congress wrote to Mrs. Clinton in 2010 seeking to deny visas to people who had been implicated by Russian accountant Sergei Magnitsky, who was jailed and died in prison after he uncovered evidence of a large tax-refund fraud. William Browder, a foreign investor in Russia who had hired Mr. Magnitsky, alleged that the accountant had turned up evidence that Renaissance officials, among others, participated in the fraud.” The State Department opposed the sanctions bill at the time, as did the Russian government. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov pushed Hillary Clinton to oppose the legislation during a meeting in St. Petersburg in June 2012, citing that U.S.-Russia relations would suffer as a result.

Are you tracking all of that?

Renaissance Capital engages in tax fraud

Magnitsky uncovers the fraud

Magnitsky is jailed and later dies

Congress seeks to punish Russian government

Bill Clinton is paid $500k by Renaissance Capital

Hillary opposes the Magnitsky Act
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