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Electric cars require child labor in Congolese cobalt mines

Picking through a mountain of huge rocks with his tiny bare hands, the exhausted little boy makes a pitiful sight.

His name is Dorsen and he is one of an army of children, some just four years old, working in the vast polluted mines of the Democratic Republic of Congo, where toxic red dust burns their eyes, and they run the risk of skin disease and a deadly lung condition. Here, for a wage of just 8p a day, the children are made to check the rocks for the tell-tale chocolate-brown streaks of cobalt – the prized ingredient essential for the batteries that power electric cars.

And it’s feared that thousands more children could be about to be dragged into this hellish daily existence – after the historic pledge made by Britain to ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars from 2040 and switch to electric vehicles.

On the plus side: the cloud cover from nuking NK would offset global warming

A win-win if you ask me!

DU: Trump supporters should be held personally responsible if Trump nukes NK!

I'm not sure what "personally responsible" entails but they're also lumping in Dem voters who failed to remain loyal to She-Who-Steals-Primaries.

Remember when they told us Iran had no nuclear weapons program?

U.N. Finds No Nuclear Bomb Program in Iran

Agency Report and Tehran's Deal With Europe Undercut Tougher U.S. Stance

By Dafna Linzer
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, November 16, 2004; Page A18

In its most positive assessment of Iran in two years, the International Atomic Energy Agency reported yesterday that it had found no evidence the nation had a nuclear weapons program and that Tehran's recent cooperation with the agency has been very good.

The U.N. nuclear watchdog's report, along with Europe's acceptance of a wide-ranging nuclear agreement with Tehran, capped a pivotal day for the Islamic republic's relations with the West and left little chance for the Bush administration's Iran strategy to succeed in the near term.

They were wrong then, why should we believe them now?

In light of terrorism, support for Israel in Iraq rises

The Israeli Foreign Ministry is surprised to receive thousands of messages from Iraq in support of Israel in light of the crisis on the Temple Mount and recent terror attacks, with Iraqis saying they 'recognize the State of Israel,' and even calling Palestinians 'traitors and terrorists.',7340,L-5000183,00.html

So lefty fabricated the entire Russia lie and demanded we

accept their lies in the name of patriotism.

Now America faces a nuclear armed regime with no connection to reality and all the Left demands is we run away from defending ourselves and our friends.

The Left has no patriots. They have been shown for the frauds and cowards they are. All they care about is their own power.

If ObamaCare is so awesome why is the Left already trying to repeal and replace it w/ single payer?

Obama isn't even a year out of office and already Schumer and Sanders are gunning for America's first black president's signature law.

Why are they trying to destroy Obama's one legislative accomplishment?

Was Obama merely some token to assuage high society guilt? Is this "Six Degrees of Separation" as political theatre with angst ridden New England liberals taking time out from their latest acquisition to entertain a smooth talking young black man of dubious background?

Now that he's out of their house they'll utter a few words to ponder what it all meant but it's back to more high brow matters for them.

Sure, Trump dismantled Obama's EO legacy but it's Obama's own party that will relegate him to a mere footnote:

Barack Hussein Obama, 44th US President from January 20, 2009 to January 20, 2017; half not white.

Are people fit to govern themselves?

If they are why do we need a massive state?

And if they aren't, who is fit to govern them?

Spineless wonder down under: Bondi synagogue ban over terrorism risk

Bondi synagogue ban over terrorism risk leaves Jewish community shocked and furious

A LOCAL council has banned the construction of a synagogue in Bondi because it could be a terrorist target, in a shock move that religious leaders say has caved in to Islamic extremism and created a dangerous precedent.

The decision, which has rocked the longstanding Jewish community in the iconic suburb, was upheld in court this week as the nation reeled from the alleged airline terror threat and debate raged over increased security measures at airports and other public places.

Some people don't deserve to be free.
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