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If there was no collusion

How could Trump obstruct the investigation?

No one is required to assist in their own prosecution when no crime exists.

Can we just admit facts: this is all Al Gore's fault

If he hadn't invented the internet these damned peasants wouldn't be carrying on like this.


From the "Trump is literally Hitler!" files --

Drahthaardogs (3,894 posts)
Our Reichstag fire is named Al Franken.
That's what this is.
Welcome to Fascism! Enjoy!

Willie Pep (603 posts)
3. I am suspicious about the timing.
Just in time for the Republican tax bill to go through Congress. The GOP has successfully distracted the public once again.

Drahthaardogs (3,894 posts)
5. Oh you just wait and see
THIS is how they do it. This is how they will kill off the resistance. Anonymous complaints...

Drahthaardogs (3,894 posts)
7. This. Is. How. They. Remove. The. Opposition.
All. Lies. And. Innuendo.

blimablam (84 posts)
8. Political hit job

Amimnoch (2,930 posts)
12. I think this is more of a Goebbels parallel than the Reichstag fire.
This is more ministry of "culture and propaganda" tactics than the Reichstag.
I do agree that it's coming. In both the Vegas shooting and Sutherland Springs shooting, I was on the edge of my seat while waiting to find out the identity of the shooter for this very reason. They will absolutely use any tragedy that they can to make a modern day Reichstag fire happen.
I do absolutely believe that this entire move to recognize the capital of Jerusalem is an attempt to force a Reichstag fire situation. If he can incite an attack on us, either at home or abroad, he can use it. North Korea.. the same.

Soxfan58 (668 posts)
17. No
Unfortunately our Reichstag fire is yet to come. And they will blame Muslims or North Korea. Then we will be all told we must rally around or supreme leader and let the repervs do anything they want to protect us. Then Welcome to fascism. But thank god we didn't elect the grandmother with a email problem. (How do I get the sarcasm icon?)

Richard D (7,161 posts)
18. I wonder . . .
. . . how long till they take-down Maddow.

***Hmmm...Maybe a 4Chan campaign to start rumors that Maddow is not really a lesbian but actually an insatiable hetero***

What's the over-under that if Islamic terrorists murder US citizens over our Jerusalem embassy

the anti-Semites here and elsewhere will applaud the deaths of Americans?

When the colonel walks in and catches you lip sinking "Sail On" by The Commodores

look him dead in the eye but don't break character.


Glory or death, nothing in between.

If you consider Israel moving its capital to Jerusalem to be cause for violence

go fuck yourself

I never imagined I'd see such a thing.

Trump may well change the world in our lifetime.

Lesson learned about Trump's Jerusalem decision :

Threaten violence and lefty is morally obligated to capitulate.

Socialists provide simple, easy to follow graphic to explain why they're such stupid fucking retards


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