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Lefty's campaign strategy for 2018, 2020 will be...

A) Trump! grrrr!

B) Reverse Trump's (grrrr!) agenda with higher taxes, tons of climate change regulations, opening the borders to illegals, importing Muslims, reinstating the ACA mandate and corporate subsidies, gun control, transgenders in the military.

*IF* Trump's bank records have been subpoenaed should Trump stonewall like Mueller to Congress?

Since power politics seem to be all the rage on the left.

A preacher once wanted to know what sort of man his son would be.

So he went into the boys bedroom and set on his son's desk a Bible, a bottle of whiskey, and a girlie magazine.

Then he secreted himself in the boy's closet and waited for his son to come home.

The boy returned home after a while and walked straight to his room. On the desk he saw the items his father had laid out.

The boy rolled up the girlie magazine and stuck it into his back pocket, he then sat down and opened the Bible to read it as he took a long pull from the bottle of whiskey.

"Oh, dear Lord!," the preacher exclaimed under his breath. "He's gonna be a Soldier!"

Why does lefty Jeff Bezos need an act of congress to NOT mistreat the employees of the

company he owns and holds total control over?

Bezos will spend a lot of money to buy the votes of congress-shits to have them pass laws that will govern businesses.

Laws he says are for protecting workers and improving their lot in life.

He also says he despises Trump because Trump is gutting the state apparatus.

But Bezos treats his own people like shit.

Yet, he has total control over their compensation and working conditions.

And the 2-faced asshole is worth $100B.

Why doesn't he lead from the front rather than buy politicians to assume powers he prefers?

Lefty wants us to believe the majority of federal welfare goes to voters he calls "deplorable"

Voters he calls "gun humpers."

Voters he claims are anti-Muslim, anti-gay, religiously bigoted white supremacists.

But propose gutting federal welfare and lefty screams and wails to protect the handouts.

Lefty will happily use the IRS try to keep those voters from exercising their 1A rights but we're supposed to believe he'll fight doggedly to feed, house and support them.

Lefty will tell us those voters are destroying the nation and will kill tens - if not hundreds - of thousands people each year by repealing ObamaCare and reforming taxes...

...but, by Kek, lefty wants to keep their financial support intact if not outright expand it.

Far be it for me to suggest Lefty is full of shit but Lefty is full of shit.

Rosie O'Donnell goes full Rosie O'Donnell

Why are lefties claiming GOP tax plan will kill 10k-15k a year & be "armageddon"?

Because that is what motivated James Hodgkinson to try and assassinate as many Republicans as possible.

The story, thus far...

Peter Strzok is the agent in charge Hillary email investigation

Strzok is remarked to be unwaveringly loyal to Andrew McCabe.

Andrew McCabe is the supervising agent in charge of the email investigation.

Andrew McCabe is being sued by a former FBI agent claiming workplace harassment. Flynn was set to testify on behalf of the plaintiff.

McCabe's wife, Jill, is running for state Senate in Virginia where Clinton family confidante Terry McAuliffe is governor

Hillary makes campaign appearances on behalf of Jill McCabe's campaign

Strzok is the one who amended Comey's comments to Congress to remove "grossly negligent" -- which is criminally prosecutable -- to "extremely careless."

Hillary's campaign pays Fusion GPS to begun fabricating stories about Trump

Fusion GPS hires Michael Steele, a foreign agent, to spearhead the effort dig up dirt on Trump

A female Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, with a history of working with Fusion GPS arranges a meeting with Trump Jr.

Veselnitskaya is initially denied entry into the US but with intervention by Obama DHS officials, the lawyer is granted an "exceptional circumstances" waiver.

While in the US, but before the meting, lifelong Clinton friend and former Democratic Congressman Ron Dellums serves as Veselnitskaya's chaperone/handler.

Days after meeting with Trump Jr., Veselnitskaya is pictured sitting behind Obama's ambassador to Russia a he testifies before Congress.

The Obama administration uses FISA warrants to monitor the presidential campaign of the opposing party.

Comey lies to Congress

Fusion GPS officials plead the 5th to avoid disclosing their patron (Hillary)

Comey les to Trump

Trump fires Comey

Rosenstein appoints Mueller

Mueller hires Strzok

Strzok interviews Flynn

Strzok is banging an FBI lawyer in illicit adulterous affair as they trade tweets about how much they hate Trump and adore Hillary.

A pre-dawn raid of Manafaort's house reveals documents Manafort and his colleagues at The Podesta testified did not exist.

The Podesta Group retroactively registers as a foreign agent working on behalf of a pro-Russian Ukrainian faction.

Manafort is indicted on 17 counts.

Tony Podesta, brother of Hillary campaign manager John, renames his eponymous company before resigning.

Mueller reassigns the adulterous agent Strzok after the OIG confirms the allegations of adultery and bias.

Mueller begins leaning on not just Flynn but the former general's son as well.

Flynn pleads guilty to 1 count of obstruction for his interview with Strzok.

Flynn's charging document lacks any mention of collusion.

Mueller continues to refuse to comply with Congressional subpoenas.

A few details may have slipped my mind but, yeah, they're corrupt and they must be brought to heel.

So, Strzok was the FBI agent Flynn supposedly lied to.

I smell an appeal in the offing.

A strong US military would be a detriment to Russian ambitions.

Why does lefty oppose a strong US military?
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