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SIRODU: the city of chicago is trying to shut down my farm

mopinko (42,339 posts)

the city of chicago is trying to shut down my farm.

ROGERS PARK — An urban farmer who bought and then transformed a vacant lot into an urban farm and garden has been hit by the city with 25 building code violations.

Now she worries the city could take her to court and force her to uproot the farm.

"This is just nuts," said Mo Cahill, 60, standing among her apple, pear and plum trees, tomato plants and raspberry bushes at 1839 W. Touhy Ave. "When it was an empty lot, it was a real eyesore."

Government: What can't it do?

The nice thing about Leftist policies is: They're self-correcting

Number of mentally ill patients killed by euthanasia in Holland trebles in a year as doctors warn assisted suicide is 'out of control'

The number of mentally-ill patients killed by euthanasia in Holland has trebled in the space of a year, new figures have revealed.

In 2013, a total of 42 people with ‘severe psychiatric problems’ were killed by lethal injection compared to 14 in 2012 and 13 in 2011.

The latest official figures also revealed a 15 per cent surge in the number of euthanasia deaths from 4,188 cases in 2012 to 4,829 cases last year.


The rise is also likely to confirm the fears of Dutch regulator Theo Boer who told the Daily Mail that he expected to see euthanasia cases smash the 6,000 barrier in 2014.

This is, of course, assuming we're actually dealing with terminally ill patients and not merely the inconvenient.

Consider: since Roe v Wade more than 70 million children. Of those children we would be entering the end of the 2nd generation and the start of the third generation.

That's 2+ generations not breeding.

Better than 95% of abortions are elective.

In order to have an elective abortion one must agree with the leftist ideal that elective abortion is morally acceptable and hence share leftist "morality."

Ergo 70 million people were not raised in households wherein leftist morality is considered acceptable.

70 million * 2+ generations of would-be leftist votes flushed down the toilet...sometimes literally.

Leftism is a self-correcting disorder.



More government bailouts to protect corporate profits

Next Big Bailout May Go To ObamaCare Health Insurers


Posted 10/01/2014 04:59 PM ET


Taxpayers could be on the hook for billions of dollars of payouts for ACA insurance policies that incur losses that exceed premiums collected.

Despite pleas from conservatives to hold a vote to repeal the sham subsidy program to the biggest insurers — like Aetna (NYSE:AET), Cigna (NYSE:CI) and Humana (NYSE:HUM) — our sources tell us the House leadership reportedly said that it "ran out of time to hold a roll call vote."

Conservative activists are complaining that the real motive for killing a vote was to avoid ruffling the feathers of the health insurance lobby by ending the ObamaCare insurance industry safety net.

Conservative lawmakers also fear that in the anticipated lame-duck session in December, Republicans will allow the Obama administration a de facto blank check to make payments to insurance companies that lose money on ObamaCare policies without congressional approval.

Some bailouts are more equal than others.

If the minimum wage was raised to $15 an hour

What becomes of the wages of those who were making $15 an hour before the raise?

Thanks, Obama!

Argentinian opposition politicians have accused the country’s president, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, of being “completely out of touch with reality” after she gave a rambling televised address in which she claimed the US may be behind a plot to overthrow her government and possibly even assassinate her.

“If something should happen to me, don’t look to the Middle East, look to the North,” Fernández said during the address on Tuesday night, in which she alluded to an alleged plot against her by local bankers and businessmen “with foreign help”.

She seems determined to follow that idiot Huge-O Chavez.

Maybe we'll get another laughand the Cuban healthcare system will kill her too.

Conservatives who support the strikes against ISIS

I think Obama is a drooling moron. He's never had to live in the real world and he's such a narcissistic piece of shit he refuses to learn. His mind is effectively a solipsistic singularity.

If I had my choice of CinCs he would place somewhere far behind a Magic 8-Ball.

However, ISIS must go. I support Obama's effort to strike ISIS and I encourage him to do more.

No. I do not think Obama is a war criminal.

No. I do not think he should be prosecuted for not obtaining UN approval.

No. I do not think he should be impeached for not obtaining an AUMF from congress

My concern about Obama at the helm is that he won't prosecute the war but he'll do his level best to half-ass his way through it so as to dodge any responsibility for any hard decisions.

But this fight will last long after this president -- and the next several presidents after him -- have left office.

I support his effort to (re)start the ball rolling.

Da Erf. Why should I care?

Near as I can tell: Despite whatever calamities are prophesized da erf will probably last another 2 or 3 generations before things get truly dicey. Well, that's enough time for me and any descendants I have created to see the end of their days. Beyond that the idea of "future generations" is merely an abstraction and one that has no bearing on me whatsoever.

So why should I care what Algore or NDT have to say?

Minnesota insurance exchange to lose largest insurer -- donchaknow

It’s a major blow to the MNsure health insurance exchange – the insurance company with the lowest rates and the most customers signed up through MNsure will not be back in 2015.

The decision is expected to have a major impact on health insurance customers and the governor’s race.

Golden Valley-based PreferredOne Health Insurance has notified MNsure and the Minnesota Department of Commerce of its decision. Sources told KSTP’s Tom Hauser that MNsure CEO Scott Leitz was notified by phone Tuesday morning.

Leitz and PreferredOne CEO Marcus Merz released a joint statement about the decision:

“Today PreferredOne made the decision to not offer health plans through the health insurance exchange in 2015. Simply put, both organizations understand that MNsure is still an evolving partnership. This decision impacts 2015 enrollment. Consumers still have at least four, well-known, Minnesota based carriers who are committed to providing important health coverage to Minnesotans through MNsure, including people who qualify for tax credits and public programs. MNsure and PreferredOne will work closely to minimize impact to current enrollees in a PreferredOne Plan through MNsure.”

They're only covering ~60% of enrollees with 2nd place BCBS covering a distant 23% so I'm sure there's nothing to be worried about.

Right Gov. Dayton?

Apparently, on 9/11/14 someone threw Molotovs into Emmanuel Cleaver's office

Yes, THAT Emmanuel Cleaver, US Representative for the Missouri's 5th district and chair of the Congressional Black Caucus.

Molotov cocktail hits Emanuel Cleaver office

A Molotov cocktail-like device was thrown through the window of Rep. Emanuel Cleaver’s district office in Kansas City, Missouri, early Thursday morning, lawmakers and police said.

Kansas City police were dispatched to Cleaver’s office shortly before 3 a.m. Thursday to find two broken bottles with paper towels sticking out of their necks underneath a broken window, police spokeswoman Sgt. Kari Thompson said in an e-mail. Officers also observed an odor smelling like lighter fluid, she said.

How ever shall we pay for this new war?!?!?

I'm seeing this refrain emerge over at the sister site:

So how are we supposed to pay for yet another war?

Nobody's been asking that. The American taxpayer is tapped out.

Did you even listen to the President?

Next week marks 6 years since our economy suffered its worst setback since the Great Depression.

Yet despite these shocks; through the pain we have felt and the grueling work required to bounce back – America is better positioned today to seize the future than any other nation on Earth.
Our technology companies and universities are unmatched; our manufacturing and auto industries are thriving. Energy independence is closer than it’s been in decades. For all the work that remains, our businesses are in the longest uninterrupted stretch of job creation in our history. Despite all the divisions and discord within our democracy, I see the grit and determination and common goodness of the American people every single day – and that makes me more confident than ever about our country’s future.

See? Right there. We're in better shape than ever.

you forgot the sarcasm thingy!

Didn't think it necessary.

WOW! Not only are they all a-flutter over the supposed crushing debt they're actually openly mocking Obama's claims the economy is doing well!


Karl Rove, to the Customer Service desk. Your next set of campaign ads is ready for pick-up.

But wait a minute!

Just like there is no spoon there is no debt crisis. No really! I read it on DU!

President Obama: There Is No Debt Crisis


There has been no shortage of dire warnings about the mounting US national debt, but President Obama is now offering a different assessment: no big deal.

“We don’t have an immediate crisis in terms of debt,” President Obama said in an exclusive interview with George Stephanopoulos for “Good Morning America.” “In fact, for the next 10 years, it’s gonna be in a sustainable place.”

It’s an assessment that will throw cold water on the latest attempt to achieve a so-called grand bargain to reduce the deficit. After all, a grand bargain would require excruciatingly difficult decisions for both sides — for Republicans, it would mean raising taxes, and for Democrats, cutting future spending on cherished programs like Social Security and Medicare. If there is no crisis, why would either side do it?

Read more:

Yavin4 (19,914 posts)

2. The whole debt/deficit crisis is a political tactic designed to destroy the publlic's faith in...

social programs which have benefitted millions of Americans and has helped grow the economy. Republicans know that taking on social programs directly like Soc. Sec., Medicare, Medicaid, Education, etc is a losing proposition. The American people don't want them eliminated.

So, they have to go after their funding. They have to make the argument that these programs cannot exist because there is no funding for them which is complete hogwash.

So which is it? Do we or don't we have a debt crisis?

I'm thinking it's just a matter of whether or not the money gets spent on things the little partisan hacks prefer.

But I can be somewhat sympathetic to that. On this score I'm probably the last person who could throw stones.

I know I'm a strong advocate for national defense but I have to be honest, if ISIS were to threaten San Francisco or Austin or New York or some other liberal enclave with a nuke I'd be hard-pressed to get off the couch to oppose it.

Anyhoo...lemme know if y'all ever sort out your talking point about whether or not debt is good or bad.

NOTE: I'm still at a loss to know how spending tax dollars to pay people to not produce any goods and services is economically beneficial but paying people to support the "MIC" is economically bad. I will at least admit military spending is bad if it is left unchecked as many a nation has bankrupted itself with war. And since the US is not a colonialist empire we're not making any revenue from our wars.

However, national defense is a constitutionally mandated responsibility for the government. Paying people to be unemployed is not.
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