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Asking for ID? RACIST! Asking for proof of health insurance? YAY OBAMA!

But only Americans are subject to this force of law. Not only will a criminal immigrant NOT be required to show ID they will be allowed to not show proof of insurance coverage BUT they get medical treatment provided on the backs of the American taxpayer.

"Proof of health coverage, please."

The legitimate and legal government of Iraq is --

What should be done about the Soldiers violating Non-Disclosure Agreements?

A lot of Soldiers are violating Non-Disclosure Agreements they were required to sign in order to publically say Bergdahl deserted. This generally entails stiff criminal penalties, especially from a military perspective. How should the government deal with those who are violating these agreements?

Why, exactly, would I want to be a "Progressive"?

Leaving aside, for the moment, that "Progressive" remedies only exacerbate the situations they claim to alleviate I cannot fathom the appeal of the political Left.

What I see -- HABITUALLY -- is outright (there's no other way to put this) weakness. I am amazed what a bunch of simpering cry babies the Left truly is. Their every remedy is wholly dependent on someone else. The Left revels in poverty, sickness and dysfunction.

Even when they claim the moral high ground of combatting "greed" they are, in fact, greedy. Greed is when someone unduly wants something belonging to another. A business owner that has engaged in voluntary transactions has not engaged in greed any more than the consumer who engaged in greed sought out the best value for their money.

However, every solution offered by the Left involves a government-based mugging of both producer and consumer to be transferred to those who have done nothing to merit the money taken. What boon does the taxpayer gain in return for having their money stolen at gunpoint?

"Every welfare dollar nets $1.86 in economic activity!" they yelp.

Bravo Foxtrot Delta. How many more dollars of economic activity could we have gotten for that dollar is we hadn't washed it through the hands of the Welfare Industrial Complex? If government spending spurs economic growth then the WIC would have no complaints about the MIC.

And by what virtue does the Left cite to engage in their thievery? Presumably to assist those in need but "I exist ergo I steal" is no basis for a functioning, civil society. I exist as well and so do hundreds of millions more like me but it shall surely be a sign of the End Times the day the Left shows a modicum of care for us.

Moreover, it teaches people that as long as they are poor they are the favored class but as soon as they move beyond poverty they are to be hated and fined at every turn.

Which brings us to the crux of my argument: You need us more than we need you.

They produce nothing (the Kochs produce various products and services, Soros is a hedge fund parasite)

They will not eat without us. They will not have schools without us. They will not have medical care without us.
They aren't even smart enough to secure their own $20-a-month birth control. They're hopeless -- helpless! And they actually run around congratulating each other on being so.

And don't tell me, "Just you wait and see! The 99% will rise-up and take back everything stolen from us!"

Yeah. Whatever. Site down before you hurt yourself.

First, it's more like the 9.9%. Second, how?

Again, in testament to the Left's abject weakness they despise the military and vilify gun ownership. Is it really their intention to stage The Greatest People's Revolution EVAH! by taking on the working class (the ACTUAL working class) that also happens to be the one faction of the body politic that is also ardent supporters of the 2nd Amendment?

But it will never come to that. Like every other socialist failure, they will destroy legitimate business, breed cronyism and the people will simply take their economic interactions underground leaving the state to be strangled by its own hand.

Just imagine the giggling joy of watching Democratic enclaves the day the EBT cards run dry! What press conference or Executive Order will mollify tens of millions with no means to feed themselves? How will the Left strike a blow for "social justice" if their own constituents are tearing apart their own strongholds? And it will be the Left that reduced them to that condition with lies that self-sufficiency is impossible and prosperity is criminal.

In other words, the mere passive act of a lack of contribution by others is enough to defeat the Left.

The Left cannot survive on its own because it is not fit to survive.

Don't believe me?

Then please feel free to prove me wrong.
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