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My offspring do me honor

The water heater took a shit last week. When I brought home the new one my teenage son had the water turned off and the tank drained per my instructions. He then helped me carry the new tank into the basement and as I was connecting one water line he asked if he could do the other.

Yesterday I had to replace a brake cylinder on my truck. For that project my pre-teen daughter asked to help. I taught her how the system runs from peddle to booster to master cylinder to lines etc all the way to the pads engaging the discs/drums. She could recite any part of it and got her hands dirty rebuilding the rear brake.

If I understand the argument in favor of Affirmative Action correctly

American college and university campuses are such hotbeds of discrimination that minorities would never be admitted without Affirmative Action forcing the rancid, ossified old bigots to accept minorities.

But we're supposed to send these same minority suppressing bigots ever larger sums of taxpayer money to the tune of billions of dollars annually and grant them near inviolable tenure.

If being called a racist earns you money the LWNJs owe us conservatives a mighty big check.

What is Santa Claus' favorite heavy metal band?


Would you rather have Safety or Freedom?

I'll believe they have our best interests at heart when "Government Watch List"

means, "those in the government who should be watched" and then we can keep them off planes, take away their guns and deny them entry into the country.

What is the best means for ending Islamic terrorism?

Famous WW2 Code Breaker to be Exhumed

Did I say "exhumed"? I meant "de-crypted."

Proposed - Current members of the National Guard be given national concealed carry privileges

Those in good standing, of course; no disciplinary cases.

Unlike federal troops, National Guard members don't run afoul of posse comitatus as much federal forces, i.e. military assistance to drug interdiction efforts comes from the NG.

All troops are trained in weapon safety, almost to a fault; most have been to combat and being "part-timers"

Every now and again you send a text that says -

The service desk is as useless as tits on a rattlesnake

Only to receive the reply -

I was busy in the kitchen so I had your daughter read me your text

Introducing the new 2016 product line from Outrage-R-Us: Tone Policing

“Calm down so we can discuss this like adults.”

Have you ever tone policed someone in a conversation on oppression? Tone policing focuses on the emotion behind a message rather than the message itself – and you might think you’re helping by making the conversation more “comfortable.”

But in this comic, Robot Hugs makes a great point about how tone policing protects privilege – and silences people who are hurting. This is no way to get justice, and this breakdown will help you understand exactly why.

With Love,
The Editors at Everyday Feminism

<<<big ass pedantic, boring and talentless cartoon follows>>>

Because, why shouldn't protesters be allowed to scream "Filthy white bitches!" to previously unengaged people minding their own business?

If those claiming to be aggrieved (notice, there's no formal means for determining if a grievance is legitimate) get to choose the manner in which they express their grievance what are the boundaries? Verbal abuse? Vandalism? Physical violence?

And what are the limits placed on those who reject the grievances? Do they get to play by the same rules?

BTW - If you can scream "Filthy white bitches!" and NOT have your academic and career prospects ruined for being a racist little asshole...

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