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Gun culture: There are no accidental shootings, only negligent shootings

Culture being the rules, customs and mannerisms imparted to younger generations.

1. Always act as if the weapon is loaded

2. Only point the muzzle in a safe direction or at your target

3. Keep your finger off the trigger until the moment you are ready to fire

4. Know what is behind your target

5. Never leave a weapon unsecured or unattended - even if you believe it to be unloaded - which it isn't - see Rule #1

6. Only keep the weapon in holsters or storage containers built for safe carrying/storage - pockets and purses don't count

7. Being impaired and handling a gun is a really fucking stupid idea.

8. Another man's gun is like another man's woman. You don't touch it if he's not around and even if you're allowed he still gets to watch.

Okay, so #8 is paraphrasing the "Do not touch. Leave the area. Tell an adult" rule for kids.

My kids had to be able to recite the rules and explain what they meant in their own words as well as confidently point out each part of the gun (trigger, trigger guard, magazine release, de-cocking lever, etc.) before I even showed them how to load the weapon, let alone fire it.

It's really not much more different - responsibility and awareness wise - than driving a 3500 lbs. vehicle at 75 mph for 2 hours every day. Know your vehicle and its systems. You have to use sound judgment. You have to react to the unexpected. You have to account for the poor judgment of others. Rules must be obeyed and the cops are far more lenient than the laws of physics. And if you can't be bothered to heed good advice I'm not going to cry over your bloody corpse or your sentencing hearing.

My kids have seen me openly state I will not have a gun on me while I'm drinking and either take my gun off and secure it as I'm being handed a beer or decline the beer. They have also seen me say I will not drive because I had been drinking. Life is too short for bullshit and bullshit unnecessarily shortens lives.

So how do you beat a political nihilist?

If a person wants to see government contract all they have to do is make it fail. Not reform, just fail.

Want people off the welfare roles? Crash the system. One way or another people will cease to be dependent.

Public services too expensive and constraining? Nature abhors a vacuum so private concerns will fill any voids.

And the government's responses are limited. Squeeze too hard and the people will fall between their fingers.

It seems fortune favors those who do not rely on such fragility.

Misogynist cops re-victimize violated female driver

Whitney Marie Beall arrested for DUI after broadcasting a ‘Drunk Girl Driving' periscope video

Whitney Marie Beall, 23, of Lakeland, was arrested and charged with a DUI on Saturday after using Periscope, a live video streaming platform owned by Twitter, to broadcast herself driving drunk.

Periscope videos are public and can been seen world-wide.

Periscope users called The Lakeland Police to report a possible drunk driver using the social media site. Messages were sent to the driver via Periscope asking Beall to stop driving and to pull over.

An officer was able to use their personal account in an effort to locate the driver. The officer was able to find the driver based observations and landmarks from the streaming video. At this time, she was driving a 2015 Toyota Corolla with a flat left front tire.

I can say, without fear of being contradicted, that according to all of the sexual assault lectures I have sat through there is no way this poor young woman could be held responsible for her sexual liaisons. That being the case I don't know how these sexist pigs could hold her responsible for driving.

What's wrong with patriarchy?

I see a lot of feminists complaining about it but not a lot of exposition as to why it is bad.

Any thoughts?
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