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Why Protein World is reaping the rewards from its 'genuine integrity' UPDATED

Is that Protein World campaign brand suicide or stroke of genius? Depends what side you're on, says Alex Smith, planning director at Sense.

The past four days have seen one of the most effective and innovative pieces of brand marketing in living memory. It has bred "brand fans" by the thousand in an age where that term is sorely overused, and exploded the brand’s social following.

It has turned a £250,000 media spend into a viral phenomenon. It has made a little known brand a household name in the circles it cares about. It has reaped £1million in direct sales revenue.

And it will win no awards.

In fact, so polarising is the work that the brand is more likely to receive a letter bomb than a Lion – and therein lies its greatness.

The offending ad:

Some of the twitter exchanges:


Phil Robertson

Hobby Lobby

Memories Pizza

and now Protein World

It's becoming very rewarding to give the intolerant, insufferable, unappeasable SJWs the middle finger.


Britain’s Crazy Decision to Ban ‘Beach Body’ Ads

Are ads featuring slim, beautiful models, promoting a “beach body” image, sexist and worthy of banning? We need to grow up.

Sharpie-wielding political activists have overtaken London Underground, writing outraged slogans on posters featuring a svelte, bikini-clad model next to an innocuous question: “Are you beach body ready?”

They’ve scribbled “NOT OKAY” and “Fuck Your Sexist Shit” over the model’s cleavage, signing their work with a now-viral hashtag, #eachbodysready.

A Change.Org petition calling for the removal of Protein World’s campaign on the grounds that it aims “to make feel physically inferior to the unrealistic body image of the bronzed model” has received nearly 60,000 signatures.

And on Saturday, 750 people {read: fat, ugly chicks nobody wants to see} (and counting) will attend a “Take Back the Bikini” rally in Hyde Park to protest Protein World’s body-shaming ad campaign.

(il)liberal fascism has now descended to government censorship.

The truth about conservatives: An insider tells all

No conservative anywhere ever had any notion of what it means to be poor. They're all born rich and well-provided and at no time have had to face adversity. They have all had access to the best schools, healthcare and financial instruments. They maintain reclusive networks with their peers to keep the lesser beings at bay and identify with one another with secretive handshakes. Wives are kept for breeding but impressionable young college coeds are kept as a carnal outlet but only among those higher within the order. Immigrant children from impoverished nations are often imported for menial labor or, in order to preserve their longevity, blood transfusions.

Red ink could kill Covered California

Red ink could kill Covered California

After two previous extensions, the open enrollment period for Covered California ends April 30. That deadline just might prove to be the tipping point for the state’s two-year-old health insurance exchange.

That’s because this is the year Covered California is supposed to become completely self-sustaining.

Indeed, there’s no more money coming from Washington after the state exhausts the $1.1 billion it received from the federal government to get the Obamacare exchange up and running. And state law prohibits Sacramento from spending any money to keep the exchange afloat.

That presents an existential crisis for Covered California, which is facing a nearly $80 budget deficit for its 2015-16 fiscal year. Although the exchange is setting aside $200 million to cover its near-term deficit, Covered California Executive Director Peter Lee acknowledged in December that there are questions about the “long-term sustainability of the organization.”

Mr. Lee’s disquieting assessment actually jibed with a 2013 report by the state auditor, which stated that, until the state’s health insurance exchange actually started enrolling Californians in health plans, its “future solvency” was ”uncertain.” Thus, Covered California was listed as a “high-risk” issue for the state.

You have to drink the Kool-Aid before you know what's in the Kool-Aid.

The myth of global warming (being a bad thing)

Coastline changes in the US expected from rising sea levels due to global warming:

Source: Think Progress

US 2012 election results by county:

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