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Cartoon of The Chosen One has adherents of the faith raging mad

I saw this at DU. They were in quite a lather but I'll admit I didn't see the reason for the furor. Apparently there was something that just reflexively set them off and the comments talked about their rage without really explaining it.

It wasn't until I was about a third of the way down the thread that someone had the nerve to ask.

Try again?

Maybe so, but it's still sexist. To render a portrayal of any woman as a pair of legs is gender stereotyping in its purest form, and it follows a centuries-old pattern of repression of women that seeks to relegate their position to one of inferiority to men in which their primary role is to bear children. All too often this treatment is applied to women who seek higher office. Ohman goes so far in his drawing as to give the reader a view up and under Clinton's skirt.


I feel confident in speaking for a great many people when I say there is no chance Hillary Clinton will ever be considered a sexual object in our minds.

In fact, it's stunning to be informed that this is actually a consideration for some.

I didn't get it before and now it's even more baffling.

Apparently Beau Biden has died.

72 hour moratorium on Biden jokes out of respect for the grieving family.

Tell me again how disobedience that "provokes/incites" violence should be criminal

What's the difference between a frat boy and a feminist?

One sees women as weak and easily frustrated, objectifying them and reducing them to nothing more than their sexual organs without regard for their individual hopes and ambitions.

The other likes sports and beer.

Got my orders for Jade Helm and its exactly what I expected, including foreign troops

I'll be reporting as an instructor for a multi-component, multi-national course. Two iterations of the course over as many weeks.

Before I leave I'll be heading down to Clothing and Sales to buy some unit patches and a few US Army tapes. It's always good to get with foreign troops to swap patches.

I'll teach the classes, make them get good and muddy then after hours there will be much beer and liquor (even though it's usually verboten), ribald humor, sharing of stories and general all-around good times.

Kinda stoked, actually. I live for this shit.

Why does evolutionary psychology get feMENists in such a twist?

I'm not an advocate of evo psych. In fact, I couldn't make an argument for or against it because I haven't had cause to concern myself.

I have, however, watched with rapt fascination as the feMENists at DU fly into a tizzy at any argument that appears to arise from evo psych.

So what gives?

DU not happy about GMO labeling

GMO = Government Money Orifice

Texas Bill Would Identify Those With Obamacare Subsidies

House Bill 1514, which would add a special label to the health insurance cards of people receiving financial assistance under the Affordable Care Act, tentatively passed the Texas House on Friday afternoon.

After Democrats unsuccessfully sought to derail the bill — authored by J. D. Sheffield, R-Gatesville — the bill cleared the House with a 90-46 vote. It now heads to the Senate.

Roughly a million Texans with government-subsidized health coverage could see a new label on their health insurance cards, and critics say the designation is akin to a “scarlet letter.”

But instead of Hester Prynne’s infamous “A,” insurance cards for Texans with coverage under the federal Affordable Care Act would bear the letter “S,” for subsidy.

Do they have a REASON for this? Or is it literally only about shame?

Good thing that things in TX are apparently so hunky-dory that their biggest problem is trying to shame the poor.

I wish the rumors about Jade Helm are true when I see something like this.

Pro tip: If you're pining for a war it's probably best to not pin your hopes on the faction that, by its own admission, can't support itself.

Impeach Obama and Biden Now, Before They Declare Martial Law

Did I say, "Obama and Biden"?

Silly me, I meant to say, "Bush and Cheney."

Elliot D. Cohen Donating Member (30 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Aug-01-07

Impeach Bush and Cheney Now, Before They Declare Martial Law

Elliot D. Cohen
Submitted by BuzzFlash on Mon, 07/30/2007 - 9:41am. Guest Contribution

There is presently a serious possibility that America will come under martial law before the 2008 presidential election and be irretrievably turned into a totalitarian state. If this happens there won't even be a free election in 2008. We can and should eliminate this ominous threat to national security by impeaching Bush and Cheney now. But the man in charge, John Conyers, is afraid of what Fox News might say about him.

In my recent article, This Summer, will America Officially Become a Totalitarian State?" I presented the following facts:

In May 2007, Bush posted a national continuity policy to the White House Web site that bypasses Congress and puts him in charge of all three branches of the federal government if there is a "catastrophic emergency" -- vaguely defined to include anything from a destructive hurricane to a terrorist attack. This leaves democracy in America dangling on a thin thread of chance that such a "catastrophe" doesn't happen.

On Wednesday , Michael Chertoff, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, said he has a "gut" feeling that Al Qaeda will launch another terrorist attack on the U.S. mainland sometime this summer. Chertoff's "gut feeling" comes on the heels of the latest National Intelligence Estimate , which maintains that in the past year, Al Qaeda has reconstituted its core structure and has grown stronger along the Pakistan/Afghanistan border.

Curiously, the story about Bush's national continuity policy received (virtually) no mainstream media coverage, and its significance in light of the recent NIE report was not broached. Yet, these facts point to a serious and disturbing possibility that a "catastrophic emergency" in the form of a terrorist attack on the homeland will occur before the next presidential election, giving the Bush administration the green light to turn the United States into a totalitarian state. Notice that this is not based on speculation or groundless conspiracy theory. It is based only on the facts: With the posting of the current national continuity policy, Bush has ipso facto announced his intention to take over all three branches of the federal government in the event of another serious terrorist attack. And the NIE does "judge that the United States is currently in a heightened threat environment."

Never mind that this is "only a possibility" and not a certainty. The NIE itself is very clear that it is not saying a terrorist attack is "certain." But, it is irrational to demand certainty in matters of national security before taking action. Imagine you had a suspicious growth, which was steadily enlarging, and your physician told you there was a serious possibility that it would become malignant. Would you ignore it because you could never be sure, or would you remove it? The advice you would hear from any competent physician would be to get rid of it. This is not unlike the present state of our democracy. The stakes are its very survival. The only reasonable response to this national security risk is to eliminate it, and this can be done by starting impeachment proceedings now. Unfortunately, Congress (Democrats and Republicans alike) have fallen asleep at the wheel.

The Bush administration has shown an ever-increasing and blatant disregard for the rule of law. This is a White House that has recently used "executive privilege" to thwart investigations into impeachable offenses (from the firing of federal prosecutors for political reasons to the illegal spying on American citizens). It has turned the Department of Justice, under the direction of Alberto Gonzales, into a rubber stamp for its own illegal activities. It has canceled habeas corpus and engaged in serious breaches of the Geneva Conventions (in the torturing of prisoners of war). It has engaged in fraudulent "caging" of minority votes in order to install itself in the White House. To expect that this regime will voluntarily follow the rule of law in relinquishing the power it has steadfastly amassed by ransacking the United States Constitution is wishful thinking. This flies in the face of the evidence of the last seven years.

So as the Democrats look to 2008, they neglect the serious possibility that there will not even be a free election. To ensure a constitutionally valid transfer of power in 2008, it is necessary that Bush and Cheney be impeached now. However, John Conyers, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, refuses to pursue impeachment proceedings because "Fox News would go after him and accuse him of being partisan." He is afraid of jeopardizing his legacy. The irony is that his legacy may already be dead in the water. The patriotism and magnanimity of a public servant is not measured in the self-serving sacrifice of the public welfare, but instead in the courage of personal sacrifice for the greater good.

So, how might we, the American people, send Conyers and others in Congress a clear message before it's too late?

There have already been eighty one towns, cities, and counties that have voted to impeach Bush. More local municipalities need to follow this lead. But what is also needed is an organization to go to bat for them in Congress. The National League of Cities (NLC) is such an organization. It is the largest national organization representing municipal governments throughout the United States. Its mission is "to strengthen and promote cities as centers of opportunity, leadership, and governance." According to the NLC website,

"Working in partnership with the 49 state municipal leagues, the National League of Cities serves as a resource to and an advocate for the more than 18,000 cities, villages, and towns it represents. More than 1,600 municipalities of all sizes pay dues to NLC and actively participate as leaders and voting members in the organization."

Since, the NLC engages in lobbying and grassroots campaigns in Washington, D.C. on behalf of local municipalities, it might well provide the resource we need to give our local governments a voice in Washington.

All Americans have a duty to advocate for impeachment proceedings now. They should join forces at the level of their local municipalities, and the NLC should represent them in Congress.

America is now in grave jeopardy of being besieged and forever lost. Impeaching Bush and Cheney now is not only good preventative medicine; it would be malpractice not to do so.

Elliot D. Cohen, Ph.D.< >is a media ethicist and critic. His most recent book is The Last Days of Democracy: How Big Media and Power-Hungry Government are turning America into a Dictatorship. He is also first prize winner of the 2007 Project Censored Award.

Okay, so obviously these are the words of just some random crank on the internet, right?

Well, actually he's a Ph.D (pretty hilarious dude?) with numerous titles to his name and who has been profiled in Psychology Today.

And he sits on the board of advisors for the ironically named Institute of Critical Thinking, a liberal Whine-and-Dine for "logic based therapy" associated with "philosophical counseling."

OK, so maybe he isn't some random crank but surely the reality-based community at DU talked him off the ledge!

Well, not so much.

great article and yes, I do think that the possibility is very real. Just like a cornered animal, they will do anything to survive.

We have to impeach. NOW. We must send a message to future leaders.

And if Congress fails to act in time, how are we, each of us, going to respond if/when Bush completes his attempts to invalidate the Constitution? Do we have a "Plan B" for this kind of thing? Rightwing survivalist groups have scenarios for dealing with such eventualities. Do we?

Short answer: no

Long answer: BWAH-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! *gasp* Pf-f-fwah-ha-ha-ha-ha! Oh God, my sides. Hee-hee-hee-hee! Stop it. You're killing me. You? Prepared?


Jesus Christ You Are Scaring the FUCK Out Of Me!!!

Edited on Thu Aug-02-07 12:22 AM by {name edited out by OP}

Why the hell aren't the people in Congress scared yet??


Do these morons actually want to live in a Bush dictatorship??

Please, God...make the fucking nightmare END, already!!

Please note the post had been edited. This is how it appears AFTER he had taken the time to reconsider his thoughts and change them.

"Terror" attack in DC likely to be the trigger for martial law

The greatest threat now is "a 9/11 occurring with a group of terrorists armed not with airline tickets and box cutters, but with a nuclear weapon in the middle of one of our own cities."
- Dick Cheney on Face the Nation, CBS, April 15, 2007

As reported in the Washington Post, the FBI and other federal agencies are moving outside of the Washington DC nuclear blast and fallout zone, something that did not happen even at the height of the Cold War. I personally am curious as to the identity of the person who made the decision to make the move, and the evidence for the need to do so, possibly being deliberately kept secret, that factored into the decision.

Of course, if the nuke wipes out Congress, all the better for Cheney & Co.

And Cheney's plans for the event that Congress is wiped out are deliberately being kept secret from Congress:

Remember, the person who conducted the anthrax attack against Congress and specifically against the senators who were holding up passage of the Patriot Act is still at large. Because he had access to weapons-grade anthrax from a government facility, he might also be able to get a nuke from the government. Also remember that Bush and Cheney started taking the anti-anthrax drug Cipro one week before the first anthrax attack took place and a month before it appeared on Capitol Hill.

And the FBI is refusing to provide Congress an update on the status of its anthrax investigation:

The end of the GOP IS saving our country

The GOP would get worse and worse and worse until they have achieved a dictatorship, if allowed (which would fail because they are incompetent idealogues). The timid democrats in congress are allowing this to happen as we speak. Right wing political parties were outlawed in Germany after WW2, ever wonder why? We are seeing why, right now. It's because they cannot handle power, their way of doing things is rooted in a 19th and early 20th century worldview and is doomed to fail. Saying, "100 million will die," might get attention, but it has no basis in reality. The military hates Bush. The country hates Bush. The world hates Bush. Let them do something stupid. Lets see where it leads them, and who will follow them. It will lead them right down the toilet. Sorry if I destroyed your utopian view of the GOP in America.

The United States, as it stands now, is doomed to fail politically. The divide between right and left has made this country totally dysfunctional. This is largely due to the right wing noise machine, aka, limbaugh, etc. They have driven the republicans to near lunacy. Of course the timidity of the democrats has enabled it. Face it, the US has passed its heyday with our present way of doing things. This country is moving backwards. Where do you see things headed as they are now?

I predict Bush will leave right on schedule in January, 2009

Why? Because most Republicans *also* want him out, not necessarily because they think he's done a bad job, but because they want a new standard bearer. And Republicans are largely Federalists -- the last thing they want to do is have a President extend his tenure into a third term, especially because they know that a Democratic President will be somewhat constrained by the economic and foreign policy ruins Bush is leaving him/her, and they will get another chance again in 2012 to take it back.

Probably a mole.

Sorry but I think you missed the point entirely. If I read you right you think Bushco

will step down Jan 2009 because the people want him to? you think he cares what the people, democrats or republicans want? I am not sure of the legalities but if he declares martial law, what would be the mechanism to remove him? Impeachment is way too slow.

Just for the sake of discussion, why would he do that?

He seems to like being King and i doubt he wants to leave office. He is completely delusional. And his master Cheney won't give up power willingly either. So I ask you, Why would he voluntarily leave office. He hasn't followed the Constitution up to this point. He believes God gives him direction (actually it is Cheney behind the curtain). Are you familiar with Directive 51? It says in a time of emergency he can assume complete control of the Country. Why would he choose to not use that seemingly legal way of staying in office. The SCOTUS will back him all the way.

And if he does, how will he regret it? Will the people go to the streets? I don't think so. At least not enough to matter. Who went to the streets when he started torturing people? or suspended habeas corpus? or started Big Brother spying? or invaded Iraq. Need i go on? Don't forget the Patriot Act allows the government to arrest anyone participating in civil disobedience as a terrorist and held and tortured indefinitely w/o any rights.

"completely delusional" in IMAX!

Look around the world...

it's full of "elected" dictators who overstay their welcome and drain their country's wealth. These are the people Bush-Cheney model themselves after.

Obviously, as history showed us.

Be afraid

Be very afraid.

I agree. I've warned about this too, since he signed that "If I have to, I'll be in charge of everything until I decide I don't need to be in charge of everything" document.

That document is the scariest piece of shit I've seen come out of the White House yet, and as you point out, no one has said a word.



These "new" ol' dic-ktatortots don't need an army. They have...

their "new" weapon$: The "Active Denial System," which is to be used against "rioters".

It is essentially a weapon resembling a radar/microwave dish that is mounted on a humvee platform, which emits a beam of microwave that is directed at a group of people.

The microwave beam slowly heats the water under your skin, to an uncomfortable level, forcing you to flee the area.

It will have roles to play with some law enforcement departments, unruley demonstrators in occupied lands, and against enemy soldiers/Resistance/Insurgents taking cover beind fortifications.

The "new" Penta-gone-away-with-trillions already has all the over-paid mercenaries they'd ever need ready, AND all the "new" generation of "micro-wave" weapons that such a "final" K-O to the "lib'rul" democracy the U.S. once was (in their "opinion"). Ever heard of that new "machine" they R ready to use against all "potential" protesters? "Cooking civilians" using "micro-wave weapons" would have been the Gestapo's wet-dream of a weapon!

But "It can't happen here" for sure...

For them, their over-paid mercs can direct the microwave beam, and just cook the "insurgents" alive.

Just like it did to the Iraqi Resistance and civilians of Fallujah, when they bombed them with Thermobaric Weapons and White Phosphorous...

Cooking civillians in a Civillized™ manner in line with the principles of Liberty™ and Freedom,™ and no right to personal injury claims™.

Buh-bye, Good Germans ... uhhhhh, sorry, Good Americans.

You can't just have an ADS.

You also need...


well, that would be the mercenary army

which worries me, as I'm sure that there are many renegades and rogues employed, who care nothing of the law and what is right, after all they are mercenaries.

Bush may be an idiot

but the neocons are smart - they would never just "declare martial law".

They would slowly change policies in the background to arrive at a de facto state of martial law with very few people actually noticing.

Has anybody noticed yet?

How many degrees are we currently away from dictatorship??

The news media is corporate owned and presents almost exclusively the viewpoint of the Administration

The war is being fought with middle class personnel and middle class tax payer money and opposed by that same middle class - yet goes on and on despite what we do.

We even voted a different group of people into office last November - only they are now appeasers with the Administration that we hoped that they would oppose.
(Whether in order to appear as "nice people" or because they are paid off or because they are blackmailed OR EVEN THREATENED AS WELLSTONE WAS - I wouldn't begin to guess.)

Yet still the war is funded.

About the only thing we have left is the Internet. And the thing is - there are constant pieces of legislation kicked around in Congress to switch that over to a more "corporate-friendly" info service.

Ah yes. What is a good "Bush is gonna declare martial law!" thread without a mention of Paul Wellstone?

I wonder if Bush will federalize the state and local police forces?

My guess would be that must be on his agenda somewhere. It would be a logical next step.



Call your representative; tell him or her, that he or she, is speaking for you and your neighbors, remind him or her that they are only a neighbor, who you put your faith in. You chose him or her to be the voice of the neighborhood. Then, let him or her know, in no uncertain terms, he or she won’t be speaking for the neighborhood after 2008 if he or she refuses to sign on to HR:333. We are a neighborhood of people who get together every two years and elect a person to be our voice in congress, not a cheerleader for others.
Call your ‘VOICE’ and tell him or her to, use it, for the benefit of those in your neck of the woods.
Fuck, what he or she, may think is popular.
Otherwise, there goes the neighborhood, yours, mine, and ours.

I know and I like my rep; I have met him personally many times and have gone to many of his victory rallies, but I wrote him yesterday and told him straight out, start representing us all, or get the hell out! You’re no longer welcome in the neighborhood. That rep is Jack Murtha.

And don’t let them say they are ‘for’ impeachment, if they do, take no excuses, tell them sign the damned resolution.

I think you mean HR666

Don't just do it half-way.

My guess is most Americans don't belive it's THAT serious.

Maybe they think they'll just take care of it in the voting booth next time.

But what if there is no election.
I, after repeatedly being shocked by this administration over the years, wouldn't put anything past them.

Yes. Most Americans don't believe it is THAT serious.

How could they be so foolish?

Lots more of this awesomeness where it came from.

The Top 10 Ways You'll Know Obama Has Overtaken the State of Texas

10. He'll come out making concrete statements about the moral certitude he has about not taking over Texas only to "evolve" on the issue later.

9. There will be absolutely no record whatsoever of his whereabouts for the 13 hours of the initial attack

8. A private citizen will be arrested for inciting the event

7. GOP intransigence will be blamed

6. Michelle will take the kids and 250 of her closest friends on a foreign junket using WH assets

5. The NYT will write a scathing editorial laying the blame squarely at the feet of George W. Bush

4. He'll propose deep cuts in military spending in preparation for the impending use of the military

3. Rachel Maddow will, for the first time in her life, be brought to climax by a presumed male

2. Thom Hartmann too -- although maybe not for the first time

And the Number 1 way you'll know Obama has overtaken the state of Texas is...

1. There will be a website announcing the fact that no one will be able to access for the first 6 months

NOTE TO THE INEVITABLE JURORS: Please try to have a sense of humor even though the alerter doesn't

The TX attack is bringing out "the best" in DU.

Lots of people prog'splaining why Geller is to blame. Some are even saying she should have been at least denied a public venue if not outright arrested.

In all fairness, some are fighting valiantly to keep the terror-apologists in check but the haters just can't seem to shut-up.
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