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How do you know if a rich person ought to pay more?

Is it just because they're rich? That's it?

What if their wealth was gained from the voluntary exchange of money for goods and services?

For that matter, how do you know a poor person ought to have more money?

What if their habits are destructive to themselves and/or others?

So the Clinton camp wants to make an issue of reparations to embarrass you Sanders supporters

Don't forget when #OnlyBlackLivesMatters confronted Sanders in Seattle how the Clintorises leapt at that opportunity to call you Sanders supporters racists. There were literal LOL moments over at DU where their desperation to quell your insurgency led to some of the most disingenuous race baiting ever. I mean, c'mon, the only POC at Hillary's soirees are the servers but that didn't stop them from calling you "liberal white supremacists" even though your history of falling in line with every social grievance, genuine or otherwise, is untarnished.

So now they're doubling down with this reparations issue. They claim your single-payer fantasies are too expensive for them even though that would benefit everyone regardless of color but here they are sniping at you over your supposed lack of concern for even more expensive, race-specific reparations.

(BTW - we're collecting Hillary's best quotes on SP to throw back in your face the next time you're silly enough to bring the single payer issue to the national stage for debate. It always helps having a/the prominent leader from within the enemy's party explaining why the enemy's ideas are bad.)

This is cynical, self-serving slash and burn politics at its best/worst. They are going to call you and yours every vile name in the book - you know, the ones you've thrown at us, lo these many decades. They will drown every Progressive policy proposal like so many excess kittens just to draw contrast between candidates during the primary.

And then - once the Super Delegates have given The Establishment (LLC) what it wants over the popular vote - they will turn back to you, covered in the feces they flung at you while you hold your drowned-kitten dreams in your hands and say, "Wow. How about those Republicans? You don't want those guys to win, do you?" Which is, after all, they're only argument in favor of Clinton: She can beat the worst ideations about the GOP by being worse than the GOP.

I would pity you but the predictability of it all coupled with my general contempt for Progressives keeps me laughing too hard to muster an iota of sympathy on your behalf.

And, no, I don't expect you all to turn into Republicans. I have no GOP'er to bring to you and say, "Here, vote for this schlub instead." If I were to dream a little dream I would have you realize that the system you have fought to engineer has/will/must be co-opted by those who do not want to serve the people but only themselves. All that money and power collected into one place and you thought they would actually work on your behalf. There are no Ds or Rs; there's only Them and you ain't one of Them.

We warned you. You built it anyways.

Choke on it.
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