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SIRODU: That's racist, y'all

The Racist Meme: The South Doesn't Count

The idea that the votes from the Southern Region of the US do not count is a terribly racist and deplorable meme. As we all know, the contests in the Democratic primary season held in Southern States have some of the highest percentages of black voters in the nation. In some states, around fifty percent of all voters in the democratic party in those places are black men and women.

So, why is it that those states are suddenly not as important as the nearly all white Red states that Bernie won?

Now, some will blame it on location. They will say that the Deep South never goes Democratic in the General, therefore, those votes should count less. But that leaves out the fact that the Very Red states that Bernie won, also never go blue in the general. So what is the real difference? I hear tell it is the fact that the red state that he won have more progressive voters. But that is also a lie.

So the only real difference I can find is that the Red States he won are much whiter and voted for him. The states she won are much BLACKER and voted for her.

It is a racist meme. We are not 3/5ths of a human. Our votes count just as much no matter where we live or who we voted for.

We need to end this racist meme that says that the south counts less. I think it is only said to marginalize the effect of our collective votes.

When everything is racist, nothing is racist.

If you happen to go to Ft. Carson

visit the Korea Express just across from Clothing Sales and the furniture store. The food is awesome. When the owner recognized me as a regular she hooked me up with a bolgoki burger that was so massive I had to unhinge my jaw to get my mouth around it.

SIRODU: Them people are bigots, you know

If I Were An Employer Would Not Hire Fundamentalist Christians.

Because the funny nut Christians are so nasty and want to convert everyone I would not hire them if I were and employer. I would demand to know their church. They want it their way then I will do it my way.

I have not reason to be kind or considerate to them. That is because I have my freedom to NOT associate with these Christians. And I would not want them in my business either.

They won't get it until they are persecuted like they claim to be. So I feel free to persecute and shun them like they shun and persecute other non believers.

He's pulling recs, too.

I actually support his right to not hire xtians.

I also support the right of xtians to know what an asshole this guy is and give him wide berth.

You can't make bigots into non-bigots by passing a law forcing bigots to serve the objects of their ire.

But the law can be abused to compel politically fashionable groups to impose themselves on others.

The law never creates virtue. At its best it can restrain it can only be used to exact vengeance. It invariably descends into tyranny.

Social conservatives fucked up by supporting such things as anti-sodomy laws. Social liberals fucked up by being vindictive little snots. Now I get to giggle as you burn each other's houses down.

Illiberals are too hide-bound to their knee-jerk catcalls of racism

First of all, people aren't voting for Trump and his anti-illegal immigration stance because they're racist but because they think 12 to 20 million illegal immigrants is too many and they're sick of being ignored on that point. To call Trump a racist is to call those voters racist.

"Vote for us instead, you racist fucks" is not a campaign winner.

Second, this whole "He's a racist! You're a racist!" thing is played out. The wheels started coming off of that wagon years ago and the last nut popped out of the hub during the run-up to the ObamaCare chicanery. It's so overused people are inured.

But nobody ever accused liberals of being smart - merely herd animals; easily spooked and best husbanded as an alternative food source.

The way to get Trump supporters to stop supporting Trump is to point out the fact Trump hon record as being pro-gun control, pro-abortion - including late term abortion - and, yes, even pro-amnesty.

But then I suppose Trump would start looking too much like one of their own.

So the people who spent decades centralizing everything under big government

are now scared shitless over the idea that someone they consider to be a unbalanced racist and misogynist will gain control of the monster they built.

If that presumed unbalanced racist and misogynist actually wins in November he will hold the reins to your healthcare, your retirement, environmental regulations, workplace regulations, your children's education, student loans, etc., etc., etc.

All that power.

All that ability to control everyone's lives.

You wanted in the hands of only one person to do what you wanted done without the messiness of the consensus of consensual government. just may get your wish.


SIRODU: Bernie Sanders and the growing creep of misogynist fascism

or something.

Found in the Hillary Clinton group:

What did we ever do to you?

We birthed you. We raised you and we loved you. Why all this vicious hatred of women? Softly I cry. I don't get it. I don't get what we did to you.

You hate us. The filth that I have read here and allowed to stand is disheartening. Actually it is heartbreaking when posts on violence against women are allowed to stand. I read something about bricks the other day. Wow! Allowed to stand on a DEMOCRATIC BOARD.

Yes. I am upset. Deep breath, listen to this once again. This is for women and the strong sweet gentle loving men that stand with us.


Violence against women. WE SAY NO MORE!


Pro tip: if you have to ask someone else's permission to be equal... aren't

Now, some of you are no doubt wondering what this has to do with Sanders and that would be fair of you to ask. XheXhe is upset that Sanders supporters are - how should I put this? - Sanders supporters.

6. Brought tears to my eyes, She

I fear that Democratic Underground is Democratic no more.

20. Some of the vicious and cruel comments I have read, on DU and elsewhere,

DO seem to come from a place of unreasonable, almost pathological, hatred. (Jury-note I said "some"--no broad brushes, here).

I take comfort in the fact that these remarks say more about the person issuing them than anything else.

I also take comfort in the fact that this will be over soon.

Can't wait!

Tears that women would be so vilified here. What did we do? WHAT did we do?

The people that allowed the brick post to stand are just as bad as the people who posted it. nt

Yup. It is literally calling for the fatal sadistic sexual assault of our leading female candidate.

It is beyond disgusting. How the admins can let it stand is unfathomable.

The offending post...

I can't say I've ever had an enemy in my life, but I do now. So thank you for that, Mrs. Clinton. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for letting me know just what a heartless human being you are, and how little you think of our country and of my daughter's future. Madam Secretary, from my daughter and fiance and myself, with sincerity, kindly go fuck yourself with a brick.

This is being made out to be an expression of sexual violence?

The internet has been bringing us pleadings for people to copulate with themselves with various inanimate objects since the internet was born by carrier pigeons. I could be mistaken but I'm pretty sure Hammurabi's code has at least one reference of the Hittites being invited to go fuck themselves with a quadrilateral tiered pyramid.

I dunno, high school is kinda hazy for me.

I'm thinking someone needs some chocolate and a hug.

Consistent, soft power and determination will always win over seething hate and brutality.

That is an excellent video, Sheshe, thank you for posting it. Please know that your family is here, gathered around you, filled with love and support. Our arms are open to embrace you.

You are here for the Long Haul. You were here before this current wave of violence and abuse started, and you will be here after it has subsided

May you have beautiful, wonderful, and peaceful dreams every time you sleep.

I am appalled at the misogyny and racism that is allowed to stand on this site. Skinner, your silence and inaction is your approval. By doing nothing you are telling us this is what you want your site to be.

My god, I love DU!

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