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To those who categorically reject the idea of using violence to protect a person's home

Please post your residential address below.


"If you attack them you will invite a blowback that will result a decades long quagmire of a war that will lead to countless needless deaths and will all but bankrupt your society when the efforts could be better spent on things that actually make people's lives better."

- said no LWNJ to any terrorist, ever

Pro-ISIS Hackers Post “Kill” List Of State Department Employees

Hackers with a pro-ISIS group calling themselves the United Cyber Caliphate distributed a “kill” list on Monday that appears to include dozens of U.S. government personnel, Vocativ discovered.

The list features 43 names of people linked to the State Department, the Department of Homeland Security and the departments of defense, energy, commerce and health and services. It also identifies the U.S. embassies in Santiago and Kathmandu—as well as the Department of the Navy in Gulfport, Mississippi—as targets. It includes someone who appears to have worked for Australia’s Department of Defence.

If the LWNJ modus operandi is to be followed we should do nothing about this for fear of inciting "blowback." So if a few dozen government employees get killed the loss will be worth not risking a wider war.

This is probably chickens coming home to roost anyways.

On the plus side: It's good to see you can finally get some information out of the State Department without a congressional committee or subpoena from a federal court.

Conservatives thwarting climate disruption policy

Are conservatives an impediment to enacting policy capable of combatting anthropogenic climate disruption?
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