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Linda Sour-sow blames those tricky Jews for her unpopularity as a raging anti-Semite

Y'all remember this whore, don't you?

Palestinian activist Linda Sarsour accused members of the "Jewish media" for her bad reputation, in an event entitled "Anti-Semitism and the Struggle for Justice" Tuesday night at New York City’s The New School.

"If what you’re reading all day long, morning and night, in the Jewish media is that Linda Sarsour and Minister Farrakhan are the existential threats to the Jewish community, something really bad is gonna happen and we gonna miss the mark on it," Sarsour remarked in an event intended to be "a discussion on how to combat" bigotry against Jews.

It should be noted that Farrakhan once praised Adolf Hitler as "a very great man."

What should be the penalty for Trump coordinating with the Russians to combat ISIS?

Small potatoes

Nevertheless, as I explained in connection with George Papadopoulos (who also pled guilty in Mueller’s investigation for lying to the FBI), when a prosecutor has a cooperator who was an accomplice in a major criminal scheme, the cooperator is made to plead guilty to the scheme. This is critical because it proves the existence of the scheme. In his guilty-plea allocution (the part of a plea proceeding in which the defendant admits what he did that makes him guilty), the accomplice explains the scheme and the actions taken by himself and his co-conspirators to carry it out. This goes a long way toward proving the case against all of the subjects of the investigation.

That is not happening in Flynn’s situation. Instead, like Papadopoulos, he is being permitted to plead guilty to a mere process crime. A breaking report from ABC News indicates that Flynn is prepared to testify that Trump directed him to make contact with the Russians — initially to lay the groundwork for mutual efforts against ISIS in Syria. That, however, is exactly the sort of thing the incoming national-security adviser is supposed to do in a transition phase between administrations. If it were part of the basis for a “collusion” case arising out of Russia’s election meddling, then Flynn would not be pleading guilty to a process crime — he’d be pleading guilty to an espionage conspiracy.

Trump admin could help drive a stake through the practice of admin law judges

The litigation concerns an agency’s decision to allow career bureaucrats to preside as the functional equivalent of judges during enforcement proceedings. These officials, called administrative law judges (ALJs), are hired by career bureaucrats. They are not appointed by the president, a court or an agency head, but they exercise significant authority on behalf of the U.S. government in official proceedings.

ALJs can, among other things, issue subpoenas, make decisions about the credibility of witnesses or the admissibility of evidence, and issues provisional rulings that are generally upheld on final review — if a final review occurs at all.

The Constitution requires that the president, the courts, or the head of an executive department appoint all “inferior officers” of the United States.

A group of investment managers challenged the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) use of ALJs in an enforcement proceeding convened against them for alleged violations of securities law. The managers argue these proceedings are unlawful, because the ALJs are exactly the sort of “inferior officer” who must be appointed by the president, the court, or the head of an agency, since they exercise meaningful discretion on behalf of the federal government.

A lower federal court, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, found in favor of the SEC. A three-judge panel found for the SEC, and the full court affirmed that decision on a five to five vote. The investment managers then appealed to the Supreme Court.

The Obama Justice Department sided with the SEC in the dispute, but Trump’s new solicitor general, Noel Francisco, changed positions Wednesday, and backed the money managers.

“Upon further consideration, and in light of the implications for the exercise of executive power under Article II, the government is now of the view that such ALJs are officers because they exercise ‘significant authority pursuant to the laws of the United States,'” Francisco wrote in a new brief at the Supreme Court.

Lefty still clueless about where babies come from.

Lefty routinely riots after verdicts they don't like but wants to lecture us about the law.


Just a reminder: The people rushing to defend the Garcia Zarate verdict are also the same people

who cite negligent discharges as a reason to strip gun owners of their RKBA.

They won't punish the guilty but they will disarm the innocent.

All these celebrities being unceremoniously jettisoned

Weinstein was thrown out of his own company.

Spacey was kicked out of his own theater group. Movies that were post production had his scenes deleted and re-shot with the remainder of the original cast and an new actor playing Spacey's former role.

Lauer sent packing.




Kicking people out with no due process leaves them ripe for a defamation suit. The only way the big bosses would accept that kind of liability is if they knew the case against those being jettisoned was airtight.

But that means they know the case against those they are jettisoning is airtight.

That means they always knew.

The only reason they're acting so swiftly now is because now we know.

Make no mistake, these leftist bastions of politics, culture and media are not engaged in some penitent act of soul-cleansing; they're engaged in the ongoing cynical ass-covering that got us where we are today.

Nothing will change because nothing has changed.


brettdale (8,646 posts)

So keith Oldermann was wrong, No Big Names

A few more tweets like this, he can join Claude Taylor, and Louise Mensch.

Is this a thing for some Journos now to tweet out that some big names are going down,
and then nothing happens.

bagelsforbreakfast (1,217 posts)
1. "The Ides of March have come" "Aye, Caesar but not gone." n/m

TeamPooka (11,793 posts)
2. It's a holiday weekend. Nothing will "break" until Monday at the earliest.

UTUSN (45,670 posts)
5. Keith & David Shuster fueled Fitzmas for us, every night telling us were coming in 2weeks

JI7 (64,079 posts)
8. no he was right

Awsi Dooger (10,340 posts)
9. Under bettors never go broke
The public is forever obsessed and suckered by...yes they'll score, yes it will happen

pnwmom (86,590 posts)
10. He didn't say anything was happening immediately. He's just confident that
they will go down eventually, and Mueller has the situation under control.

Finally, some good news out of DU.

no_hypocrisy (29,885 posts)

Today the Senate likely will vote to repeal The New Deal
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