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So, Comey notified Congress ASAP when classified emails were found on Huma's computer but

he supposedly just now talking about possible attempt to sway him that occurred Jan/Feb.

Now, I fully believe the Dem insurrectionists in Congress WANT him to say something to help them and their wishful thinking is likely what is being reported but if there was something there Comey's past actions suggest he would have said something months ago.

Are the leftists reading too much to this?

BREAKING: Multiple sources suggest Covfefe may be a deliberate attack!

CincyDem (2,461 posts)

Covfefe: a seed from the new War Room ?

So, has there been any discussion speculating that "covfefe" was an informational seed, tossed into the pond of social media to track how fast/far Trump messages propagate? I'm no expert on this sort of chit and would appreciate perspective from someone who is...feels like knowing the "speed of information" would be a valuable piece of information if I were waging a social media war on the country.

is certainly a possibility here. just asking.

Zoonart (952 posts)
3. If the first tweet containing "covfefe"...

was indeed a typo...the second tweet of "have fun..." does not jibe with 45's MO.
He is not capable of self effacing witt, or poking fun at himself. The exhortation to "have fun" or run with the meme, viewed in this context, could be seen as sinister.

icymist (11,853 posts)

What if the covfefe tweet is a dry run attack on social media?

Spicer is talking that he knows exactly what covfefe means, he and a small group of people in the WH.

“The president and a small group of people know exactly what he meant,” Spicer said at Wednesday’s off-camera press gaggle in the White House briefing room. He refused to elaborate and ignored questions shouted by reporters. It followed a rarely seen self-deprecating joke from Trump early Wednesday morning that made light of the typo (or newly invented word) the president had birthed hours earlier.

45 has been gaining robot twitter 'followers' at the rate of millions per day over the last three days. The WH now has a 'war room' to combat the investigation(s) of Russian collusion. I'm beginning to think this tweet was done on purpose to see how far it would travel in the social networks and, the internet itself. Of course the whole tweet display may have as simple an explanation as being a sign that 45 is breaking up and the WH is scrambling to hide it. I would be willing to believe that except that he has been gaining 'followers' at an abnormal rate. I can see right away that a few tweets could take over the 'trending' column(s) on Tweeter simply by the use of these millions of fake accounts to like and re-tweet. I mean 'covfefe' went directly to the top of the column in just two hours.

That's my thoughts for today. I must run to the library so I'll check up on what y'all think here when i get back.

furtheradu (1,156 posts)

2. Yes, I believe You are right on this. nt

How did Russia "interfere" with the election?

If Russia stole the election is Hillary the rightful POTUS? Shouldn't she set up a gov't-in-exile?

Or is Hillary content to see her office and her nation unjustly ruled from afar by foreign usurpers?

C'mon Left, where's your patriotism? Why aren't you charging the barricades?

After today's successful ICBM interception test we should thank

Reagan for starting the SDI and Bush 43 for withdrawing from the ABM treaty.

How does the federal department of education improve education over what states can manage?

Serious question.

Instead of relying on government assistance, cut out the middleman

Those requiring assistance for food, rent, birth control, etc. should just appeal directly to the taxpayers on the street.

Do Americans have the right to illegally move in to any nation they want?

My Kekistani brethren, we need a Draft Chelsea 2018 campaign.

All in the pretext of grooming her to run against Trump in 2020

Knowing the egos of the Clinton plan they won't be able to resist.

Where's a district she could easily win?

Feminist: Men focusing on her pleasure may be sexist

{{{3 Ways Men Wanting to ‘Focus On Her Pleasure’ During Sex Can Still Be Sexist


1. The Focus Is Still On His Achievement

Toxic masculinity says that a man is only as good as what he can accomplish.

When it comes to sex, this can often mean “To be a man, I have to achieve orgasm/ejaculation” or “I have to win as many sex partners as I can.”

These days, it can also mean “I have to give my partner the most intense pleasure possible.” Because if she has a body-shaking orgasm, it’s a mark of his skill and prowess. And if she doesn’t have an orgasm at all, it feels like a personal failure to him.


2. He’s Still Primarily Focused On His Own Enjoyment

This is another way in which a female partner’s pleasure can become more about what it does for the man.

Rather than being about feeding his sense of accomplishment, though, it’s about giving him visual enjoyment. The woman may feel pressure to perform pleasure visibly – making more noises, moving more intensely – because he likes looking at it.


3. He’s Looking for a Gold Star

When I told a friend I was writing this article, she mentioned how some men will brag about how much they looove performing cunnilingus. And I laughed – because I knew just what she was talking about.

There’s a special attitude, that I’ve heard often, where a man talks about enjoying a sex act where the woman’s pleasure is the focus.}}}

It doesn't get any smarter after that.

Some people desire to be miserable.
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