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It's all smoke and mirrors! You're being played! Don't believe the hype!

{{{Joe and Mika only care about themselves. They're mad at Trump because he hasn't delivered.

Trump was supposed to bring tax breaks to rich people. Joe Scarborough is a right wing Republican. He and Mika want their tax breaks. They want the Wall and military contracts and all the other deals that would pump up Wall Street that Trump promised to his rich Republican voters.

The only reason they're attacking Trump now is because he's so inadequate, he can't even fulfill his campaign promises.

All the rich Republicans are trying to push Trump out now and replace him with Pence.

Don't be fooled. These people don't care about morals or kindness or human decency. They're in it for themselves.}}}

Dallas official "infuriated" some citizens can actually fight city hall

Arrogant bastards.

Who here DID NOT remember, prior to the election, Trump's trolling Rosie O Donnell?

Get over yourselves, Lefty. We already knew who Trump was. Acting all outraged as if this is some new thing is meaningless.

Not that we care much for what you think. You've already called us racist, sexist, fascist, Islamophobic, greedy, superstitious deplorables. This is just another over blown outrage and you infants conjure one of those at least once a week.

You've branded us the worst things ever so we have no reason to accept what you say -- ever. You burned those bridges and bombed the rubble.

You won't get rid of Trump then quiet down, you'll become emboldened and scream louder.


@#$% you

If you want him out of office so bad grab your rifles because nobody on our side gives a @#$% about what upsets you. The beatings will continue until morale improves.

So the people who published lies about golden shower videos are upset over

a lack of professionalism.


Shoe On Head: Feminist Make-Up Tutorial ***LANGUAGE WARNING***

Again, it's ShoeOnHead so don't bitch about her language.

Just a reminder: the longer the ACA remains "functional"

the longer Trump's HHS gets to make the rules governing the sale and distribution of birth control.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go watch The Handmaid's Tale. I hear it's quite instructional.

Former Obama Czar, now CNN contributor Van Jones: Russia story "big nothingburger"

Apparently my Rater wants me to provide my own bullet points for my NCOER

I'm new to the unit but it seems the practice is years old at this unit.

Maybe I'm just being bitchy but I'm honestly pissed. I've got more than enough to do myself - including the NCOERs for my own subordinates - but more importantly why subject our careers to the review based on NCOERs if the inmates get to run the asylum? Either rate me as the NCO I am or stop making this the focus point of my performance.

My passive-aggressive side is about to get the better of me. I'm tempted to smuggle this in:

o adherence to the principles of integrity precludes him from submitting his own evaluation bullets without protest

If America - especially under Trump - is a seething caldron of racism, ruin and hatred

why does the Left want to import as many foreigners as possible into America?

Wouldn't that be exposing these poor people to the depredations of their oppressors?

In the event states leave the union what becomes of the national debt?

Recent talk on the forum and the California secessionist movement lead me to believe the talk of dividing the nation will continue. I don't see a peaceful separation as being possible because there are too many practical issues such as: Where will the idiot Cascadians get their water and electricity if US states decline to support them?

Among the practical issues will be the $20+ trillion dollar national debt. How will that be divided?
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