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Papers please! Should Americans have to provide proof

the money they spend on political speech is accounted for with the IRS?

Draft Hillary for California Governor 2020

California gave Hillary enough votes to win the national popular vote (if that were a thing).

I say let California get what wished for good and hard and let the rest of the nation see what it missed.

Who's with me?

Slate: we're idiots and we demand the world know it!

Federal Judge Rules President's Military Policy Disproportionately Targets

Persons of Asian Descent

Possible Russian collusion also uncovered.

Ghana Will Remove 'Racist' Gandhi Statue From Its Oldest University

Ghana has said it will remove a statue of Mahatma Gandhi from a university campus in the nation’s capital where it had sparked protests over the leader’s allegedly racist attitudes.

The statue, which was unveiled by Indian President Pranab Mukherjee during his visit to Ghana in June, was meant to symbolize friendship between the two countries, according to Ghana’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. But professors and students at the University of Ghana called the statue “a slap in the face" because of Gandhi's "racist identity." They started an online petition calling for the statue’s removal.

Tammy Baldwins D.C. Office Would Not Sit Down With Tomah VA Whistleblower

Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin's (Wisc.) D.C. congressional office was the only office visited by the Tomah VA whistleblower that would not sit down and speak with him, he told the Washington Free Beacon.

Ryan Honl, the man who blew the whistle on the abuses and over-prescription of narcotics at Wisconsin's Tomah VA facility that led to the death of a Marine and who was punished for disclosing the practices, was in Washington, D.C. last week to meet with individuals at the new Veterans Affairs whistleblower accountability office.

Coincidentally, no one is a lefty but all the bad people are righties.

It seems to be a thing.



Things Donald Trump has NOT condemned

The black plague

Lawn darts

Eating red meat on Friday

The Star Wars Christmas Special

Add your own

Flashback: When Obama Declared That There Were "Many Sides" to Blame for Islamist Terrorism

Flashback: When Obama Declared That There Were "Many Sides" to Blame for Islamist Terrorism -- Especially Christianity -- Media Not Only Defended Him, But Castigated Critics Who'd Dispute Obama's "Many-Sides-ism"

When Trump spoke of "many sides" offering violence, he was referring to the fact -- the fact -- that antifa thugs attacked the Nazis and, when the cops drove the Nazis from the park, surrounded them and attacked them with apparent police complicity.

When Obama spoke of many sides being to blame, he was going back to... the Crusades between 1100 and 1350 AD. Oh, and, of course, the famous Christian enslavement of Muslims, which did not happen.

The response from the media was not -- get this -- anger and bitter denunciation, but rather a moistened-crotched panting, along with a sneering dismissal of critics of the "many sides" talk as "the usual quarters."


More: At the eulogy for five dead Dallas cops assassinated by a Black Lives Matter terrorist, Barack "Many Sides" Obama offered this observation:

"We have all seen this bigotry in our lives at some point," obama told an audience of about 2,500 at a concert hall in Dallas. "None of us is entirely innocent. No institution is entirely immune. And that includes our police departments. We know this."

Telling cops they're racist at a funeral for their own was, by the media's estimation, the height of cosmopolitan nuance and sophistication.
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