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Historically, lefty has not tolerated disrespect shown to the flag

The Mexican flag, that is.

From back in 2010:

Administrators at a California high school sent five students home on Wednesday after they refused to remove their American flag T-shirts and bandannas -- garments the school officials deemed "incendiary" on Cinco de Mayo.

The five teens were sitting at a table outside Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill, Calif., on Wednesday morning when Assistant Principal Miguel Rodriguez asked two of them to remove their American flag bandannas, one of their parents told The boys complied, but were asked to accompany Rodriguez to the principal's office.

The five students -- Daniel Galli, Austin Carvalho, Matt Dariano, Dominic Maciel and Clayton Howard -- were then told they must turn their T-shirts inside-out or be sent home, though it would not be considered a suspension. Rodriguez told the students he did not want any fights to break out between Mexican-American students celebrating their heritage and those wearing American flags.

This is the raving incoherence Lefty has devolved to

It starts out with chick ranting "Why did you look me in the eye!" and goes down from there...

Lying LMPV posts easily disproven propaganda

LMPV posted this tweet:

Posted today --

Notice how he's trying to make it appear the pics of Trump were taken while Puerto Rico is devastated.

But the pics of Trump are from 2012:

The problem with RWers is: they're closed in a FOX News bubble, no exposure to LW ideas

But all they do is obsess over DU.

Salvacion! DU has found its 2020 presidential candidate!

Susan Calvin (197 posts)

Question for legal eagles.

Mayor Cruz is a native-born US citizen.

So, that means she can run for President, right?

All "yes" replies so far.

Like a bran muffin and coffee: we have the start of a movement!

And here I thought G4A was a special kind of dumb sychophant. I was wrong. As it turns out, he's just your ordinary, run-of-the-mill lefty.

Twitter be like all racist and shit, yo

RandySF (15,044 posts)

BET did a story about Sarandon harassing @bravenak & Twitter responded in the most racist way.

JI7 (63,045 posts)
1. Does Susan Sarandon Think there will be a Revolution with what is happening in Puerto Rico ?

how will Susan Participate in this revolution ?

Arazi (2,926 posts)
2. She's banned here for being a flame thrower. Banned at DKos as an antisemite

Who knows where else she's banned?

It's not a coincidence that she's banned at some of the most liberal progressive places online and it's not because Skinner, Marcus, @Jack are racists

romanic (2,784 posts)
4. She's a professional victim and a shit-stirer

And her cult followers worship her like she's fucking Leonard Peltier which just feeds her attention seeking ego.

Rob H. (4,988 posts)
11. Banned from Reddit, too

I didn't even know a person could get banned from Reddit.

Ms. Toad (15,407 posts)
6. That's a serious mischaracterization of the exchange.

bravenak posted a collage of 9 photos of Sarandon with some version of "fuck you" written across each of them, "apologizing" for not saying "fuck you" to Sarandon earlier.

Sarandon responded, "Apology accepted."

As near as I can tell, that restrained response is the ONLY response made by Sarandon to a profane tweet by bravenak. I'd hardly call that "Sarandon harassing @bravenak."

And - if I was Twitter, I might well have given her a time-out for a few days just based on that initial tweet. Skimming through her tweets for a few days, until her time-oue, she (bravenak) continued her provocative and profane tirade.

Not all time outs given to black women are racist.

oberliner (45,707 posts)
33. She did one of those for Nina Turner as well

How much longer until Bravenak is arrested for assault...or worse?

Which cultural job would you work in?

Let's define culture broadly:

TV, movies, cooking, comic books, novels, fashion, music, news media, etc.

What would your dream job be?

Actor, presenter, director, producer, painter, sculptor, chef, etc.

I'd be a novelist or a writer for mini-series.

Whose streets? Our streets. Whose party? Our party.

As Republicans assess the fallout from Tuesday's sobering Senate primary in Alabama, many are left to wonder: Whose party is this anyway?

Donald Trump's endorsement was not enough to propel incumbent Sen. Luther Strange to victory. Neither was nearly $10 million in support from Republican leadership — indeed, it seemed to have backfired. And while Steve Bannon is happy to claim credit for a GOP lawmaker's career demise, victor Roy Moore was already leading in the polls before the former White House adviser stepped in.

Indeed, the forces at play are somewhat undefined -- but they are certainly palpable. Voters are "not happy," Texas Sen. John Cornyn told RCP. "They're not happy with the status quo and they clearly wanted to shake it up."

The GOP whip and former chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee then added: "I suspect there will be more contested primaries as a result."

Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy sounded a similar note: "I think the people of Alabama are angry. The people in my state are angry. They believe the people in Washington, D.C., don't care and are not listening. They want someone who will listen to them for a change."

They refuse to learn. They will be beaten until they do.

Pause Pad

Not to be confused with the sleeping mat issued to Soldiers that is referred to as the Puss Pad.

All following commentary from

It's a tent. They literally “invented” a tent. And they want $99 for it. A tent. They could buy this one for a fraction of the cost, and it's more appropriate to their intellectual and emotional development level.

But that's not the best part. Go back and watch it again. There is not one person in that video, not one, that looks like they are capable of changing the oil in their car, or even a flat. This guy doesn't look like he's capable of fathering that baby, much less raising it.

This guy is so clueless that he set up his Pause Pad to relax right next to his bed

This guy plopped his open in the middle of the office, just so he could have a safe space to eat his banana. Also he seems to be wearing a bib.

And you just KNOW that this guy is masturbating furiously.

Lefty isn't putting up with any of your facts nonsense about this Puerto Rico thingie!

SunSeeker (25,711 posts)
4. Why the fuck has the USNS Comfort hospital ship been sitting in Norfolk all this time?

Heckova job, Trumpie.

AtheistCrusader (31,519 posts)
11. Because it's inferior to the USS Kearsarge and can't dock in Puerto Rico right now.

Next question.

SunSeeker (25,711 posts)
13. Link? And even if it can't dock, small boats can bring patients to it.

And it certainly is not inferior to a wiped out hospital, like most of the hospitals on that island.

Next excuse.

AtheistCrusader (31,519 posts)
14. The USNS Comfort has a 33 foot draft. San Juan port has a channel depth of 34.7 feet.

Under ideal conditions, it can be very carefully docked and then it is quite useful. These are not ideal conditions. The port was opened Thursday for limited sized ships, and daylight hours only. The coast guard is working to define and clear the channel.

It is also difficult to tie up to, because it's an old oil tanker, and rolls heavily in any sort of seas. It has a single, small helipad with no hangar.

The Kearsarge has six operating rooms and 513 beds, with contingency room for more, plus a deck that can launch/retrieve up to 7 helicopters at once, PLUS amphibious transports and a wet deck for internal docking. Kearsarge was there (and the Oak Hill) before the hurricane even arrived. It's half the Comfort, medically speaking (with the best of the Navy, as far as doctors go) but with the ability to get lots of people on and off the ship under just about any conditions.

The Comfort was in Costa Rica in 2011, for 11 days and triaged 8,376 patients. To do that, it must dock. The Kearsarge and Oak Hill don't need to, that's why the DoD had no intent to send Comfort for this specific disaster. It's also holding the Iwo Jima and New York at the ready, which would double the capabilities of the Kearsarge. (I don't know why they haven't sent it, they should, really I think. But it's being re-loaded after being utilized in the Keys.)

The DOD said why it wasn't sending the Comfort on Monday. Political pressure has changed that, but that still doesn't mean it will be able to dock.

SunSeeker (25,711 posts)
15. I see you have no link. It CAN anchor offshore, with smaller boats bringing patients to it.

Of course that would not be ideal conditions for its operation, but it is still better for the patient than NO HOSPITAL AT ALL. The ship still has full power and medical supplies, which is more than even the few hospitals that are operating can say.

AtheistCrusader (31,519 posts)
18. The Kearsarge is a hospital.

It has 6 OR's, the Comfort has 12, but as I mentioned, you cannot get large quantities of people on or off the Comfort right now, and the Comfort's hull is reputed to roll a lot at sea, so not fun to play doctor in it. The Navy has been asking to replace it for years because of that.

This decision was made more than a week ago, not to send it, based on the facts. Not by two people arguing on the internet.

What link do you want? The NOAA charts for the harbor? The specs of the ship on Wikipedia?


Some of the approaches in that harbor get down to 30 feet, and there were already charted obstructions, AND many of the buoys are gone/moved. The Coast Guard is working on that with buoy tenders pulled in from as far away as New England. They don't KNOW how the bottom of that channel has changed during the hurricane. There could be anything down there.

The Comfort is huge; 894 ft long, 105 ft wide with a draft of 33 ft.

None of the cruise ships that are in play for recovery, or even dock there in the regular tourist season, draft more than 26 feet, because it limits (Severely) the number of harbors you can access with the ship.

San Juan, Puerto Rico – Open with restrictions
Daylight Transit Only

SunSeeker (25,711 posts)
21. None of that disputes that it can anchor offshore, with smaller boats bringing patients to it.

Even if it can't operate at full capacity, and rocking on the waves outside the harbor is not "fun" as you say, it is still better than having no hospital at all, dying from treatable infections that could readily be treated on the Comfort, even if it is rocking.

AtheistCrusader (31,519 posts)


"it is still better than having no hospital at all"


It is designed FOR this mission, minus killing people and breaking things. It was there before the storm, during the storm, and after the storm, doing what it does best. Doing a mission the Comfort is not suited to.

When I say it is 'not fun' to play doctor on the Comfort while it's at sea, that was actually sarcasm. It materially hampers the ability to do so. FEMA/Navy, etc have been running full tilt boogie for more than a month on disaster relief, across the gulf. Diverting materials and personnel to the Comfort is a mistake in this situation. Those materials could have been moved faster. Those people could have been used sooner. Transported more easily.

It is a politically motivated mistake to utilize that ship in this situation. AT BEST, it should be sent somewhere ELSE with a deep blue water harbor that isn't wrecked, freeing up SOME OTHER asset that could be better used in Puerto Rico.

If you were demanding to know why the Iwo Jima wasn't in Purto Rico, I'd be harder pressed to offer a good reason, and would probably agree with you, aside from the fact that IT is being re-fueled and re-provisioned after hurricane relief in Florida.

If you had a choice between putting supplies and people on the Iwo Jima, or the Comfort and you chose the Comfort in this situation, you'd be making a horrible mistake.

SunSeeker (25,711 posts)
29. It is a hospital ship. Trump should have sent it and every other one we had available.

The entire island was devastated by a cat 5 storm, the worst the island had seen in 90 years. Millions of US citizens were left with no power, no food and no hospitals. This was no time to be picky.

Again, chill dude. Trump screwed up in Puerto Rico. Bigly.

AtheistCrusader (31,519 posts)
30. Why?

Why is this particular ship so fucking necessary? Please be specific.

I've listed the reasons the Department of Defense chose not to activate it for this purpose. I've detailed why the Kearsarge and Oak Hill, together, make the addition of the Comfort irrelevant and inefficient. Reasons for which the Navy has been asking to replace the Comfort.

This isn't a game. There are finite resources, and finite manpower and people in desperate need. Faster turnaround on the Iwo Jima would be a material help. The Comfort is not a material help in this particular case.

It's possible to do things, to make a lot of noise and move big things around without helping anyone. Moving things around for the purposes of being seen doing something, anything, was a criticism that came out of analysis of the response to Superstorm Sandy.

We've made this mistake before.

SunSeeker (25,711 posts)
35. What part of 3.5 million Americans with no food, power or hospitals do you not understand?

The USNS is a lifesaver. It is disrespectful of the lives of Puerto Ricans to say sending it down there is just "moving big things around."

Face it, Puerto Rico is becoming Trump's Katrina, and it is only going to get worse.

AtheistCrusader (31,519 posts)
37. It is 'moving big things around' if the big thing isn't able to aid them.

Which brings us full circle to the beginning of this discussion where the Department of Defense sent capable ships (Kearsarge, Oak Hill), where the Comfort can't dock to render aid the Comfort can't deliver.

By the time it actually gets there, the USNS Comfort might actually be able to dock, because the port of San Juan might actually be cleared. A week ago, it wasn't. Resources that weren't yet loaded on it, were going into air force assets and other ships. Some of it went to Mexico while the hurricane was still pounding the island.

Some of it went to the US Virgin Islands.

Using the Comfort introduces an unnecessary bottleneck, until the port is cleared for a ship that draws 33 feet of water.

Personally, I think GW's response to Katrina was worse, so far, but there's plenty of time for Trump to actively fuck it up worse, so ... no bet there. It may well become that.

The USNS Comfort couldn't have prevented that outcome.

SunSeeker (25,711 posts)
39. The Comfort would aid people.

And sitting outside the dock and outside the harbor would not create a "bottleneck."

You're trying too hard.

AtheistCrusader (31,519 posts)
40. It does create a bottleneck.

When the Comfort was docked in Costa Rica in 2011, it aided 8,300+ people in 11 days. When it had to stand offshore after Katrina/Rita in 2005 it helped less than 1/10th that.

The resources that can be put into Comfort were better used in other ways. It wasn't suited to the task. It may become VERY useful AFTER the port is cleared.

Come on, 1,500 people over 12 days. I just got lectured how '5,000 National Guard Troops is a mealy mouth response'. 5k Guard troops can help a lot more than a ship that takes 12 days to help 1500 (less than actually) people and I had that hand-waved away. 1500 people over 12 days is a rounding error at this point. As you said, 3.5 million victims here.

Put those resources (including PEOPLE who would staff the Comfort) to other use. (as was the plan, per the DOD over the weekend press conferences.)

SunSeeker (25,711 posts)
41. Saving 1500 lives is not a "rounding error."


AtheistCrusader (31,519 posts)
43. But 5000 national guard in place before the hurricane hit is a "mealy mouthed response".

I really don't know what to think around here anymore. Everyone min/max's the hyperbole for maximum effect. I know you didn't make the 'mealy mouthed' comment, that was yet a different poster disparaging the number of NG troops deployed. But damnit, everyone can't all be correct about how this is being characterized, simultaneously. (Also, I didn't say 1500 lives saved, I said less than 1500 people treated over 12 days. That's not the same thing. But that's not the crux of our disagreement)

Let me put it another way. The Comfort has lots of capacity to help people, when they can get on and off the ship. The Comfort itself has no way to facilitate that.

The Kearsarge has half the raw medical capacity of the Comfort, but it CAN move thousands of people per day because it is a complete end to end logistics beast. Since the Comfort cannot increase logistical capacity, there's no evidence it would be able to help anyone, that the Kearsarge couldn't have helped.

Your scenario of using smaller boats to ferry people to the Comfort is technically possible, though dangerous in all but calm seas, but it's not like there are boats full of people needing medical aid waiting outside the Kearsarge's hull.

Comfort lacks the ability to go get people that need help. Kearsarge can go get them, move them, treat them, put them back or airlift them to the mainland, or transfer them to the Oak Hill, etc. Comfort has a small helipad, Kearsarge can handle V-22's, and bigger stuff.

To staff the Comfort with medical crew means fewer medical people that could be on airlift rescues, on land, on a ship like the Kearsarge, etc.

You do know we're stretched thin right? I have family from Texas staying at my house right now. People from my company are spending next week doing recovery work in Houston. There's not enough manpower to go around, and medical help is HIGHLY constrained and numerically limited.

We can put the doctors who would be on the Comfort in a week, maybe in port, maybe not, on land in Puerto Rico in about 5 hours. That's what Maryland Task Force One is doing.

When this is all done, we need to replace the Mercy and the Comfort. They are simply too constrained. Maybe ok for earthquakes. Nearly useless for hurricanes in the gulf because of the shallow ports.

SunSeeker (25,711 posts)
44. The two are not comparable. 5K Natl Guard IS "mealy mouthed."

Wow, so you're defending Trump's inadequate National Guard deployment AND his foot-dragging on the Comfort.

AtheistCrusader (31,519 posts)
52. Not at all. First of all, the president doesn't activate the national guard in this manner.

There are laws that govern when and how, and in what way. It is not 'defending' trump to point out he is not a king.

And the 5000 or so was just a start, because they live there.

SunSeeker (25,711 posts)
56. WRONG. The President does not need to be "king" to activate US troops in emergencies.

And WRONG, the 5,000 do not all live there. Some 2,750 are Puerto Rican National Guard troops. The rest are US troops that our incompetent President pathetically underdeployed for the situation.

You're wrong about the Comfort, you're wrong about the troops. You clearly do not have the facts straight about Trump's inadequate response in Puerto Rico and your willingness to use incorrect facts to defend Trump's inadequate response is revolting.
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