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Californias Background Check Law Had No Impact on Gun Deaths, Johns Hopkins Study Finds

Oh, my.

"A new academic study has found that, once again, gun laws are not having their desired effect.

A joint study conducted by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and the University of California at Davis Violence Prevention Research Program found that California’s much-touted mandated background checks had no impact on gun deaths, and researchers are puzzled as to why.

In 1991, California simultaneously imposed comprehensive background checks for firearm sales and prohibited gun sales (and gun possession) to people convicted of misdemeanor violent crimes. The legislation mandated that all gun sales, including private transactions, would have to go through a California-licensed Federal Firearms License (FFL) dealer. Shotguns and rifles, like handguns, became subject to a 15-day waiting period to make certain all gun purchasers had undergone a thorough background check.

“More than a quarter of a century later, researchers at Johns Hopkins and UC Davis dug into the results of the sweeping legislation.

It was the most expansive state gun control legislation in America, affecting an estimated one million gun buyers in the first year alone. Though costly and cumbersome, politicians and law enforcement agreed the law was worth it."

Balance of article at the link:
Posted by Muddling Through | Thu Dec 27, 2018, 09:11 AM (13 replies)

Christine Blasey Ford Is the Poster Girl for Fake Sexual Assault Allegations

Great article.

"It’s hard to say with certainty whether Christine Blasey Ford has memory issues, mental problems, or is just a liar, but it is crystal clear that her allegations that she was sexually assaulted by Brett Kavanaugh aren’t true. So, when Sports Illustrated shoehorned her into announcing an award, it seemed really strange.

Crystal Mangum, the woman who falsely accused the Duke lacrosse team of rape seems like a better fit here, but since she’s in prison, Ford may have been the next best option.

Of course, people get very angry when you point out the obvious fact that Ford made a false allegation. You get told, “This is why women who are sexually assaulted don’t come forward.” You should blame Ford for that. She’s the one who made a fake accusation during a high-profile Supreme Court confirmation hearing.

Others will say, “Ford is a victim! She’s a survivor.” However, in this case, the victim is Brett Kavanaugh. He was the one falsely accused of something he didn’t do in front of the world, which makes her the perpetrator.

“Oh, but she doesn’t have anything to gain!” Well, except for $850,000 in GoFundMe money that goes straight into her pocket, offers to do a book deal, Sports Illustrated holding her up to be some kind of hero, and what appeared to be a chance to prevent Republicans from gaining a Supreme Court seat. The motivation for her to lie was ENORMOUS."

Balance of article at the link:
Posted by Muddling Through | Fri Dec 14, 2018, 01:22 PM (2 replies)

Dave Rubin on the Sargon of Akkad incident with Patreon

Rubin's a rare bird. A gay Democrat in CA that believes in individual liberty and freedom of speech. This is a good YouTube video. *Trigger Warning it's an hour long. * For the record, nothing Sargon did was a violation of Patreon's TOS.

Posted by Muddling Through | Fri Dec 14, 2018, 11:58 AM (1 replies)

Reminder: You Cant Buy Back Something You Never Owned

Good article on the idiocy of "gun buy backs".

"The Chicago Police Department collected more than 100 guns this weekend at a “buy back” event meant to “get guns off the streets and curb gun violence.”

The idiocy of these types of events is matched only by the media’s quivering effort to paint them as a) moral and b) effective. Fact is that gun buy backs are neither.

The event, which was CPD’s second of the year, offered a $100 gift card in exchange for a firearm, a $10 gift card for BB guns, replicas and air pistols.

Image courtesy of Pixabay.

Who purchased these gift cards? Were they donated by a private corporation, or did the city of Chicago merely use taxpayer funds to give imbeciles stupid enough to give up their muskets and other firearms and toys that have never been used in street crimes in Chicago $100 each?

Don’t answer that. The question is rhetorical. Taxpayers are giving morons $100 each, while the Chicago PD, the city government, and the mediots who spread their propaganda pretend that they’re reducing violence.

Held at Saint John’s Polish National Catholic Church on the Southwest Side, the event collected an assortment of revolvers and long guns, as well as a few muskets and even a single action shotgun. And no questions were asked.

Meanwhile in Chicago this weekend, two people were killed and 27 others were wounded in the city’s deadliest weekend since October.

I would bet my left arm that most, if not all, of these shootings were committed with handguns – not long guns, not muskets, and not air pistols, replicas, and BB guns – for which leeches only too happy to get themselves some freebies at taxpayer expense also received gift cards."

Balance of article at the link:
Posted by Muddling Through | Tue Dec 11, 2018, 09:35 AM (0 replies)

Gotta brag on my youngest

4th year in college, double major in Spanish and Chemistry. She's getting all A's and B's this semester!

Proud Papa here!

Posted by Muddling Through | Sun Dec 9, 2018, 03:31 PM (11 replies)

Pearl Harbor Day

Let's remember those who sacrificed on that day and those who answered their nation's call.

Posted by Muddling Through | Fri Dec 7, 2018, 10:50 AM (3 replies)

Gillibrands own sons have no place in her future

Oh, my. Joe Biden may not have a future in the Democrat Party.

"“The future is female.” It’s a favorite slogan of the identity left that has now gone mainstream. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand tweeted it on Wednesday, adding that the future is also “intersectional” and “powered by our belief in one another.”

But if the future is female, what happens to our boys? And what message are we sending our present-day girls?

Gillibrand is one of about 30 Democrats considering running for president in 2020, and the tweet suggests she’s seizing some strategic left-wing ground (in a primary field crowded with lefties) by appealing to the Dems’ identity-obsessed base.

Her mentioning “intersectionality” is a nod to that base. Born in the ivory tower, intersectionality is a theory that various forms of oppression overlap and compound the suffering of minority groups. Thus, a woman might be oppressed; but a black woman is more oppressed; a black, gay woman even more so; and a black, gay, disabled woman is the most oppressed of all.

Gillibrand has two sons, who apparently aren’t part of the future their mother imagines. They won’t be saved by intersectionality, either. White, male sons of senators will find winning the grievance Olympics to be nearly impossible."

Balance of article at the link:
Posted by Muddling Through | Fri Dec 7, 2018, 09:20 AM (7 replies)


Anyone familiar with this app? I found it while looking for a source for Terminator: The Sara Conner Chronicles.
Posted by Muddling Through | Mon Dec 3, 2018, 09:06 PM (6 replies)

Visit Portland, stay for the riots

This is epic!

Posted by Muddling Through | Mon Nov 26, 2018, 10:25 PM (8 replies)

PRAGER: Even Astronauts Fear The Left

Good article. Prager is a true gem.

"There are many reasons I pity today's younger generation of Americans.

Among them are:

—The unconscionable debt we are leaving them.

—The obliteration of male and female as separate and distinct categories — and the sexual confusion that is left in its wake.

—The emasculation of men and the de-feminization of women.

—The undermining of the value of marriage.

—The lack of God and religion in their lives — and the consequent search for meaning in the wrong places.

—The receiving of indoctrination, rather than education, in most schools from elementary through graduate.

—The inability to celebrate being American.

Tragically and ironically, each one of these was brought on by the very group many young people identify with: the left.

You can add the left's tearing down of heroes to the list.

This came to mind this past month, when world-famous astronaut Scott Kelly, who spent a year on board the International Space Station, among other space-related achievements, tweeted the following message in commenting on the deep divisions in American politics: "One of the greatest leaders of modern times, Sir Winston Churchill, said, 'In victory, magnanimity.' I guess those days are over."

He was then widely attacked on social media — for quoting former British Prime Minister Churchill and deeming him a great leader. According to the trolls, Kelly is now in league with the hateful, racist Winston Churchill.

As I repeatedly point out, if you do not understand the left is a wholly destructive force whose primary mission is to tear down the leading institutions and individuals of the Western world, you do not understand the left."

Balance of article at the link:
Posted by Muddling Through | Sat Nov 24, 2018, 10:03 PM (7 replies)
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