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U.Va. professor to receive academic freedom award at CPAC for defending due process

Nice to see someone taking a stand for civil rights and due process and opposing the "torches and pitchforks" crowd.

James W. Ceaser, a professor of politics at the University of Virginia, will be honored at the Conservative Political Action Conference for his defense of due process in the wake of a Rolling Stone article telling the now-discredited story of a brutal gang rape at the school.

Ceaser, in an article for the Weekly Standard, defended due process by calling out his own employer for the way it handled the Rolling Stone debacle.

“Even on the level of future policy changes, this problem can only be properly addressed if it is presented in an unbiased way, not in terms of a preconceived framework,” Ceaser wrote. “The moral dimension of disregarding the truth also cannot be forgotten.”

Ceaser argued that the truth never mattered in the Rolling Stone article, because even when the story was abandoned by the magazine, it was used by activists to further their agenda.

Balance of article follows at link:
Posted by Muddling Through | Thu Feb 26, 2015, 10:46 AM (8 replies)

Bipartisan group calls for Education Dept. reform regarding campus sexual assault

Department of Education regulations forcing colleges and universities to create pseudo-court systems to handle campus sexual assault are interfering with schools' core mission to educate, according to a bipartisan report from a task force for the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee.

The report was designed to offer solutions for easing regulatory burdens on colleges, which have exploded in recent years.

“Over time, oversight of higher education by the Department of Education has expanded and evolved in ways that undermine the ability of colleges and universities to serve students and accomplish their missions,” the report said. “The compliance problem is exacerbated by the sheer volume of mandates — approximately 2,000 pages of text — and the reality that the Department of Education issues official guidance to amend or clarify its rules at a rate of more than one document per work day.”

This onslaught of regulation has made it difficult and costly for colleges to comply. One example given was the evolving narrative of Title IX, originally enacted 40 years ago to ensure women were treated equally on campus.

Balance of article follows at link:

Looks like people are starting to realize that the current approach to allegations of sexual assault is inappropriate and will lead to long term problems and could impose serious financial costs to universities that expel students without following due process of law.
Posted by Muddling Through | Sat Feb 21, 2015, 10:32 AM (16 replies)
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