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Why didn't obamas domestic surveillance program stop the isis terrorist attack in texas?

I thought that the tradeoff of losing personal privacy was that we would be "safer"? Why didn't obamas vaunted security apparachik catch these terrorists? They were all over twitter and social media plotting and saying they would attack, but yet it still came down to a single hero police officer to thwart their plan. Looks like a giant failure to me. I want my privacy back in return let's save the money obama is spending on data collection and pay for more cops!!!

Why not biden?

Where has old plugs been and why isn't he running for president?

Look I'm no fan of Joe Biden. I think he's an incompetent idiot but he's still better than obama. He's a walking gaffe machine we all know that. I do give him credit for being real though. He seems like a honest guy i would like to hang out with. But if the dems want an honest populist candidate who comes across as real, why not him??? His baggage is a carry on compared to hillarys three ring travelling circus. He has experience. Nice family. Working class type. Seems like a good fit.

tax day is today. report for mandatory confiscation.

Last day fellow conservatives. We've got 47% of the country relying on us to provide basic substance such as soda and potato chips. There are millions of 25 year old children who need their free obamacare and cell phones. Obama needs more drones to kill kids in Yemen and restart the war on terror which he coincidentally lost. There is essential science that must be conducted such as how fast shrimp can run on treadmills.

Edit - and don't forget to pay the fine if you chose not to purchase the required private health insurance plan. Remember, Aetna and blue cross require their cut of your wealth thanks to obama and the democrats.

Get on it! Remember if you don't pay the required amount, men with guns will show up and take you to jail.

Where does hillary clinton stand on the issues?

I have been reading up on Marco Rubio and Ted cruz on their websites. Their positions are very clear and detailed.

But I go to hillary ' s website. Nothing. Well you can donate of course. And I see she's travelling around in a van trying to figure out what up in america. Not driving of cohrse, she hadn't done that since 1996. But where does she stand on the 2nd amendment? What about illegal immigration? What about abortion?

You would think that she would at least have some info out there since she's the democratic nominee for president. What's up with that?

so I guess obamas red line with iran was crossed?

The deadline I've been hearing about for months has now passed. But things are going too "well" to stop now says the minister of propaganda ernst. So do these deadlines and red lines mean anything else or they hot air just like everything else obama says? Does anyone in the world even care what we say or do any more?

When and how will clinton hit back against obama?

There has been wide speculation, and this dork happens to agree, that team gobama is behind the recent clinton leaks.

We have bill, his pedophile connections and sex trips.

Then we have hillary and her private government email server.

Then hillary not signing the appropriate forms upon leaving state.

Now we find out her girl huma is being investigated.

Eventually bill and hillary are going to have to fire back. Surely they have tons of leftover dirt. Jeremiah wright tapes, original birth certificates, college transcripts....can't wait to see it!

bunch of white liberals shut down boston traffic

Some kind of white guilt protest on the tv. Anybody see these clowns? They are chained together with arms through concrete barrels on both sides of the interstate. Hopefully nobody in Boston needs emergency services while these liberals pout and whine on a work day.

the difference between bundy and nypd

Ok here it is. I'm tired of seeing people comparing the two.

NYPD cop assassinations etc... enforcing laws on a state level.. good! Perps who attack state law enforcement deserve to get stomped and bashed at a minimum.

bundy ranch... illegal federal alphabet soup agencies overstepping authority they don't have to begin with. Not the same thing. Gov = bad unless you are the post office or mil you shouldn't even exist.

Killing people is wrong obviously but stop equating the two.

has obama given a speech about the two executed cops yet?

Usually he's right on point when one of his sons gets killed resisting arrest or what not. Haven't seen anything from him yet. Maybe he's happy with what happened? Seeing that he has helped whip up the tensions maybe he's at home patting himself on the back??

so I'm in dc for business. city looks like crap.

For the center of our government there are tons of homeless people sleeping on sidewalks and panhandling everywhere. Metro rail stations are about as bad as marta in atlanta with all the low life's accosting you as you enter. Christmas tree looked like Charlie browns. No cops except for around his excellencies crib. Monuments and mall area look like crap. Did see obama and his 30 car motorcade going out for lunch or golf or whatever.

God I can't wait to get home.
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