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The last one to serve on the last jury before this joint takes its rightful place in the land of the 404 error, be sure and turn off the lights. See yah.

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I Love The Smell of Napalm in The Morning.

...and the evening, too...

wts edit smilie ---->

^^^Q.E.D x 6 + a backhanded concession that the debate is over, and Mandy lost:

...That's where I'm headed now...Not that I'll be bothering myself over it anymore myself. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Concession noted, and accepted.

Such rank dishonesty even in how the Left juxtaposes images...

....of that collection, precisely four could be said to be motivated by politics. Of those four, one was a doctrinaire Leftist (the "Unabomber"), two were mad at the government for the same reasons the "Black Lives Matter" thugs are supposedly* mad at the government, abuse of police power (McVeigh, who was also an atheist, and Nichols), and the fourth was a man with the kind of mental problems the Left is always telling us we have to have "compassion" for....

The rest were all random shooters and garden-variety mass-murderers, not motivated by politics in the slightest. The Virginia Tech shooter, the Asian dude, was motivated by anti-White animus of the kind we're always hearing around here about "white privilege." So mark him down as a Leftist, too.

Your post is intellectually dishonest, from stem-to-stern. Not that the Left has ever given a fig about intellectually honesty....

*They're really just mad at the rest of the world for what they know and sense they are: useless, low-IQ thugs. It's not even about the cops - it's self-loathing directed outward.

Yik Yak threat at SVSU said, 'I'm going to shoot every black person I can on campus'

SAGINAW, MI — Police at Saginaw Valley State University say a threat posted on the social media site Yik Yak read, "I'm going to shoot every black person I can on campus. Starting tomorrow morning."

The message triggered an investigation and police security response that led to the arrest of a Delta College student living in SVSU housing.

Emmanuel D. Bowden, 21, is charged with making a false report or threat of terrorism, a felony that carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison.

According to SVSU University Police reports, a user on the social media application Yik Yak, just after midnight Friday, Nov. 13, posted the message about shooting black people.

More at link:

Check out his mugshot. Go ahead, my liberal friends: Check. It. Out.

Yet another "Hate Crime" hoax uncovered! How many of those are we up to now?

It's more diversionary excuse-making from a regular author of it.

Don't know if it's willful obtuseness or just low-rent IQ trolling - pick'em.

No, seriously, the words you're

using don't make sense when put in the order in which you're using them.

The options at that point are either:

A). You don't know what the words mean, or
B). You have some cognitive issue that causes you think that you're making sense with strings of random gibberish.

I charitably choose to believe option A, because I like to believe the best of people. Even you.

You can do it Pole, you can make sense. Just try a little harder.

Take a second.

Read your screed about

How many fires are you going to personally put out? Or are you going to let the fire department do it?

How many freeways will you repair? Personally?

How many police calls will you answer?

How many sewer lines will you unclog?

How many high tension wires will you climb up for maintenance?

How many veteran's surgeries will you perform?

and all the rest of your assorted yargle and blargle.

Take another deep breath and think about how that is completely unresponsive, and irrelevant to anything I posted.

Take another moment, and another breath, just to help calm down. It's good for your health.

Then try again

^^^^^^See, See? Two can play at the "let me post some more non responsive fluff and act like I've refuted something" game (Take Two). It's fun!

Sure you have: Option #4.

I'll take no "refugees" no days but will continue to potificate and preen about the need for others to do it on DI

In other words, you are unwilling to do yourself what you are urging the rest of us to adopt as a national policy. I don't want them here; and they don't belong here. You want them here, and yet refuse to put them up in your domicile, all the while running around the internet calling for them to be shipped here in the tens of millions.

There is a word for someone who carries on like that: it starts with an "H" and ends with an "e."

In any event, your vote has been noted.

DI Liberals: How Many? ***EDIT!!!***

EDIT!!!!: @ liberalguy for the addition of an option to our poll!

We hear a lot of the usual braying nonsense about how the West is somehow morally obligated to take in millions of angry young men (with a few -very few - women and children in the mix) who are fleeing their homelands largely so they can take advantage of civilized nation's generous welfare freebies.

There's the usual quoting of Jesus Christ by folks who don't even believe a God even exists; the logical fallacies and name-calling directed at those of us who are not interested in seeing our societies commit cultural and demographic suicide; and even the absurd quoting of a schmaltzy poem attached to the side of a statue in New York Harbor as if the words on that statue have the force of law, or simply end the discussion upon recitation of same, or something.

So let's have it, my liberal friends: how many of these "refugees" are you willing to put up in your own homes/apartments/domiciles? I don't want to hear qualifications and I don't want to read evasions and excuse-making about why you personally just cannot do as you are demanding the rest of us do, i.e., take these criminal invaders into OUR homelands; let's have none of that.


This ought to be good....

Baloney from stem-to-stern:

1. The Founders would not have let a single Syrian "refugee" ( ) in the country. Indeed, the preamble to the Constitution talks about bequeathing their new nation to "our posterity." Take a look at paintings of what the Founding Fathers looked like: they didn't have your Syrian "refugees" in mind. Granted, things have changed since 1788, but that has nothing to do with the claim that the Founders would have thrown their arms around these criminal invaders, and welcomed them in with a big sloppy They wouldn't have: instead, they would have called out the state militia's and expelled the invaders.

2. Here was the very first immigration law passed by Congress and signed into law by that Foundingnest of Founding Fathers, George Washington:

Sound like a law that would have been amenable to taking in Syrian "refugees" ( ) Didn't thinks so - and that puts paid to the nonsense of "These are not the principles that America was founded upon."

But what's more inane is the notion that we should base immigration and resettlement policy based upon an insipid poem on a plaque attached to a statue in New York Harbor. Whenever Open Borders types quote that poem as if it's some sort of argument instead of what it really is - a schmaltzy poem scribbled on the side of a single statue - one always have to laugh.

It's NOT an argument: it's an attempt to change the subject by appealing to emotions, not facts.

So the answer is "no" - with some follow-on jazz denying what

everyone with functioning browser can see on the screen in front of them: a link proving precisely what I stated. Talk about things not coming much funnier!

Then there's this:

There are still some spaces to be watching ...

Yeah, that phony little OP you got going over in Help has been quite a hit, with it's nine replies! And what's sorta sad is that you really think I care what nonsense you post in that regard: it's actually flattering, to be monitored so closely and then have big windies told about me in the DI equivalent of "Ask the Admins" by a fan!

Pretty much puts paid to other claims, made in other instances, though....

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