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The last one to serve on the last jury before this joint takes its rightful place in the land of the 404 error, be sure and turn off the lights. See yah.

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BTW, regarding the thug-wannabe's Waterloo:

He (Zimmerman) was in a place he had every right to be, doing something he had every right to do. There had been breakins in the neighborhood, and he spotted a man casing houses in the rain - that's what Trayvon Martin was doing on his way "home." He called the police, who told him to return to his car. He did so, and was waiting on them when Martin, feeling he'd been "dissed" by some dude following him after he was spotted casing houses to rob, jumped out of some bushes, sucker-punched Zimmerman, threw him to the ground, and began wailing away on him in a life-threatening manner. At some point he tried to grab Zimmerman's gun, even. Zimmerman at that point used the minimum amount of force available to him: he fired ONE shot to terminate Martin's illegal and life-threatening assault.

He was cleared by a state jury trial of any wrong-doing, and Eric Holder's DOJ also exonerated him after a nearly two-year investigation.

Every time the fresh round of oft-disproved BS is posted about that incident, I just keep that on bookmark. Yup.

Comedy gold...gets called out on his tough-guy talk above, and

goes straight to about my screename. Looks like I called it pretty close to the mark after all:

I have never in my life encountered a male liberal who had the

sack to "belt" about anyone "in the mouth," "rightist" or no. Most of them look and act like that pajama boy poster that's always getting posted here....

...when we

both know that in the real world if you encountered a "rightist" who growled so much as BOO! at you, you'd be doing the old duck & cover...

Yup -

Funny stuff.

Hey, you're the one talking comedy about "belting" "rightists," when we

both know that in the real world if you encountered a "rightist" who growled so much as BOO! at you, you'd be doing the old duck & cover...

...but you go right on pretending to be a tough guy behind your anonymous internet moniker. We understand.

I have never in my life encountered a male liberal who had the

sack to "belt" about anyone "in the mouth," "rightist" or no. Most of them look and act like that pajama boy poster that's always getting posted here.

So your reply

So if I belt a rightist in the mouth

falls under the category"possible but highly improbable."

You see part of the charm that's made even her fellow liberals dislike her over at DU -

it's almost like a certain currently timed-out Canadian had a twin posting sister.

I noticed that. She's one of those DU refugees that is so disliked by even her

fellow liberals back at DU that apparently (I got this via PM on another forum) one of them posted a thread with a bunch of "recs" and approving replies to the effect that they were hoping she would stay at DI and never come back. The OP was apparently self-deleted so I don't have a link to it, but it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if that were true.

Neither one is even remotely close in either ideology or outlook to either

Mussolini or Hitler; and you forfeit the argument on the grounds of Godwin alone.

Were I an Holocaust survivor, I would be deeply offended by the way liberals so cavalierly toss around comparisons to Hitler to their political opponents who are nowhere close to being like that monster; it really is beyond any pale of civility.

And you make #8 (see profile); long overdue and my 2016 is looking better and better.


One of my GF's relatives is a trained psychologist who is in town with

her husband for Christmas and staying with us. I showed her this thread's replies, without telling her what my "handle" is on DI (though she guessed it right away, knowing how strongly I feel about 2nd amendment/self defense issues).

She said people who engage in the kinds of posting behaviors like "Frostlight" does is actually more common than once thought, thanks to the ubiquity of the internet. The willful refusal to acknowledge plain, irrefutable facts; the childish name-calling; the sputtering and hand-waving when caught red-handed moving the goalposts; even the desperate desire to get "the last word" at all costs: these are symptoms of a person well aware that they lack the cognitive and intellectual abilities to sustain a thesis or argument for very long, and that "Frostlight" is simply imitating what he sees others more skilled at serious thought and intellectual parrying in a desperate attempt to "prove" that he is smarter than people who disagree with him - prove it TO HIMSELF, that is, as that is the person "Frostlight" is really trying to impress: himself.

I found it an interesting analysis from a trained psychologist having only read through the thread a few times, but she said she deals with such specimens every single day in her work, and finds them fascinating as study subjects.

She then told me I ought to spend less time posting on the internet, but that's another story.

Anyway, "Frostlight's" inability to deal with others on DI with anything approaching civility makes much more sense in that light: to him, as with many with narcissistic personality, other people's views SIMPLY DON'T COUNT. That's why he gets angrier and angrier at you for not letting him have that precious "last word."

And just to further get my 2016 off right, you, too, join the Ignore List:

You and I know that if something goes bad Obama gets the blame

so he gets credit when it doesn't.

That statement doesn't even reach the bare minimum threshold of logic. I've had pet cats that could think and process information in a more sensible matter than that in human terms - but you're not being serious, of course: just trolling.

Your non-stop spamming all of DI's forums with endless OP's has long been an irritant to many DI'ers, Left and Right: but then you promised to leave us in peace and take your comic show on the road to Reddit. You even insulted all DI'ers of all political stripes by calling them "stupid" and worse on your (supposed) way out the door.

Of course, you didn't live up to your promise to cease making DI suck with your posting habits: indeed, you're back, and at it worse than ever before. So you'll be #7 on my Ignore List, and good riddance.

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