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The last one to serve on the last jury before this joint takes its rightful place in the land of the 404 error, be sure and turn off the lights. See yah.

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Police: Homeowner shoots, kills intruder; suspect identified

An Albuquerque police spokesman says the department's preliminary investigation reveals a homeowner shot and killed an intruder in the 1100 block of Stutz NE Thursday.


He checked the house and found a man, identified as 28-year-old Robert Bartley, crouching in his kitchen holding what the man said "appeared to be knife."


Bartley was transported to UNMH, where he died from his injuries. Tixier said detectives found the rear door of the home had been forced open.

Police say the homeowner is not currently facing charges, so they will not identify him, and added that no charges are expected.

More at link:

Another story about the importance of the 2nd amendment and the right of self-defence. Don't like guns? Don't own one. In the meantime, those of us who value the 2nd amendment are continuing to rack up both legislative and judicial victories in the United States that are not going to go away, not now, not ever. Some folks will just have to learn to Deal.

Building a Face, and a Case, on DNA

There were no known eyewitnesses to the murder of a young woman and her 3-year-old daughter four years ago. No security cameras caught a figure coming or going.

Nonetheless, the police in Columbia, S.C., last month released a sketch of a possible suspect. Rather than an artist’s rendering based on witness descriptions, the face was generated by a computer relying solely on DNA found at the scene of the crime.

It may be the first time a suspect’s face has been put before the public in this way, but it will not be the last. Investigators are increasingly able to determine the physical characteristics of crime suspects from the DNA they leave behind, providing what could become a powerful new tool for law enforcement.

Already genetic sleuths can determine a suspect’s eye and hair color fairly accurately. It is also possible, or might soon be, to predict skin color, freckling, baldness, hair curliness, tooth shape and age.

More at link:®ion=top-news&WT.nav=top-news&_r=0

Fears Persist That Violence Against Albinos in Tanzania Will Grow

The boy was just a year old when five men with machetes snatched him from his home. Two days later, the police found his body with the arms and legs lopped off.

The reason for the atrocity? The baby’s pale skin marked him as an albino, and, where he lived in southeast Africa, albinos are at risk because their body parts are used for witchcraft. They also face discrimination and are often shunned as outcasts.


But the fear persists that, with Tanzanian elections set for October, the risk to the country’s albinos will grow as politicians turn to witchcraft to enhance their prospects.


Witch doctors will pay as much as $75,000 for a complete set of albino body parts, according to a recent report from the Red Cross.

More at link:

By-the-bye, he just *DEMOLISHED* David Corn & MotherJone's credibility

on the opening monologue of his show tonight. It was a complete take-down, and their claims have been shown to be invalid.

Neither O'Reilly nor FOX News is going anywhere. Deal.

He corrected the record ON THE AIR three different times:

Money quotes:

Maslin must know by now that I never said I won a Peabody Award. Transcripts prove that and the defamatory charge has been refuted time and time again. I simply defended my previous program, Inside Edition, by saying it won a Peabody. But I made a mistake. The program actually won a Polk Award. I corrected the record on March 2, 2001 and March 8, 2001 -- two and a half years ago.

So, your claim in #3 of this OP that he never corrected the record on the air is simply false - the same thing you're accusing O'Reilly of doing. Now that you've been shown the error you made, are you going to correct the record and edit or self-delete your claim in #3?

....wait for it...wait for it.....

Yup - you see it right here in this thread:

sheer rage that the narrative around this incident has collapsed, and can't be used to score political points any longer.


Arrest made in Colorado Springs bombing

Murphy told investigators he intended to target the tax preparation company and not the NAACP during an interview, according to sources.

An affidavit said Murphy was targeting an accountant named Steve Dehaven who "wouldn't return to him his tax records from 2006 to the present and wouldn't return his phone calls." The affidavit says Murphy had to file bankruptcy and needed the records due to his financial issues.

More at link:

Sorry, liberals: your latest "hate crimes" crusade turns out to be a dude mad at his accountant; nothing to do with race or "hate." Ain't that a shame?

Proof he wasn't? Oh, that's right: you got none.

No one would let their dog out on purpose,

Sez you. But the folks, like, actually on the scene tell a different tale. I'll go with their eyewitness testimony over your online speculations every day of the week and twice on Sunday.



Nope: my facts are spot-on and irrefutable, and trump your talking points

every single time.

And the ground work laid by Eisenhower by sending US troop advisors into Vietnam sure did fuel a "boom

Eisenhower sent 600 advisors to Vietnam, and they were prohibited from leaving the bases they were stationed on. Democrat John F. Kennedy took office and decided he was gonna fight him a war in Southeast Asia: he sent 20,000 combat troops, authorized them to take to the field and fight with the South Vietnamese Army regulars for the first time, and was the first to explicitly order millions of gallons of Agent Orange to be dumped on the Vietnamese countryside to defoliate the jungles.

Then Democrat Lyndon Johnson came in, and doubled-down: he sent half a million American troops to Vietnam, and got us full tilt into the war. His "boom" overheated the economy, and led to the recessions of the 1970s.

On a side note: number of U.S. troops in Vietnam when Republican Richard Nixon left office? Fifty marines in the U.S. embassy. He got us out of that reckless, Democrat-president started war.

And Reagan's "voodoo" economics of the 80's were resposible (Sic) for Clinton's economic expansion?

You're very confused: when Reagan took office, we were in the middle of the Democrat Jimmy Carter recession. Inflation was at 18%; interest rates at 21%; unemployment at 12% in 1980. After two years of Reagan's policies, the economy boomed and we had one of the longest expansions of economic growth in American history. Then Reagan left office, and Bush I came in and decided to "compromise" with the Democrats who controlled Congress and raise taxes. The economy tanked. Then the GOP took over Congress in 1995, and Clinton basically signed off on their economic package: the economy soared. Once again, Republican policies carried the day.

As for the Hoover jazz, so what? The Great Depression was an over-correction from both the aftermath of World War I's expansion, war debts held by the allies, and over-speculation in the stock market. There was no one party to blame. But AFTER FDR took over, he made the Depression worse, as every economist in the world now recognizes and says. It was only WWII that lifted us out of it.

So, there's some facts for yah, and they are irrefutable, as they are historically true. But nice try.

And what's most hilarious is that the liberal above quotes that favorite

Scripture of the atheistic Left completely out of context.

The tale of the "rich young RULER" in question was part of a series or parables Jesus was telling the disciples in order to impress upon them the necessity for PRAYER; DOING ONE'S JOB (and having Faith in God); REAFFIRMING THAT CHILDREN BELONG TO GOD JUST AS ADULTS SHOULD ASPIRE TO IN THEIR DAILY LIVES; and, finally, a solemn lesson about the shortness of life and that earthly riches will get you precisely nothing in the afterlife, a parable liberals just love to quote entirely out of context of parables it was linked to.

Why won't liberals quote the entire Chapter, which is 100% about believing in, praying to, trusting, and aspiring to worship Almighty God?

I think we know why...
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