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No one's forcing you to read his OP's, or even post in them.

Yah know it?

If you need help learning how to use the "Trash Thread" or "Ignore" function, PM me: I can walk you through it.

Greek Mythology’s Presence In Israel: 2,000-Year-Old Bronze Mask Of Greek God Pan Found

Historically and culturally, Israel is known as the “Land Flowing with Milk and Honey” promised to the Jews by God. Ergo, the archaeological discoveries of Pentateuch proportions are always found. However, there are many discoveries of a pagan nature found in Israel too.

The Inquisitr previously reported on such finds, including an 8,000-year-old stone works set for pagan fertility worship. There are even discoveries of ancient versions of sin indulgence, in particular, 4,000-year-old porn.

Now a recent archaeological discovery in Israel shows the presence of Greek mythology in the Holy Land. A 2,000-year-old mask of the Greek god Pan has been unearthed

According to an article by YNet Travel, a large, bronze mask of Pan, a Greek god of hunting with the lower half of a goat and the upper half of a man with goat horns, was found in an archaeological dig in the Hippos-Sussita excavation site. Since Pan is a figure closely associated with folly and sexuality, the mask was used for pagan ceremonies involving copious drinking, overindulgent eating, and promiscuous sex. This is confirmed by Dr. Michael Eisenberg from the Zinman Institute of Archaeology, who heads the site.

More at link:

So, you hate us, but you wouldn't agree to let us go rule ourselves.

There is a word for that kind of mentality, and it's not a very nice one. But I expected as much.

Surely there are that many decent, well-intentioned people in red states.

Indeed, there are: that's why we no longer wish to live in a country with the exact opposite types of human beings in the "Blue" regions.

Let us go, and anyone that wishes to can cross the new borders to live in YOUR new "Blue" nation. We wouldn't want them in any event. Same goes the other way: anyone in the new "Blue" nation who actually wants to live in a country full of decent, well-intentioned people will be free to cross your border into our land, and live with us as new citizens in a new country.


tl; dr, but the ultimate solution to our partisan woes is to call an Article V

Constitutional Convention, and allow the "Red" and "Blue" states to peacefully separate from one another into two new countries.

Look, Zutak: I've seen you refer to your conservative opponents as "scum" repeatedly on DI; you did it just yesterday in a thread. You know what? A lot of "Red" state Americans feel the same way you do, only from the other side. We are more divided than at any time since 1860: I don't want to be a "fellow citizen" with most of the liberals in this country.

So, how about it? A perfectly constitutional way to separate from each other is to call an Article V convention of the states, dissolve the Union, and then "Blue" states can go their way and "Red" states can go theirs, most likely to form two new nations.

Now, I don't want to hear a lot of noise about why it wouldn't work or couldn't be done: let's just assume, for the sake of argument, the required number of state legislatures agreed to convene such a convention for the express purpose of holding a constitutional convention to dissolve the Union in favor of a new "Red" country and a new "Blue" country: would you be for it?

I know I would - it would be the best day of my life to not have to live in a country full of liberals any longer. You betcha.

How about it?

Good to know you act out in the real world just like you do online:

So eventually I pulled over and asked them what the fuck their problem was. The kid goes "You flashed your lights at me!"

I said, "No, I didn't... the switch is faulty and it flickers sometimes. What the fuck is wrong with you?"

Pro-tip for yah, sports fan: next time something like that happens the thing to do is calmly and politely explain that you have a defective light switch, and aplogize for the confusion. Because you DID flash your lights at that kid; that you did so while in the course of trying to get your supposed faulty light switch to work - something I, in more than a quarter of a century of owning and working on my own cars, have never once heard of happening, incidentally - is really irrelevant.

Now, I take it you no longer have this Ford with its "faulty light switch," but this calm, rational manner of handling every day encounters with your fellow human beings I describe above can actually be used to good effect during any number of similar situations in the future.

You're welcome!

People are looking for reasons to get pissed off out there.

Indeed, they are. A check in the mirror might be in order.

^^^^^^***Placemarker For Future Reference (Added to journal)***^^^^^^

^^^^^^***Placemarker For Future Reference (Added to journal)***^^^^^^

Fight at school bus stop in Alabama caught on video

Disturbing video has been released showing a brawl between two groups of adults and teenagers at an Alabama roadside.

The video was captured by a witness who was able to see first hand the brutal violence that appeared to erupt seemingly from nowhere.


More than a dozen people were involved in the scuffle many of them hitting each other with baseball bats.

It is only when a women pulls out a handgun that there appears to be any sign of the fight dying down.

More at link:

Among the other lessons we can learn from this incident (YMMV), one seems to be confirmed: always bring a gun to a baseball-bat fight.

Hillary Finally Offers an Explanation for Her Private Email Account. It's Not a Good One

When word began to leak Monday evening that Hillary Clinton would, finally, address her controversial private email use while secretary of state, a source close to the once and future White House hopeful lamented to Politico that the media “are going to just say it raises more questions than it answers.” Turns out, that prediction was not quite correct: Clinton’s afternoon press conference didn’t immediately raise any major new questions—but that’s only because it didn’t shed any significant light on the big ones that were already out there.


Try as her supporters might to dismiss the controversy as a manufactured scandal with few real-world implications, that’s simply not accurate. Even if we take Clinton at her word that she opted for a private account simply for the sake of convenience, her unorthodox decisions gave her and her team outsize control of the public record, and thwarted Freedom of Information Act requests from the press, public, academics, and her critics in the process.


Likewise, the other explanation she offered Tuesday—that the vast majority of her emails would have been saved in the government system because any email she sent to anyone else in the government would have been preserved on his or her end—also fell short. That argument relies on her colleagues using the same type of .gov address that she herself felt was too much of a burden—something that ignores that one of her top aides had her own address, and does the same for any messages Clinton sent to foreign officials or private parties.

More at link:

This is from Slate, a known online liberal magazine and one of the most-trafficked Leftist websites on the internet; the author Josh Voorhees is a solid liberal, with little use for Republicans. So there can't be any of this "RW lies!!!!" stuff on this one: if even Slate magazine is calling foul on HRC's ethics in this growing national scandal, she's got serious problems ahead with her drive for the Democrat nomination.

British campuses have been infiltrated by theocratic fantasists. I should know — I was one

Last week, the man called “Jihadi John” by the world’s media was unmasked as Mohammed Emwazi, a Kuwaiti-born Muslim and naturalized British citizen from London. Not only that, but the Islamic State’s most notorious Western recruit was identified as a graduate in computer science from the University of Westminster

Many were shocked that the apparent executioner in videos made by the Islamic State, or ISIS, was an educated, middle-class metropolitan. In fact, academic institutions in Britain have been infiltrated for years by dangerous theocratic fantasists. I should know: I was one of them.


Islamist “entryism” — the term originally described tactics adopted by Leon Trotsky to take over a rival communist organization in France in the early 1930s — continues to be a problem within British universities and schools. Twenty years ago, I played my part as an Islamist entryist at college.


The desire to impose any religion on society is an inherently repugnant idea, but it is not so among many British Muslims. For decades, we’ve allowed Islamist ideologues to work unfettered across our communities, to the extent that Islamism has become the default form of political expression for many young Muslims in Britain and across Europe.

More at link:
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