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The last one to serve on the last jury before this joint takes its rightful place in the land of the 404 error, be sure and turn off the lights. See yah.

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Except the poster he's whining about not getting his OP hid is not a "con," he's a

Bernie Sanders supporter. Once again you do not let the facts get in the way of your posted offerings - you just make some shit up, and throw it out there.
Posted by Zimm_Man_Fan | Sun May 1, 2016, 12:32 AM (0 replies)

Oh, brutha: if you couldn't handle the pansy-house that is DU, you ain't gonna like

DI. Even our liberals are badasses over here. DI might not be the best fit for someone who gets their feelers hurt so easily....

Full Disclosure: I was on that jury, and voted to "Leave," though if you were the one that sent the alert you know that already as I signed my name to my vote. I stand 100% behind that vote: Attila's OP wasn't hideworthy, period. Hell, by DI standards it wasn't even alertable, IMO. And you know what? The vast majority of us who post here regularly like it that way.

And this from a guy who disagrees with Attilla a hell of a lot more than I agree with him! But you see, we don't play the "I don't like this guys views so I'm going to hide him no matter what" game here as much as they do over at DU. It still happens, and shouldn't, but it happens a whole lot less than over in the Land of HoF, vicious Sid, and other assorted witch-hunters.

So, deal. And be cool. This ain't DU.
Posted by Zimm_Man_Fan | Sun May 1, 2016, 12:28 AM (0 replies)

Whining about a poster being "silenced" upthread; down here, "Good on ya"

cheering on an OP to be hidden. BTW, I seriously doubt Navy did the alerting, but was simply on the jury. In fact, I bet YOU sent the alert. Hypocrite to the bone, aren't you?

Yup. Despicable.

He "silenced" himself, sport, with his non-stop vile commentary, everything

from calling Southerners "sub-human" to his crowing that he hoped a former president suffered during his decline from a debilitating disease.

I rarely vote to hide anything, even your predictably nasty and useless posts, but I would have voted to hide just about every one of the posts on Jenkem's transparency page. Truly over the top.

What I find amusing here is your (predictable) complete and utter hypocrisy: had a "Con" called some cherished liberal group like illegal aliens or ghetto thugs "sub-human" you'd be having the absolute hysterics and conniption fits about how "racist" they were. Yet you give Jenkem's description of every white Southerner alive today as "sub-human" a complete and total pass.

I don't know which is worse: a poster who posts such vile commentary as Jeff Jenks, or a poster who runs around excuse-making for his vile commentary like the one I'm replying to. It's a toss-up.

According to liberals, he was supposed to drop everything else going on in the world

at the time and rush hundreds of billions of dollars into researching how to cure a disease that was - other than among those needing blood transfusions - spread willfully by those having promiscuous, unprotected sex. It's really a silly, despicable meme the Left has been braying about for some time.

You are truly one of the most despicable posters here. Period. n/t.

He's in a three-way tie for the nastiest posters on DI - one's a Canadian,

one's a transitioning-to-another-gender-a'la-Bruce Jenner South-hater, and the third is JJ.

And as there is STILL no denial, my point is proven and we're done here. n/t.

Thanks for the results and your vote, I appreciate it. "kcci" swings between

fuming with rage in his posts to cowardly alerting I've long noted, about like he alternates between claiming to be a female then going off on rants about how he's really a man.

Sure you did - and don't we all find it very interesting that you have not once

denied the speculation that you are "transitioning"?*

Yes we do; as you most certainly are. Thus the non-stop irrational rage at how accurately your situation has been diagnosed....

*Not that there's anything wrong with that!
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