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Name: Jerrel A
Gender: Male
Hometown: T-Town
Home country: USA ...Baby !
Current location: 36th Parallel
Member since: Wed Jul 9, 2014, 01:03 AM
Number of posts: 15,571

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Who here has ever needed K&R insurance?

If you travel abroad, you kneed it. Pays 4 ransom if kidnapped & Ransomed. Particularly in S. & Central America. Tulsa airport use to have small kiosk. AIG.

Doing business in other countries, your co. will pay 4 it.

Really quite affordable.

Guys ... an hour ago I just had 3 gun shots go off outside bouse..Very loud reports. Police called

,,,, waiting. Live in nice family residence but @ time only one here. Will tell more after talking to police. I'm Ok. Live on corner lot & sounded like drive by w/ semi auto .

Righty cons will be very Easy to Defeat.

Righty will be very simple to defeat because they have lost emotional control due to their advanced stages of syphilis. Makes them idiotic in re: to their pursuit of sex.

Like Dirt Orange Cream, their master they kowtow to.

Wasn't long ago that conflating political policy with the extermination of millions of Jews was relegated to the darkest corners of the conversation, either ignored or met with legitimate condemnation by the reasoned minds occupying the remaining space.

Judging from our current "national conversation," invoking Nazism is now a mainstream argument, lurking just under the surface of an otherwise principled discussion during a cable news hit, or an evocative twitter thread.

The layers of civility one had to burn through to get to "This looks like Nazi Germany" have been reduced to one - if what the other side is arguing seems mean-spirited on the surface, this looks like Nazi Germany. Invoking Hitler has been reduced to a surface scratch.

Our debates are now relegated to the superficial - any attempt to justify looking past the initial "take" for secondary or tertiary justifications or defenses of a policy or proposal are met with derision and accusations of complicity in something repube con evil.

One can hold more than one thought at a time. One's empathy can exist alongside reasoned support or opposition to a policy position that puts human beings in difficult situations. It shouldn't be controversial to note that the failure to enforce a law encourages law-breaking.

It shouldn't be shameful to note that adults the world over hold some degree of personal responsibility for their actions, particularly those which place their children in peril. It shouldn't be assumed that those making the above argument are referring to the truly persecuted.

There are a number of legitimate, even unassailable, reasons that "zero tolerance" policies in certain circumstances ultimately do more to relieve suffering and false hope than those policies that allow for concessions that make us all feel better about ourselves.

Those making that argument are also capable of empathy for the families caught up in the interim between the green and red lights. Playing tapes of crying children doesn't change the opinions of empathetic people who believe the policy will lead to fewer crying children.

That's not a Nazi position, nor is it racist, white nationalistic, or any-phobic. But, increasingly, it's not allowed to be argued in the public square without the assumption and assignation of some level of evil ideology and intent. It didn't used to be this way.

If they can't afford children ... stop having them on my dime .

Already we have to pay for their health care due to their advanced stage of syphilis ... which makes them both deformed & brain damaged.

In other words poor decision makers.

Korean War ... Repubes. DARN. @ least I don't have kids, like thou ...

Get ready, going in against both Russians & Chinese. Requires draft.

Trump just announced trade war against China. Guy incapable of doing simple MATH.

... your bad.

My hometown buddies ... some dead, some still alive . . . After midnight:

So ... now. Want range. North of Rio Grande & South of Durango. Somewhere near Lajitas.

A home out on the Range.

Street fighting man ...

For dad, today.

Happy Dad's Day Guys !

You are better off than I am. Appreciate your family & your kids.

Just know God plays tricks on us all.

Too young to afford kids, but that is when you have them. Requires energy to raise. Too old & you realize there is no longer the energy. Be appreciative for what you got.

Your are lucky.

Thank you Dad.

Now, only a little naivete...

It Must Be End of World ... as we know it.

Well, today must be fried day !

Mark Knopfer & Road Ruñner. COYOTE.

Puddles , wicked games cover, w/ wicked dog nuts ... Chris Isaaks.

Sheryl Crow, bewitched. A Change could do us good:

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