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Name: Jerrel A
Gender: Male
Hometown: T-Town
Home country: USA ...Baby !
Current location: 36th Parallel
Member since: Wed Jul 9, 2014, 01:03 AM
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OK Kids: True Story. Quentin Tarrantino v Oliver Stone = RoadTrip

Along historical Rte 66.

You see, that was Quentin's orig. Script & movie abt serial killer's travelling aong rte 66, O. Stone stole it out from underneath him & made this cheap P.O.S. trash who kill their parents from Tulsa, Ok.


In all Fairness, I'm still trying to learn cut/paste commands for web links on my droid. So if I get it wrong, just go to . Meantime, catch N.E.W.S. @ top of hr on BBC.

Apparently, Gaza Strip + West Bank + Jerusalem Arab Uprising = Disappearance of International Borders & Checkpoints @ Dome of the Rock.

VERTIGO ... Ola' !


In all Fairness, Here's Why Israel is Scared RE: Hamas Rockets.

No Joke. Nevertheless this a Cold-War Civil Defense Spot as sung by my home-town's ancients, Sons-Of-The Pioneers.:


Politic Contextual History Here: Chuck NORRIS V Abe LINCOLN!

You KNEW I was going there:


This is Low Earth Orbit ...


Good Night. God Bless. May God Speed Be W/ You!

What a Swell Party This Is ...


Did I Evah ?!


I'm Bored.


Can't let a good pipedream go w/out resolution: You're Kids Future On Films in Space!


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