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Name: Jerrel A
Gender: Male
Hometown: T-Town
Home country: USA ...Baby !
Current location: 36th Parallel
Member since: Wed Jul 9, 2014, 01:03 AM
Number of posts: 15,967

Journal Archives

Jerry B. Bob Beavis ... Mid 70's Tulsa Ok Furniture Commercial


Okay Kids, This is What Happens When Worlds Collide ... Dad Arrives!

... & I'm a Space Lord MoFo!

Deal w/ it ...


Thank You POTUS Obama ! You've clearly had wars you've had to delineate ...

From previous actors. Still you've chosen the oppressed and are doing the impressive thing in the ME.

Please, continue ...

America's future yet reside's in all futures getting along ...


Thank Mo. State Hwy Patrol ! You,ve been everything professional

This Last Week. Look 4ward to driving thru Missouri soon on Interstate & doing much legal & intendended business.

Jr. Brown & DBL Lapped Necked Steel Slide Guitar also help ...


Early Monday Morning Mind-Meld J. Czash & Vall of WhoDo!?!


OMG! It's almost 06:00 AM CST! Lost ... & Can't Find My Way Home


Julian Cope End of World R&Rule : Russian Suicide 'song only' ...


OK Kids, Turn Out the Lights. Grand Dad's going to Bed:

Sweet Liberal Dreams:


Some Velvet Morning ...


2000 Yrs Ago Today, J.C. Taught the Band 2 Play. They've Been Going

In & Out of Style.

Serious though. Not only are we on 100 Yr Anniversary of WW1, we are also on 2000 Yr Anniversary of the Life of Jesus Christ. Planets in orbit work like that. It's called 'Planetary Cyclical Orbits'.

Don't Let Us Forget we are orbiting Black Hole in center of our Milky-Way every 250,000 Years.

So here's life of Jesus Christ Approx. 2K Yrs Ago, set to mid-twentieth century rock & roll:
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