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Name: Jerrel A
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Oh ! You must mean Benjamin Cumbersnatch !?

You know his supporting actor 'Watson', is a Hobbit.

Kool ... Tho' truth be told_I shave every working day:

It's the History of the World since Time Immorial.

There have been only 3 X's in the west in last 3000 years were that has been transcended: Greece, Rome & Us ... The United States of America.

U.S.S.R did it for a period, but they returned to their original tribe: the RUSS, which means Red, I.e. the Vikings. That's why they're so violent by nature.

BTW, that was always the plan under Marx. If you read his Science of Philosophy written w/ Hegel, they both say if you wan't freedom you go west. Otherwise you remain under influence of Eastern tribal despots.

You have to put everything into context of the History of the World.

Neil Young !

Trump owes him & he's just going to purchase the WH anyway. That's what Trump, himself, has already told us.

You Can't Alway's Get What You Want ...


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