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Am I wrong to get a little concerned that Trump is asking 4 S. Korea to pay 4 THAAD ?


It's what the Righties do.

Well...we kept the location of our THAAD Deployment a secret for abt 5 min.:

World Wars of East v West can get real complicated ... who knew ?

AC-DC: ThunderStruck_Fighter Jets. AIM Rocket Defenses.

Family's Plantation - Chickasaw Co, Mississippi

NOTE: Click on link and JPEG photo will open in new tab on browser.

Dendy's Cotton and Saw Mill on family's plantation:

Great, Great Grandfather on plantation after the Civil War:

Repository Manuscripts Division, Special Collections Department, Mississippi State University Libraries.
Location of Original XXXXXX (James R.) Family Papers. Manuscripts Division. Special Collections Department. Mississippi State University Libraries.
Related materials A digitization project sponsored by the Consortium for the History of Agricultural and Rural Mississippi (Charm).

I have done this b/c I have talked about stories I was told in 70's and later.

The sons moved off the place b/c they couldn't make a profit w/out their slaves.

Also, to my current knowledge, we were not 'confederates', at least not soldiers. I need to research more ... in the end I will have a narrative to tell.

Then there's the story of an even older great grandmother was buried in plot along Mississppi river. They went to relocate grave b/c of rising river water and learned her corpse had turned into limestone b/c of minerals downriver. Barely weighed 100 lbs in life, she weighed round 800 lbs in death.

- R.F.

Trump's 94th Day in Office & 'Pop Goes the World':

Men Without Hats -

Has contract even been awarded yet ? If so, who has it been awarded to ?

Been searching for a few minutes, & can find no mention even though announcement was to have been made mid-April, this year.

Should we as taxpayers be on the hook this Friday & not even know cost or the firm's name ?

Do all Republicans run their businesses this way ?

Eventually ... someday ... soon... gov't will shut down.

No Wall. Enough Trump broken promises to pay for in 100 days. Let's just shut it ... now.

Did Trump just allow Russia access to arctic oil reserves instead of Exxon ?

I dunno', but the 'coincidences' are there ...

As always, follow the $$$$$.

+ 25 Trillion.

So while we're here yappin' & yammerin, the Rusks have gone & done ..

Built themselves a base on the North Pole w/ trained reindeer & specialized Russian Troops:

Gene Autry - Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer

Now I'll never be able to listen to the song the same way, . . . a g a I n . . .

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