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Name: Jerrel A
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After 30 years, had to get rid of 'liberal' friend.

Could care less about someone's politics. Both liberals & conservatives have a point. He's a self-important atirst who is always asking for $$$. Complained to me he needed rent $$, so I set up a job that had to be done today. Just needed help packing. Moving company was scheduled & everything set.
Was going to give him 10% of 18K I was to receive as a bonus ... & was willing to give him more.

He's ten years older than I am, but has neither a car nor a Driver's Liscence, which you have to have if you live West of Mississippi.

Lately he's turned into a whiney backseat driver. He can't sell his abstract art. When he wines I have been telling him, he needs to get a car. This just pisses him off, but I've grown tired being his Uber, Lyft & Taxi. He uses this time to ask for $$, & rarely provides gas $.

Engine began smoking last Saturday, so I got fixed in 20 min. cost $11.00. Before I knew what had happened, he jumped out car & ran home.Then he began making threats.

Threatened to come over @ night & slap me in face ... which I thought funny, because he doesn't even have a car !

I've paid him to work in yard, but he does a 1/2 assed job. Never does what I ask.

Beware the 'self-important' artist. You'll have H*ll to pay.


The Killer… Neil Young

Manafort may have been a double agent.

He was working for Pro-Soviet forces in the Ukrainian Civil War
& feeding intelligence of Pro-Ukrainan forces using the 'front' of an 'anti-corruption campaign'.

According to one report by an author, he was located in a mental facility where Mueller thinks he was hiding b/c he was in fear for his life.

. . . . .

'Manafort was playing a dangerous game.
What else did Manafort do to earn such astronomical sums of money? For the past four-and-a-half years, I have been a journalist in Ukraine reporting on the fallout of a revolution and subsequent war. Over the past five months, I talked to Manafort’s former associates, one former president, a former prime minister, and Manafort’s predecessor to try and piece together exactly what Manafort did in Ukraine. The nature of that work doesn’t just shed light on Manafort’s Russia connections — it’s also tremendously important to millions of Ukrainians, since Manafort was shilling to help prop up the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych, a post-Soviet strongman who left his country hollowed out by corruption. The nearly five years since then have been marked by a war that has killed over 10,000 people, and a complete failure of Ukrainian authorities to bring figures from the ancien régime to justice. Yanukovych is currently evading Ukrainian law enforcement by hiding in Russia, which means Manafort’s trial would have been a rare window into the misdeeds of his regime.'

- New York Magazine

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