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Name: Jerrel A
Gender: Male
Hometown: T-Town
Home country: USA ...Baby !
Current location: 36th Parallel
Member since: Wed Jul 9, 2014, 12:03 AM
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After 30 years, had to get rid of 'liberal' friend.

Could care less about someone's politics. Both liberals & conservatives have a point. He's a self-important atirst who is always asking for $$$. Complained to me he needed rent $$, so I set up a job that had to be done today. Just needed help packing. Moving company was scheduled & everything set.
Was going to give him 10% of 18K I was to receive as a bonus ... & was willing to give him more.

He's ten years older than I am, but has neither a car nor a Driver's Liscence, which you have to have if you live West of Mississippi.

Lately he's turned into a whiney backseat driver. He can't sell his abstract art. When he wines I have been telling him, he needs to get a car. This just pisses him off, but I've grown tired being his Uber, Lyft & Taxi. He uses this time to ask for $$, & rarely provides gas $.

Engine began smoking last Saturday, so I got fixed in 20 min. cost $11.00. Before I knew what had happened, he jumped out car & ran home.Then he began making threats.

Threatened to come over @ night & slap me in face ... which I thought funny, because he doesn't even have a car !

I've paid him to work in yard, but he does a 1/2 assed job. Never does what I ask.

Beware the 'self-important' artist. You'll have H*ll to pay.


The Killer… Neil Young

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