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Top Dogs, Mad Dogs, Running Dos and Whipped Dogs

I wish I enjoyed anything as much as my dog enjoys everything ­ except for his annual bath.

The whipped dogs of the American electorate, however, have little to be happy about, what with the scarcity of decent-paying jobs, rising prices on every front, crime on the streets and in our homes, with every day bringing us more police brutality.

In trying to locate the cause of such dire problems, Americans point their fingers all about, except in the correct direction ­ toward themselves.

American voter ignorance is at the root of every major problem our country has.

Democratic and Republican voters whimper like the whipped dogs they are when voting in our fixed national elections, never realizing how pathetic they are being with their arrogant ignorance.................................

Big Mac's & minimum wage

So as to give some perspective, I’m going to ask readers for their guesses about human behavior before explaining my embarrassment by some of my fellow economists.

Suppose the prices of ladies jewelry rose by 100 percent. What would you predict would happen to sales? What about a 25 or 50 percent price increase? I’m going to guess that the average person would predict that sales would fall.

Would you make the same prediction about auto sales if cars’ prices rose by 100 percent or 25 or 50 percent? Suppose that you’re the CEO of General Motors and your sales manager tells you the company could increase auto sales by advertising a 100 percent or 50 percent price increase. I’m guessing that you’d fire the sales manager for both lunacy and incompetency.

Let’s try one more. What would you predict would happen to housing sales if prices rose by 50 percent? I’m guessing you’d predict a decline in sales. You say, “OK, Williams, you’re really trying our patience with these obvious questions. What’s your point?”

It turns out that there’s a law in economics known as the first fundamental law of demand, to which there are no known real-world exceptions. The law states that the higher the price of something the less people will take of it and vice versa. Another way of stating this very simple law is: There exists a price whereby people can be induced to take more of something, and there exists a price whereby people will take less of something.

Mr Williams boner mistake here is his assumption of a perfect market (a huge number of buyers & sellers all too small to affect pricing) is the real market.

Where the minimum wage to rise abruptly to $15/hr (at public corporations)what would be the immediate effect on the price of a Big Mac? Turns out that the cost of covering the pay raise would be about a 17% bump in the price of the burger- aka $0.75. Would that cause a gent earning $100K per year who likes Big Macs to buy fewer? Probably not. Indeed folks at the minimum wage might even buy a few more. Would there be an incentive for the business to cull its very worst workers and to look into ways to automate some functions? Of course but such is there already and is not a bad thing in any case.

news, violence, public transportation

Bus Driver Organizes Black Mob Violence Against White Family

Some stories you have to read 10 times before deciding: ’Yes: What I thought was too crazy is really true.’

This is one of those stories. Here goes, believe it or not:

A bus driver organized a mob of 20 people to assault a family of three on her bus, which they did with gusto and pepper spray. All the while, the other passengers hooted and hollered in encouragement.

All while the bus driver waited for the beating to finish so the attackers could get back on the bus. With her thanks.

Why Won’t Obama Ban Air Travel From Countries Where Ebola Is Out Of Control?

Why does Barack Obama refuse to take even the most basic steps to protect Americans from Ebola? Even though it has already been demonstrated that Ebola can be brought over to the United States by a passenger on an airplane, Obama refuses to do anything that would even restrict air travel from nations where Ebola is spiraling out of control. Back in September, Obama said that it was "unlikely" that any individual with Ebola could get through the "extensive screening" at our airports and pose a threat to the general population. But he was wrong. That has already happened. And yet the official White House position is that there is "no consideration of a travel ban" at this point. What possible explanation is there for such gross negligence?

All of this talk about "extensive screening" at our airports is just a smokescreen because it does not exist. As Mike Adams of Natural News has pointed out, Thomas Eric Duncan walked freely through our airports and entered the general population without ever being asked by U.S. security personnel about where he was from or if he had any health conditions...

Ebola "patient zero" Thomas Eric Duncan flew right into the United States and walked through the international airports of both Washington D.C. and Dallas-Fort Worth. He was never asked about his country of origin and was never screened for any health conditions.

Why are people whose flights originate in Liberia and Sierra Leone still allowed to openly travel to large U.S. cities?.................................

If thousands die in the USA remember where the blame lies and take appropriate action against the Treason.
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