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10 Ways to Kick the Police State in the Face

The government claims it has the right take responsibility over every aspect of our lives. They like to make us think that we can’t take care of ourselves, and they love to reassure us that they have everything under control. They tell us what we can have in our food and water, what our kids learn in school, and what constitutes medicine and healthcare. They regulate how our cars and homes should be built, and they dictate the value of our money. They hold a monopoly over the use of violence, and use their courts, police, and spy networks to enforce all of these rules, and many more that too numerous to be mentioned here.

But if there is one thing they must do above all else, they must make you feel small. Regulating every stitch of your life isn’t just an act of vindictive power tripping, it’s also designed create an invasive web of reminders. They want every item you possess, every social interaction you hold dear, and every thought in your head to carry the subtle influence of their deeds, so that you cannot look anywhere without being reminded of the government’s god-like power.

However, not all of us are so easy to fool. We know that our authority figures are mere flesh and blood, and we won’t take their violations sitting down. To celebrate those of us who still refuse to submit, and are always looking for new ways to rebel against our lofty overlords, I’ve decided to compile a list of items you can use to stick it to the man.

They range in price and effectiveness, depending on how far you’re willing to go to protect yourself or make statement (and some may get you into trouble, so tread carefully). So without further ado, below are 10 awesome items you can use to resist the police state.

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