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Cold Warrior

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Current location: London, UK
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Dr. Phil Mason shows the absurdity of Ben Shapiro

For those Christians who support anti-abortion laws, remember Yahweh works in mysterious ways

Maximally Great Pizzas: The Ontological Argument for God

No Hillary Allowed!

The Maldives Mystery: How Climate Deniers Misrepresent Scientific Findings

Where have all the flowers gone?

Many (not just one) of our generally Conservative members seem to have either vanished or reduced their post rate significantly. Is it something someone said. Or is it they have grown tired of “winning?”

Where have all the flowers gone?
Long time passing
Where have all the flowers gone?
Long time ago
Where have all the flowers gone?
Girls have picked them every one
When will they ever learn?
When will they ever learn?

To Tubby and the Fellers: Remember When?

Remember when all of you went after some schmuck who worked in an auto repair shop? He had locked the customer waiting room TV out of Faux News. You guys figured out who/where he was and got him fired. Hilarity reigned, supreme all around.

I anticipate that all of you will be just as amused when one of your own (who is mysteriously absent) suffers the same fate.

Thanks for connecting on LinkedIn, Todd

I look forward to discussing one of your employee’s potential unethical, if not illegal, uses of the recruitment function within your company and your company’s potential liability.

These are the days when you wish your bed was already made

NO GOOGLING!!! Bad googler!

Where did the Guru of the Grand Gotcha go?

Off googling uniform distributions and statistical significance? Or maybe googling SIGNIFICANT NUMBERS?

Lefty! Lefty!! Lefty!!!

Significant Numbers

Top 8 Significant Numbers in Biblical Numerology

One essential way to connect with God is through critical analysis of His Word. One way to do this is through understanding and breaking down His use of Biblical numbers. There are connections and patterns throughout the Bible, and by researching them we see deeper meanings. The patterns do not exist by chance, but are specific to God’s design. Each has a specific symbolism attached. Here are the sacred codes and significant numbers in the Bible.

Note that this is not posted in Science as there is no concept of “significant numbers” in mathematics. Just as

2 + 3 x 4 does not equal 20

It is apparent why the US is lagging so far behind other developed countries in mathematics education. Sad.
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