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For all those celebrating Barrs summary of the Mueller Report

In all honesty ask yourself this. If Eric Holder had summarised a Report on possible wrongdoings by Obama, would you feel the same way? No snark. No invectives. Just really? And before you answer, remember this is not the end of the journey. It’s simply an early milestone.

Again, I have no dog in the hunt.

Well, well, well, well.....does anyone know the difference between.....

damaging information and accusations of criminality?

Lots of talk about a LAW

making it illegal to release “damaging” (however that is defined) information about an unindicted individual going on right now. Could anyone cite that LAW for me please? Thanks in advance.

Coffee spoons on a San Diego morning

I measure my life in coffee spoons

Never saw the morning ‘til I stayed up all night

Tech Experts: What You Post Online Could Be Directly Impacting Your Insurance Coverage

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — What insurance policy holders do in their daily lives may not be so private.

If you’re posting any information publicly online, your insurance company could be using it to determine your coverage, CBS2’s Natalie Duddridge reported Thursday.

Posing in front of a great white shark and dangling your feet out the side of a helicopter — those types of pictures may get you likes on Instagram, but only dislikes from your insurance company, which could consider it dangerous, tech experts say.

“Especially for claims, they look into social media, looking to see if someone’s driving a motorcycle without a helmet or posting pictures drinking and smoking,” said Duarte Pereira, senior VP of FitechGelb.

I have worked with various insurance and pensions companies in the U.K. on this since 2015. This is real. These companies do data mine their policyholders’ info from social media and use that data in underwriting decisions.

Break on through to the dark side



Saudi Military Uniforms

I understand this sounds like an episode of Andy of Mayberry, but it is not.

As I’ve noted in the past I lived and worked in the wonderful Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for a number of years. I first went there on a transient basis in 1990 and went to live there in May of 1991 after Desert Storm. Because the Beltway Bandit I was working for at that time was primarily a DoD contractor, we got to know lots of Saudi military types, some of whom were quite open about the Saudi National Guard’s military prowess, or lack thereof.

One of the most persistent stories we used to hear was of Saudi “rednecks,” i.e., young bedouins from small villages, who would enlist. After going through some level of training, they would disappear back into the desert. It turns out, they were simply interested in obtaining a uniform to take back to their village. That uniform would ensure them prestige back home. They would put it on and walk down the path in it to attract the local girls. It became such a problem that the Guard delayed issuing uniforms until after all training was complete and the new recruit was on his way to the fight.

Some late night music selected just for Dave



Forget about it, Dave

For our military members

I was just in a discussion which had nothing to do with the military or military service. Of a sudden, the poster I was addressing brought what I would consider a very odd statement regarding his military service into the discussion to illustrate a point, whatever point I’m unsure. The statement and link to the complete post are as follows:

“When I walk in public in uniform not a day goes by without someone stopping me to shake my hand. Hell, I've even had college girls ask to take their picture with me.”

To you in the service does this seem like a very ... well ... odd statement? Is it something that you would say?

A much deserved award for...

Quantity over Quality
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