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Paul and Damascus - A Basket Case

Historical analysis of Saul/Paul of Tarsus, the alleged historical figure who contaminated Western Rationalism with desert-based Eastern Mysticism

Gunners on top at New Year

With half the season (19 matches) played, Arsenal sit atop the League!

And for those of you who think football is boring, watch Ozil's goal on the last game of this year against Bournemouth:

Budapest Break

I normally don't post threads about my "city breaks" but I've a special request to do so in this case:

Anyway, it's a chance to share the delights of this fantastic city, a stop not on the travel itenerary of most American travellers to Europe.

Budapest, former joint capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, rivals Vienna in its imperial architecture and majesty. Divided into Buda sitting high on the west side of the Danube and Pest on the lower east side, it's a city that's on my top five world cities.

And it's a gift to my lady as she almost always has to fly to meet me, either at home in London or elsewhere in Europe. However, it's only a relatively brief train ride for her to Budapest.

Donald Trump: A Face in the Crowd

Si, Mi chiamano Mimi

From La Boheme and sung by the incomparable Dame Kiri Te Kanawa. Enjoy.

A belated Happy Kitzmiller Day!

Ten years ago on December 20, Judge John E. Jones, a Bush appointee, ruled in Tammy Kitzmiller, et. al. v. The Dover Area School District that Intelligence Design (ID) should not be taught in science classes as an alternative "theory" to Evolution. Jones minced no words in his findings:

-ID is simply "the progeny of creationism"
-ID is "a religious view...not a scientific theory"
-The Board's decision to introduce ID was one of "breathtaking inanity" (that be "stupid" for you and me )

So, this holiday season raise a glass to Tammy Kitzmiller and the other parents who fought the good fight, defending the principles of the Enlightenment against barbarous superstitions.

Dubya ruined her sex life (liberal Thanksgiving story)

Since Trumand's not available to entertain us, here's a Thankgiving story...

SUMMARY: Leftist female academic only sleeps with leftist male academics who demand porn style humiliating sex. Our girl finally finds Mr. Right, another leftist male academic. It's Oct 2004 and GWB is president and likely to win re-election. This causes so much concern, that neither of our protagonists can have "good" sex. Bush wins and that night both of them are so angry that they finally can generate that passion and have a "wham bam" night.

Cut forward a few weeks to Thanksgiving. Our couple each goes home to their respective families, but our girl is still royally pissed off. She's determined to show up her RW relatives by sitting sullenly, drinking vast quantities of Chardonnay, and not eating meat. After her fifth bottle of wine (OK, hyperbole) she's chatting with a Republican guest and determines that since Bush has won, the only way she can carry on is to defile herself by sleeping with a Republican. They go back to his hotel and have disappointing sex because he's a Repubican and lasts only 15 secs.

Cut forward four years and she, Mr. Right, and their kid are watching Obama's inauguration. She gets all hot over the handsome black man.

I kid you not. Top that, Trumand!

Islam the religion of piece

A piece over here, a piece over there. Maher takes on the PC crowd. Brilliant!

Van Gogh or not?

I stumbled upon this painting recently and my first thought was that it was a Van Gogh. Note the hat, the shoes and the setting.

As I'm not an art expert, it was not surprising to me that I was wrong. What was very surprising was the name of the real artist...


A History of God

I found this quite interesting. Ignoring some of the commentator's personal comments regarding atheism, the scholarly material presented regarding the historical composition of the OT is well done. It's based upon the book A History of God by Karen Amstrong which I just bought on Kindle.

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