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Only the good die young?

There's a great scene in Havana with Robert Redford as Jack:

What happened to you Jack?

I always thought I'd die young.

Tom Thumb on a Sunday morning!

Not lost in the rain today, but rather waiting for football on a glorious London morning.

The Voice of an Angel

One Foot in the Bunker

Interesting article on the conservative psyche. But, the comments are priceless, revealing the true bunker mentality of conservatives fighting "the browning of America."

It was a bad night for Boris. Emmy award-winning composer Boris Zelkin (also known as the conservative pundit “Lenin’s Barber”) and I had just engaged in a valiant online battle against GOP feeblemindedness, and we’d lost. It was August 2012, and more than a few members of our circle of right-leaning artists were bending over backwards to prove that Senate candidate Todd Akin was correct when he claimed that women can’t get pregnant from rape. Chief among Akin’s defenders was Chris Loesch, husband, producer, and general “man at hand” to conservative superstar Dana Loesch. Chris, who ran a group called S.C.A.R.S. (“Secret Conservative Artists Rant Society”), knew damn well that rape can’t cause pregnancy, and he wasn’t about to let something insignificant like the massive weight of all accumulated human knowledge get in his way....

Tales from my Crazy Uncle's house: Feel sorry for Sean Hannity!!!

Transparency Alert: I am a former poster at ConservativeUnderground, banned many times (I'll let others speculate why). When I first posted there, they seemed to be a centre-right site with some degree of tolerance (more than DU for example). I watched them evolve into a right wing whack site comparable to the worst of them.

They have a number of interesting (well, perhaps amusing would be a better word) posters, one of whom is the OP in the link below. Elspeth cut her teeth with 2500+ posts on the evil, drug-addicted (on watermelon tea and Skittles) Trayvon Martin.

She's now posted this great video about how all Fox News anchors are homo-loving pagans! I swear, I think Hannity is one of the great assholesof all time, but I feel sorry for him here...


Anthony Martial: Man Utd sign Monaco forward for £36m

Manchester United have completed the £36m signing of Monaco forward Anthony Martial, making him the world's most expensive teenage footballer.

The fee could rise to £58m.

France Under-21 international Martial, who scored eight goals in 31 Ligue 1 games last season, signed a four-year deal with the option for a fifth year.

The 19-year-old, who had been linked with Arsenal, becomes United's third most expensive signing after Angel Di Maria (£59.7m) and Juan Mata (£37.1m).

I really wish Arsenal had signed this kid. He's touted as the new Henry! I'm sure Wenger would get more out of him than the Bobble-Head Van Gael.
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