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REVEALED: SECRET MAP shows what continent REALLY thinks of 'doomed' EU

It is the Express so should be taken with some skepticism. Interesting that a number of the 'green' countries -- Denmark, Romania, Poland -- are not in the Eurozone. Also interesting those on the other end of the spectrum -- France, Greece, Austria -- are most impacted by the refugee crisis.

REVEALED: SECRET MAP shows what continent REALLY thinks of 'doomed’ EU

EUROPE is turning against Brussels with anti-EU feeling spreading through the Continent - as our exclusive map today reveals.

PUBLISHED: 00:01, Sun, Feb 28, 2016 | UPDATED: 09:08, Sun, Feb 28, 2016

Optimism about the EU’s future has plummeted in all but three of the 28 member states, most strikingly in the Netherlands and Germany, where people are now overwhelmingly negative about the outlook for the union.

According to the latest figures from the EU’s own Eurobarometer survey, the scale of optimism is lowest in Greece, where just 34 per cent are upbeat about the future of the EU, compared with 63 per cent who are pessimistic.

In Cyprus fewer than four in 10 – 37 per cent – are positive about the EU’s prospects, compared with 58 per cent who are negative.

Happy Sunday from the UK

10 Women Christians Should Not Marry

Listen up you unmarried guys out there! Actually if one removes the "Not" from the title, and if you're into this whole marriage thing, it's pretty good advice.


McLean's "other" song. Also, his most beautiful one!

Don't we wish ALL Muslims could be as moderate as

those in Indonesia, that paragon of liberal regressive Islamic apologists?

The small gay community in conservative, Muslim-majority Indonesia is facing a sudden and unexpected backlash, with ministers and religious leaders denouncing homosexuality, LGBT websites blocked and emboldened hardliners launching anti-gay raids.

When a minister criticised counselling services for gay students at a university last month, it triggered a heated media debate and was the start of what activists say has been a sustained assault on gay rights.

Hardline Defence Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu this week labelled the influence of the gay community "a threat" and said fighting it was akin to "a kind of modern warfare".

"It's dangerous as we can't see who our foes are, but out of the blue everyone is brainwashed," he was cited as saying by news website Tempo.

Boris to lead "leave" campaign!!!

Biggest news in the UK today.

Boris Johnson to campaign to leave the EU

Conservative Mayor of London Boris Johnson is to campaign for Britain to leave the EU, the BBC understands.

The MP's decision comes as ministers began campaigning over the UK's EU membership, after PM David Cameron called a referendum for 23 June.

Mr Johnson is expected to confirm his decision in a statement later and set out his reasons in a Telegraph column.

Mr Cameron - who is recommending the UK remains in the EU - told the BBC leaving would be "a leap in the dark".

He's now staked his claim to be the next PM, opposing the position of Osborne and May.

Happy Sunday from the UK

Happy Sunday from the UK

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