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I guess I don't understand "irony" or "nuance"

When the phrase "racist ignorant trailer trash Conservatives" qualifies. Perhaps I should consult Voltaire or maybe Swift or even Jerry Seinfeld or John Cleese.

The problem with the Regressive Left

is that they have no difficulty in laughing at Christianity (a perfectly reasonable position) yet the cannot criticise THE RELIGION OF ISLAM. They want to marginalise Islamic terror by equating it with radicals. Yet, the only thing that is radical about the terrorists is their methods, not their beliefs. When you have a religion in which hundreds of millions believe.that death is the appropriate penalty for apostasy, the people are not f**ked up, the religion is.

A true woman - Free of Islam

and religion in general.

Happy Sunday from the UK

Ann Coulter calls Cruz, Fox News "traitors." BOOOOOO!!!

Ann Coulter accuses Democrats of "treachery." YAAAAAA!!!


Islam: the Religion of Peace

A piece over here, a piece over there...

SJW Feminists of the world. Send Anita money now!!!

So she can make two (out of five promised) videos again.

Happy Sunday from the UK

Independents: Where would you be the most bored out of your mind?

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