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Cold Warrior

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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Current location: Cannes, France
Member since: Sun Aug 24, 2014, 05:49 AM
Number of posts: 14,136

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A Shout Out from Conservative Underground

Boy, talking about living rent free in the minds of the Whacky-Whackies!

A little background. I used to post extensively at Conservative Underground (CU). CU prides itself on its supposed "tolerance" to all points of view and often compares itself favorably to DU in this regard (a comparison of the order of "I am more tolerant of Ukranians than Stalin"). The modus operandi of the site is to allow increasingly intense and vulgar attacks upon anyone who disagrees with the Borg until that one responds in kind and is banned. They keep a couple of "liberals" around, one of whom's arguments are so pathetic that they are easily dismissed, thereby "proving" the POV of the Borg, led by the rotund Queen of the Iron Knees.

As I said, I posted there for a number of years, being banned at least 6-8 times. While I used a number of socks, they were all meant to be transparent using either variants of "CW," Crystal Wizard, Water Closet , or names of Arsenal footballers. What infuriated them was that in lieu of responding to their insults, I mocked them without the use of vulgarities.

What is amusing is the fact that when any poster arrives with a contrary view and who knows any words that are not monosyllabic, they automatically assume it's me, even though it's been 5+ years since I've posted there. The latest example is a poster called Uncommon Sense who is arguing not for, but for the legitimacy of a minimum wage:

Christ ColdWarrior, stop being a dick. Every time you come back
you act in the same pompous manner.

-SarasotaRepub, Site Owner and Admin!/page10

After 5+ years, they still see the Cold Warrior in everyone who disagrees with them. Ah, the world is full of amusement.

Happy Sunday from the UK

Happy Belated Friday from the UK

Sorry, was travelling from Glasgow on Friday.

The Hitch on Hillary

Figuratively, of course...

Happy Sunday from the UK

Happy Friday from the UK

Milo vs Muhammad

What's the common denominator

Between the Bataclan and Pulse attacks?

Gun Laws OR Islam?

Happy Sunday from the UK

Roar of the Welsh Dragon

After 58 years, Wales can celebrate not merely participation in a major tournament - but a victory! They made an accomplished start but were on the ropes for a while in the second half, but the introductions of Robson-Kanu and Ledley turned things back in their favour before Robson-Kanu secured an historic win. It’s the perfect start for Wales, and who’s to say how it will end. There’ll be an epoch-defining party in Bordeaux tonight, for one thing.
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