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Springsteen and Clinton

First let me make it clear that an artist's political views have no impact on my admiration (or not) of their art. For example, I think Matt Damon is a great actor despite my disagreements with his politics. The same for The Boss. I constantly listen to Springsteen's songs! But the conflation of his songs and his support for Clinton is what puzzles me. He relates the stories of the men and women America forgot -- the "Rust Belters." Yet he actively supported Clinton, with her NAFTA and her TPP ties. I will go on avidly listening to him, but I just don't understand that stance.

No reason

for Katherine of Oregon.

Other than a beautiful melody and a bit of roadie poetry, echoing a time not so far away. Politics be damned!

Best News of the Day: May/Trump Trade Talks

I currently reside here on what the British call a Tier 2 General visa which has a path to Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) and British citizenship. I will be able to apply for this two more years (I was here previously on an Inter Company Transfer which does not qualify for ILR). While this will probably not take place in time to affect me, it's always good to have a Plan B.

Theresa May and Donald Trump to hold talks on trade deal that cuts tariffs and allows workers to move between the US and UK

Peter Dominiczak, political editor
22 JANUARY 2017 • 10:00PM

Theresa May and Donald Trump will this week hold talks over a US-UK trade deal that slashes tariffs and makes it easier for hundreds of thousands of workers to move between the two countries.

The Prime Minister will on Friday become the first foreign leader to hold talks with the new President in the White House following assurances by Mr Trump’s team that he wants to do a major free trade deal with Britain that can be announced in the weeks after Brexit.

One option understood to be being discussed in Whitehall is to agree to cut – or even drop – tariffs on items Britain and America already export to one another.
Government sources also said that Mrs May wants to explore ways in which it is easier for US citizens to work in the UK and vice-versa.

There are currently around one million Americans working in Britain and around one million UK citizens in the United States.

Let's beak the plafond de verre that Hillary couldn't

Marine Le Pen hails patriotism as the policy of the future
21 January 2017

The presidential candidate predicted that voters in France, Germany and the Netherlands would follow their US and UK counterparts to reject the arguments of the political establishment.

She said that 2017 would be the "year of the awakening" for European people.

Her comments were echoed by the Dutch politician, Geert Wilders.

"Yesterday, a new America. Today... a new Europe!'' Mr Wilders, the leader of the anti-immigration Freedom Party (PVV), said while opening the meeting under heavy security in the central German city of Koblienz.

What planet do these people (DU) live on? Uranus?

During the DI downtime I spent some time reading DU (after they were back up). I found the bloody warfare between the BernieBots and Cankle's supporters quite amusing. Now, I need to break the habit, but ran across this today...

13. Trump will probably last through the 2018 midterm elections.

Congress will flip thereafter. Pence and what remains of the GOP, will be obliterated in 2020.

Do they know that of the 33 Senate seats contested in 2018, 25 are Dems or Dem supporting Independents? Do they really think the Dems will win 28 of 33 seats? Are they ignorant or just plain stupid?

There will be NO unity between the adherents of a known liar and those of us who believe in the trut

Nance produces another of her pompous, self-important screeds at DU. Only one response so far but soon they'll be falling all over themselves to kiss her toe ring.

However for once I agree with her!

Islamic video games

New Iron Lady leads "little England" against the Germans -- France ambivalent

May tells the Germans that Britain is leaving. No interest in scraps with crippling conditions attached. AND if the Germans seek to impose punitive measures, the U.K will lower corporate taxes and attract EU companies.

Britain is in the driver's seat due to:

1. English language
2. Bridge between Europe and the rest of the world
3. Donald Trump

New entrants into the EU -- Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Czech -- favour Britain's stance on ME "refugees." France is the lynchpin. If Le Pen wins, the EU is done. If Fallin wins, changes afoot including ditching Schengen.

Don't mention the war!!!!

Songs from the Labyrinth

Going back to the Balkans (Dubrovnik, Korcula, and Mostar) in April!!!

To see, to hear to touch, to kiss, to die...

Hillary and Brian: Twin Souls Separated at Birth

They both mis-spoke of course!

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