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Fire in the hole

Indian delivery. Lamb samosa. Basmati rice. Tarka Dal. Lamb Vindaloo. Vindaloo!!!

I'll probably be awake to watch WWE at 1:00 this morning!

Confused? "New Leader of the Free World" opposes US Sanctions on Russia

Wait! Upon the election of Donald Trump, Angela Merkel was being touted amongst the Left as the replacement for the US POTUS as the leader of western, liberal vales. Yet, she has consistently opposed harsher sanctions on Russia, those same sanctions that Trump, because of his alleged Russian connections, is supposedly opposed.

How can that be? Well, perhaps it's because Germany and continental Europe, unlike the U.S. or U.K., are dependent upon Russian gas. Germany first!!11!!

Europe will rely on Russia for record imports of natural gas this year as domestic production plunges following the crash in oil and gas prices, said Gazprom boss Alexei Miller.

Russian state-backed Gazprom, Europe’s largest supplier of gas, was responsible for almost a third of European gas demand last year, and Mr Miller said the gas giant will export even more to European buyers in 2016 as North Sea production dwindles.

Gazprom’s largest European customers are in Germany and the Netherlands, countries closely connected to the UK gas grid through two major pipelines.

Ben Stone was a wussified, sanctimonious, moralistic, beta male prick

At least Jack McCoy drank like a fish and slept with his hot, young assistants! Ah, those were the days.

Old commercials that would be 'politically incorrect' today

Oh my! More trigger bait for the SJWs!

Kool-Aid kids in Japan, Frito Bandito, Goofy Grape, Flinstones smoking Winstons... Oh "the horror!"

Morning Mood

In honour of the first sunny morning in London in a week. No rain and a high of 21 (70C) today! Off to the Park soon!!!

Most people will recognise this beautiful piece by Grieg, but perhaps not realise that in the original it represents sunrise over the Moroccan desert, not over a Scandinavian fjord. Grieg was a magician in composing for that beautiful woodwind, the oboe!

"Morning Mood", (Norwegian: Morgenstemning), more popularly known as just "Morning", is a composition belonging to Edvard Grieg's Peer Gynt, Op. 23, written in 1875 as incidental music to Henrik Ibsen's play of the same name, and was also included as the first of four movements in Peer Gynt Suite No. 1, Op. 46. The melody in the piece is alternating between flute and oboe.

The piece depicts the rising of the sun during act 4, scene 4, of Ibsen's play, which finds the eponymous hero stranded in the Moroccan desert after his companions took his yacht and abandoned him there while he slept. The scene begins with the following description:

Dawn. Acacias and palm trees. Peer is sitting in his tree using a wrenched-off branch to defend himself against a group of monkeys.

As the Peer Gynt suites take their pieces out of the original context of the play, "Morning Mood" is not widely known in its original setting, and images of Grieg's Scandinavian origins more frequently spring to the minds of its listeners than those of the desert it was written to depict.

Happy Sunday from the UK

No commentary, no snark, just the revealed truth straight from the Creationists' mouths...

21 Shows that should not have existed, yet did

Meet other intellectuals with whom you can share your thoughts and ideas

An ad appearing on DI

Anyone else getting Apple/Amazon phishing emails?

I now get a couple of these a week. The Apple ones (as below) tend to focus on account issues while the Amazon ones generally tell me that some obscure, expensive item I've ordered to be shipped to Timbuktu is on back order and if I want to cancel, click here.

Here's the latest from "Apple." They could use some English lessons.

On a serious note, please do not forward to John Podesta!

Dear Cold Warrior,

We found the problem in the account there, it seems that someone wants to try to access the account there, therefore we lock your account, if you want to open your account, we hope you fill data data that we have given according to the data in your account

(Click here)

Team Apple Support

Thank's You

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Apple Inc.

Urban Geography: Why We Live Where We Do

Very interesting discussion, as usual with Wendover. I've lived in large cities for two decades now, with the exception of two years in Sarajevo. I now live in central London, about 5 minutes walk from Marble Arch and the bottom of Oxford Street. Having done my two car garage, 2.1 pets,0 children (praise the lord) and a wife suburban stint in my younger days, I couldn't imagine giving up the city.

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